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  1. To be honest, by asking if you’re trolling, @iacas is giving you the benefit of the doubt... ...the only other response to “I play slow, and honestly do not care about who is behind me.” Is to believe that you’re just rude and completely insensitive to others around you. 2:10 for a two-some, sub-2:30 for 4. Now you understand why I say that you might not understand the speed with which some can comfortably play...and play relatively well. What you’re comfortable with does not necessarily translate to others.
  2. To be clear, I’m talking about solid single digit players playing 18 holes, not 9, in around 2 hours, as a group, not individually....
  3. I suspect that for a lot of people, that “limit” is a LOT faster than you might realize. I play with plenty of golfers who play very comfortably, and unrushed at 2:10 or so for a 2-ball, and 2:30 for 4...
  4. He must be. I struggle to believe that anyone could actually be that ridiculously obtuse. Then again, the grammar may indicate otherwise...
  5. I like Fleetwood, but agree that he’s overhyped, at least for what he’s accomplished thus far. Hell, even Danny Willet has more European Tour and worldwide wins than he does, and a Masters.
  6. What? Good grief! A great day for Lowry and Ireland!
  7. Equally, there are people who insist on doing things differently just because they revel in being different, without really understanding why certain things are actually better than others. I call these people nuts…
  8. I’d REALLY like to see Lowry finish it off. What a story! Agree. I wouldn’t mind seeing Westwood pull it off at all...
  9. Well, at least stay behind people who dribble it off the tee...
  10. Why not? I think it’s a great leaderboard. Lowery as the leader is huge. Add in Holmes, Fleetwood, Westwood, Rose, Koepka, and Spieth. Any one of them would be a big deal.
  11. Aw crap. I can’t even imagine!
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