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  1. I find that they’re a fun way to spend a few hours with some buddies drinking a few beers, but at least for me, they have no relationship at all to playing on a course. Unless of course, your home course is absolutely flat, is covered in synthetic turf, and is under a weatherproof dome.
  2. I didn’t even know that golf balls killed coyotes....
  3. Ha! Right?! i guess I could see some kind of calibration function whereby it measures whatever the angle of the belt is to a known flat lie at the beginning of the day and then adjusts to that thereafter. Still , silliness. But I’m seldom surprised at the nonsense people will pay for.
  4. Damn you Guys! I’ve played 5 rounds so far this year, and have had 4 birdies, but none on my home course... But then, I’m not anywhere near as good at this silly game as you are! 😑
  5. Two juvenile bald eagles today. It’s hard to tell without a reference for size, but these are big birds. I’d guesstimate close to 6 feet wingspans when they took the fish they had just caught up into the trees...
  6. I play that shot a lot. Generally it’s because the rough is very thick and the ball has settled to the very bottom of it. While ordinarily I might be tempted to play an open face shot similar to a bunker splash shot, the thick rough really doesn’t allow it. Like most shots around the green, knowing how to play it provides another option depending on circumstances. The shot you describe allows me to be much steeper at impact and minimizes the affect of the rough on the clubhead. I play it like I might play a buried lie in a bunker. Just drop the clubhead down directly behind the ball with no attempt to follow through. The ball will pop straight up and land with no spin. While you might be tempted to use a lob wedge, I find that my 56° sand wedge will pop the ball straight up in the air. It’s not all that difficult to play, but like any shot requires a little bit of practice to get the feel, especially for the distance that the ball will fly. Hope that helps…
  7. David in FL


    This... ...and this
  8. Really? I can’t think of any place in the greater Orlando area that doesn’t have at least a half dozen courses within a 30 minute drive.
  9. My club has two really good, distinctly different courses, and it’s only 10 minutes away, so I’m pretty spoiled. Anything more than a 30 minute drive is going to require something relatively special…
  10. Silly. Who wouldn’t choose the opportunity to shoot their best round ever?
  11. I admit, I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned earlier. Somewhat amazingly, the only course of his I’ve played is Sawgrass. RIP Pete...
  12. You’re a relatively new, high handicap golfer. You don’t need to be looking for challenges beyond what this infuriating game provides just by teeing it up! Tell your nephew that you’re playing tees appropriate to your abilities, and that he should either respect his elders, or you’re going to kick his young ass!
  13. Why are you playing from tees that long? The blue tees are about 6,300 yards. Those are the tees I’d be playing!
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