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  1. We shake hands or fist bump. Pretty much as always.
  2. Whether those numbers are accurate or not, is up to debate... Yup.
  3. CDC acknowledges true coronavirus count is likely 10 times higher than official count "Our best estimate right now is that for every case that's reported, there actually are 10 other infections," CDC Director Robert Redfield said. Which means that the mortality rate is 1/10 of what is currently reported... Like the flu. sorry.... Of course he does. It’s purely political.
  4. Funny guy. A great talent. RIP.
  5. I’m told that I was dropped on my head at a very young age...
  6. I know a lot of “golfers” who would never get beyond 150 yards...
  7. If the faster players are significantly better, and often they are, my preference is to play through on the tee box on a par-5. Slow players wave to let the faster group know that they’re going to let them through...that will keep them moving on the previous green. If they’re smart, they won’t necessarily even wait for each other to putt out. They’ll proceed directly to the tee when they finish or are out of the hole. Slow players hit and wait. Fast players hit, and they all drive/walk to their balls together. Fast group plays, and is gone. if you do that for my group, you’ll barely notice we went through.
  8. Pick a number... Anywhere from $15 to $180 depending on quality of course and time of year.
  9. My father’s tv is located a few feet from a large sliding glass door. During the day, glare from the screen made watching anything very difficult. For Father’s Day, we just installed this. Anti Glare Screens 30 minute install, similar to a screen protector for a phone/tablet. Amazing results. Highly recommended if you have a similar issue!
  10. Who are you “protecting”. The guy 200 yards away?
  11. Exact same way I will with a driver. Assuming an indestructible putter. I can easily putt with the driver, and probably won’t see a difference of more than a handful of putts over 18 holes. But every time I Would normally pull out a driver on the tee, I’m likely losing two or three strokes by having to use a putter…
  12. Driver. Primarily because I’d destroy a putter in a few holes...
  13. Nor is that abomination that they call chili!
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