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  1. Any time that I’m invited to play at a private club I fully expect to pay a guest fee, and will make it a point to offer to buy drinks or lunch for whoever invited me. I also tip the staff pretty generously. I consider that to be the least I can do in appreciation for the invite to play a private club. As often as not, the member insists that I’m his guest and that he’ll take care of everything, but I would never expect that to be the case. The fact that there’s a monthly or quarterly food and beverage minimum (it’s not an allowance) doesn’t mean that the member isn’t still paying for it... When I invite someone to play at my club, I generally pick up their fees, but appreciate it if they tip the staff, or offer to pay for the drinks. I would find it a bit presumptuous if they expected that I was paying for their entire day, even though I’ll often do so.
  2. How about just a good pair of running shoes? I wear golf shoes for traction and stability. But if you take stability out of the equation, you have a bunch of non-golf specific options that are available to you. Many less expensive too...
  3. I don’t consider my 3-wood to be particularly versatile. I’ll use it off the tee if it’s called for, or from the fairway when I’ll benefit from something just a bit longer than my three hybrid. But that’s about it.
  4. I’ve been playing the FJ Contours for almost a year now, and actually like them better than the Stasofts...
  5. The purpose of this game is to shoot the lowest score, not to hit the coolest shots. I play the shot that gives me the best chance for success.
  6. For the money, these are really pretty good. MG Golf Best Leather Glove Discount Pricing MG Golf gloves, with Cabretta leather beats FootJoy, Titleist, &...
  7. No sixes yesterday, even with a ball OB off the tee on a relatively short par-4. After the worst drive in the history of golf, I missed the green, but holed a 20’ “putt” from the fringe. Silly game.
  8. The definition of a volunteer... ...someone who misunderstood the question! ^^^ This ^^^
  9. If you can’t hold a green with a 46° PW now, you won’t be able to do so just because that same lofted club now says “9” on it... My first thought would be to switch to a higher spinning ball before going to anything as dramatic (and expensive) as a change in clubs.
  10. One thing that you will likely discover, is that now that you’ve broken through that milestone for the first time, it’ll be much easier to do so again... As to what to work on...full swing ball-striking is what gets GIR, and those are what will get you consistently into the 70’s.
  11. Did you win 2 more since September?
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