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  1. There are also very low deflection wood shafts these days... You're right though. For those of us who have been playing a long time, there’s certainly an adjustment curve. It probably took me 2 months to transition comfortably to a low deflection shaft after playing with standard shafts for 35 years or so. But, that’s significantly different than the change in golf club technology. In order to take advantage of the changes in equipment technology, there’s little or no need to actually change your swing or adjust how you aim. In fact, you can choose equipment that better suits you current swing and tendencies, rather than having to adapt to the equipment itself.
  2. Technological improvements include a lot more innovations than simply increasing COR...
  3. Good luck! Don’t beat yourself up too much though, it’s much harder than it might sound, ever for pretty good players. You might want to set no 7’s as an interim goal along the way...
  4. Nike Covert Driver TV Commercial, 'Play in the Now' - iSpot.tv Don't get hung up on old technology, switch to the Nike Covert Driver.
  5. Of course, the prohibition is only for the actual day of competition. You’re welcome to do anything you like the day before. If you’re particularly observant, you may even find that the pin positions for the tournament have been marked on the greens the day before...
  6. Surely the latter. He’s still alive after all!
  7. Who on God’s green earth would try to make carbonara without eggs?! 😱 Probably the same people that use bacon instead of pancetta! I swear I typed mine before I read that!
  8. I do prefer a pasta with a little more surface area than spaghetti for a thinner sauce like Cacio e Pepe. Sometimes all you have is all you have though...
  9. Nice! I prefer a Carbonara, but agree, Pecorino. Love it!
  10. The governor down here just implemented a state-wide stay at home order. Fortunately, golf courses remain on the list of allowable, essential activities, and will stay open, with continued social distancing and touch point guidelines in place!
  11. Nope. The big change here has been to single rider carts. As a result, rounds are even quicker. Played 36 holes in 5:45 today as a 4-ball. Good stuff!
  12. Skins are simply an addition to whatever regular game is being played at the time. Generally anyone who wants to participate throws $10 or some such into the pot, and at the end of the day, the pot is split by however many skins that “hold up”, i.e. a birdie or better on a hole that isn’t matched by anyone else in the pool. Skins has no affect at all on the actual game/comp itself...
  13. The only winners, are those that have the lowest score on the whole by themselves If two or more players both have birdies or even lower on any given hole, then there’s no skin paid on that hole…
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