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  1. 2:05. Also playing a match that mattered to us. Under 2:30 is pretty normal if we’re not held up. Played a 7-some in 3:10 once, but we had to wait a bit...
  2. Slow is slow. Very few people who move slowly in the normal course of events, speed up elsewhere!
  3. I’ve tried really hard to like him, but damn, he’s making it tough.
  4. I know I missed this a few months ago but still had to comment... You have to qualify as the worst four-man scramble team in the history of golf. Six under in a big cup tournament, and your best second-shot on a par five was still 127 yards out? 😱
  5. Or how Wisconsin performed for more than a half against OSU... ...and it was a 14 point lead.
  6. Clemson number one? 😱 They’re better than Oklahoma, but that’s all...
  7. Badgers to the Rose Bowl! Badgers kill Oregon, and Michigan beats Alabama! OSU beats Clemson and then LSU Sorry @Vinsk
  8. I still don’t understand that. Where does one find the reference for “par for handicap”?
  9. Why? You can have 2 people next to each other in the middle of the fairway who opt to hit different shots. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Nothing wrong with that at all.
  10. Wow, how about that for a first half?! Now Wisconsin needs to keep the foot on the gas, stay aggressive, and don’t try to get defensive...
  11. Of course they will. And LSU will have their hands full with OSU. They’re both that good! And if you’re paying attention tonight you’ll see that the badgers have a mighty fine team too!
  12. Not that I know of. And that’s exactly the point. If it’s on the scorecard as a par-5, people are going to score it as a par5... True, but almost nobody does that either. I don’t know a single person who does. Hell, in most groups, at least those I play in, one cart keeps everybody’s score because they’re the one keeping track of the game. At the end of the day Joe says to David “what did I shoot?”...
  13. And do you compare the par on every hole to what’s on the scorecard, or just check CR and slope? If you do, you’re the only one! Everyone else in the real world just looks at the score card. Hell, 99% of the golfers out there don’t even know there is such a thing as a national course rating database!
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