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  1. Very cool! Congrats! I have no idea what my par streak is, but I’ve never had a bogie free round. Longest birdie streak is 3 a few times....
  2. True dat! If I were required to wear jeans golfing, I might not play!
  3. Or you can take as many as you like at the USGA website. Various levels of complexity and/or number of questions. Take online or pdf... http://www.usga.org/RulesQuiz/rules_quizzes2019.html
  4. It’s really pretty simple, don’t move your ball other than by making a stroke at it. This is one rule that I actually don’t believe should’ve changed. You shouldn’t do it on the green either. Doing something dumb should have a consequence. If for no other reason than because it was DUMB!
  5. Don’t worry, next time you’ll hit your irons well... ...but won’t be able to hit driver out of your shadow!
  6. Sounds like you had a bad fitting experience. I’m glad you got it sorted out and found irons that better suit you... ...but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that feels like a Mizuno!
  7. I really wanted to see Furyk win, but not really disappointed that Rory did. It was a lot of fun watching Furyk finish though!
  8. There remains a lot of confusion over this, even though there shouldn’t be. I played with a pretty good golfer earlier this week, who genenerally has a good understanding of the rules, and he was under the impression that the allowable LR was in fact, one of the changes as an actual option under Rule 18.
  9. I feel like I should, but I can’t put a finger on it...
  10. I can’t temember a single specific day that stands out, there are just too damn many over the years. It would have to be a round with my dad and a couple of close friends though. Great weather, a great course, and family/friends with whom to share it all...
  11. My first set of irons, hand me downs from my dad, were VIP’s. Probably late 50’s... Fond memories. In Racine, Wisconsin back then!
  12. Never trust anyone, other than a girl, that has animal head covers… 😂
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