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  1. Yep. Along with how would a genuine male scratch golfer do on the LPGA Tour. Not a super star, but should compete and retain his card, if I remember right. I can't link to the threads right now, but I'm sure someone can find them. editted to add that McEnroe is absolutely right, though the PC crowd doesn't like to hear that these days.
  2. Of course it's contrived. But honestly, I doubt that it's all that far from experiencing the pressure someone plying their first time in a US Open qualifier would likely feel. The test here is going to be the golf course (length) and the handicap system itself. As I initially said, he should be well under the target, simply because of the math. But, given no ESC, the challenges of a pure stroke play round that must be seen to completion, and some unfamiliar pressure, contrived or not, I could easily see him having an outlier round. I wont be surprised be either result. I'm still interested to hear what happens though.
  3. Ok. Getting into the spirit of the thread... It had to be when I traded my Titleist persimmon driver for my first metal wood. Somewhere around 1992ish...? A Wilson Killer Whale. Go big or go home!
  4. If I may, why not look for some local tournaments? They're a ton of fun! i would imagine your state golf association would be a good place to start. @iacas can certainly give some guidance too. Have at it!
  5. True. A TIO is a bit different. There's no disputing that it's an acknowledged, valid LR, but I still think it's silly to offer LOP relief on one part of the course, through-the-green, but on no other. It just strikes me arbitrary and unnecessary.
  6. I don't use a chipper. I do recommend that mid-to-high handicappers give it an honest try as it could help them score better. If I did use one, I wouldn't consider it a sell-out any more than any other club change I've made over the years.
  7. Nothing that I can think of.
  8. Welcome to the site. Here's a great thread that you might find interesting...
  9. Ok. You people are starting to worry me...
  10. Hell, it used to be .01 a round! Now it's almost as expensive as some center fire ammo.
  11. Resistance is futile....
  12. Welcome to the site! That's a beautiful area, but it can get a little purple during football season.
  13. Is there any chance that you experienced a growth spurt over the winter which affected the fit of your clubs?
  14. Why make something more difficult than it needs to be? The game is hard enough. Bounce, properly used provides options and aids in virtually all types of shots. As a 2.7 handicap, are you seriously incapable of understanding that?
  15. That's the one thing that makes it less desirable than that hideous color!