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  1. Hi from 1st year golfer

    Welcome to the site, and the madness!
  2. To which you refer....
  3. Have you tried mixing it with bourbon? I drink a lot of water, not to help lose weight, I'm just a big proponent of keeping hydrated. Maybe not a full gallon every day, but close. I don't mix anything, but I do keep my water ice cold. That's the biggest key for me.
  4. Determining Honor in Handicapped Match Play

    For those interested, decision 10-2a/1 pertains.
  5. QFT! Anyone ever been to Disney?
  6. Determining Honor in Handicapped Match Play

    You were right. Rule 10-1 applies. The player (or side) that wins a hole has the honor on the next hole. If a hole is halved, the honor remains the same as the prior hole. Since you were playing a handicapped match, you decide each hole by net score. Interestingly though. In match play, if 2 players are unsure how to proceed under the rules, they can come to a decision between themselves and continue from there. Which is exactly what you did.
  7. Breath with Movement

    I find that I play better when I breathe than when I don't.
  8. StefanUrkel's Random Musings

    Good grief, I couldn't possibly care less...
  9. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    So you're the one! I didn't watch a minute of the Solheim. For me, the most compelling/entertaining golf of the weekend was the US Am. Coming down the stretch, both Ghim and Redman both hit 3-woods on their 2d shots on the 585 yd uphill par-5 14th to about 30 feet. Amazing. Sorry, you just won't ever see anything like that from the ladies. No matter how "good" they are, most men just aren't in awe of what they can do on the course. Inkster's statement, really is true...
  10. Julie Inkster says LPGA not given due credit....

    “If we play well, the courses are too short. If we don’t play well, we’re not good enough. Yep. That pretty much describes the LPGA...
  11. I love the B330 RXS. It's a silly thing, I admit, but I hate the new B mark logo...
  12. Greatest Golfer in the Valley

    The only thing weird about it is starting an individual tournament with a team scramble. Or are they two different tournaments during the week, the results of one having nothing to do with the other? If that's the case, nothing unusual at all.
  13. Golf Snobbery

    You're right. Ignorant means uninformed. If they're a member, they know the bylaws, and therefore aren't ignorant. Stupid would be a more appropriate characterization...
  14. 2017 U.S. Amateur

    Agree. An outstanding championship. The finals today were spectacular! Congrats to Doc Redman.
  15. Surreal: Jerry Lewis giving Ben Hogan golf advice

    50 years ago, good grief, it doesn't feel that long, my sister and I used to get a Jerry Lewis carnival kit every year to help raise money for MD. Sigh.....