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  1. My preference is the Edge Pro Apex Extremely versatile, and no risk of damage to quality knives by grinding and potentially over heating blades. The same result as if an expert used whetstones. A bit more money, but I’ve had my Wusthof knives for over 30 years and they’re still going strong. Apex 4 Kit - Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System | Edge Pro Inc.
  2. I probably broke 90 at age 12 or so. It was at least 10 years later that I finally broke 80. After playing for over 50 years now, my low is still only a handful of even par 72’s. Those strokes get progressively harder to shave off the lower you go. Best of luck on your journey!
  3. Just heard this too. Crap. Thoughts and prayers!
  4. Yep. You’d think I would know better. 😀 I don’t disagree that Rudy’s comments were ill advised, but Wie’s outrage rings a bit hollow given that she showed off her underwear on an international forum in the first place.
  5. I specifically said that looking is miles away from rape. You said the two are only steps away. When someone, male or female, dresses provocatively, of course they’re not inviting assault, but they certainly are asking that their manner of dress is noticed, and presumably hoping that it’s appreciated. We’ve come to a sad place when people can’t distinguish the difference.
  6. 25+ years, because there was no specific option for never. The economics talked about in the OP are the reason...
  7. Good grief. If a woman, or a man for that matter, dresses in a manner designed to be attractive to others and to emphasize their own physique, we’re now told that it’s impolite to notice? Looking isn’t even remotely connected to the type of physical assault you’re talking about. It’s not steps away. It’s a planet away. And yes, if I dress up, I am hopeful that my wife, or anyone else interested, looks at me in appreciation.
  8. Y’all disappoint me. The only time I ever used to watch the LPGA tour was to watch Michelle Wie putt back in the day! 😂
  9. Maybe Jim Colbert made everyone realize how ridiculous you can look wearing one...? 😁
  10. Spray sunblock. SPF 50 stays in my bag. No muss, no fuss.
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