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  1. David in FL

    Legal Chipper

    Why not just get a purpose made chipper? The biggest advantage to that is not only the loft and length, but that the sole and lie angle also replicates that of the putter and therefore, turns chipping into nothing more than a putt with loft. Very easy and controllable. You’ll likely hear from a lot who will tell you to “just get better” with your 8-iron, but those that know me know that I’m a huge proponent of chippers. They can be a great way to make an immediate impact on the short game of a lot of mid-to-higher handicap players...
  2. David in FL

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Buena suerte en la semana proxima...!
  3. David in FL

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Congrats on the win! Especially for hanging tough after the quad!
  4. David in FL

    Kathy Whitworth Is A Stud

    Very cool!
  5. David in FL

    I Thought I Would Be Shooting in the 90s by Now...

    It’s nice to hear from you again!
  6. David in FL

    Spieth in Danger of Tour Violation

    I like that idea!
  7. David in FL

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Day 2. 40/38. Finished solo 11th of 42. 3 doubles and 2 birdies over the 2 rounds. Not great, but not horrible either. Pleased that I didn’t miss a putt under 4 feet over the 2 rounds. I’m usually capable of missing a short putt with more regularity than I would like...
  8. I was right. I shouldn’t have asked...
  9. David in FL

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    First day of our two day club championship. 39/41. T-16 of 42 seniors. Meh... We got into a couple of rain delays on the back that really took me out of sorts. Need to really pick it up tomorrow…
  10. I’m gonna hate myself for asking, but what the heck is “break sensitive”...?!
  11. David in FL

    Range Time, Practice or Wait?

    Although I admit my response was a bit tongue-in-cheek, it really doesn’t make any sense. The new club will (hopefully) give improved performance, but with the same swing. He’s not going to be changing his swing to somehow accommodate the new club. There’s absolutely no reason not to continue to do whatever he’d like to do in the meantime.
  12. David in FL

    I think it was a mistake to play on Labor Day

    There are few things in life better than the spontaneous emergency 9!
  13. David in FL

    I think it was a mistake to play on Labor Day

    Went off at 8:00. First 18 in 3:15. Emergency 9 in 1:25.
  14. It would be 33% worse

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