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  1. Toilet during lesson time.

    Yes. I would.
  2. Time for blades?

    It depends on what you mean by "handle"... Can you play it, and still enjoy the game? Sure. Are you likely to maximize your ball-striking results? Very doubtful. Will your overall scoring average rise as a result. Very likely. Would it be dumb to switch? Not at all. If doing adds some intrinsic value that helps you enjoy the game more, then who cares. Have fun!
  3. Is the USGA/R&A choking golf or keeping its integrity?

    The incorrect reference to either the PGA or the PGA Tour notwithstanding, no major advances in club technology since graphite shafts?! Really?! Titanium heads, graphite heads, adjustable heads, steel fiber shafts, hybrids, multi-compound grips...and on and on...
  4. Most Consistent Golfers in Majors over the last 2 Decades.

    Ask the same question about the last 10 years and Tiger doesn’t even make the list. As is often the case, you can get just about any answer you want, based on how you phrase the question.
  5. Good grief. If you want to know whether there's any validity here, simply consider that they consider cricket and darts to be more compelling than football. nuff said...
  6. My thoughts have changed over the last 4 years. The next few events will certainly tell a lot, but I haven't seen anything to convince me that Tiger will ever win another Major. Give Rory the slight edge now. Slight because I haven't seen anything lately to suggest that he can win the Masters either...
  7. Cranberries lead singer Dolores passes away...

    Wow, that’s too bad! I liked them/her too...
  8. Golf Channel A/V union strikes

    In retrospect, now knowing about the strike, I agree that given the circumstances, they recovered well. Striking on Sunday was a cruddy thing to do. It'd be cool if TGC went all Ronald Reagan on their ass!
  9. Golf Channel A/V union strikes

    So that's why the announcing sucks!
  10. Bike Polo - this looks like fun

    What could possibly go wrong...?!
  11. Why the hurry?

    Understand, that's what we're talking about in this whole thread. No one is arguing that slower players in front won't hold things up. The OP, and others, simply feel that anything faster than a 4 hour round, even on an empty course is rushing, and detracts from the experience. I suspect that it can be a bit of an eye opener with respect to efficient pace of play for a 3-some with the course open in front of them, to get run down from behind by a 5 or 6-some...
  12. Why the hurry?

    We played as a 6-some, yeah, 6 yesterday. Obviously a pretty open course later in the day.... Handicaps ranged from 5 to 14 and we were in carts. No "extra carts though. Each pair played a match against the other 2 pairs, so there wasn't a whole lot of picking up or given putts. Gross scores ranged from 78 to 89, so there weren't a whole lot of GIR's in the group. We finished in 3:50, and I assure you, we weren't trying to get done in any special time. Efficient, ready golf...
  13. Why the hurry?

    By the same argument, you would prefer a 6 hour round. If I want to spend more time on the course, I'll simply play more.
  14. Golf Carts With GPS

    My club has 2 courses. The carts on one were recently refit with GPS units. This is an affluent private club, where the members are very familiar with the courses, the courses are well marked, and I doubt that a single member doesn't have a personal GPS or rangefinder. The only reason for adding the units, as far as I can tell, is to manage where the carts are allowed to travel by setting up virtual boundaries where the cart is disabled if you stray too close to the green, or tee box, or any other place deemed off limits. Sounds reasonable in concept but in actual practice, it becomes an enormous pain in the ass when the assistant pro in charge of screwing with the membership doesn't update the virtual boundaries from one day to the next, add/remove restrictions as conditions change, or accurately update for changes in pin position. In short, I hate the damn things. Editted to add, with respect to F&B, save the money from the GPS and use a small portion of it to ensure that the beverage/snack cart is well equipped and manned.

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