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  1. Chicken/egg. If you flip....and I have no idea if you do or not, though as a high handicapper who takes no divot it's possible, hell, even likely that you do, then trying to take a divot can help maintain shaft lean and reduce flipping. Again, it's possible to play well as a picker. The majority don't though. Then again, it may depend on how you define playing "well" too.
  2. Suddenly it's as if my life has no meaning!
  3. As others have said, the short answer is no. However, one of the biggest mistakes high hcp players make is their tendency to flip, i.e. they allow the club head to pass the handle as they strike the ball, often trying to help the ball into the air. It's a weak, ineffective move. Learning to properly strike down on the ball by taking a divot can help maintain proper shaft lean and can dramatically improve the play of your average flipper.
  4. Carolina Golf and Aeration

    Aeration really has minimal affect on your score, and you'll usually garner significant discounts playing a recently aerated course. I say go for it!
  5. Paying for handicap scam

    Long time no hear Gilberg! Something I just learned... If you put some extra oil on your grips, you won't get blisters...
  6. Did Sarazen really win the Grand Slam?

    Brevity is the soul of wit...
  7. How good does a Touring Pro need to be?

    I have a buddy who used to play off +2, and gave the southern mini tours a serious try a few years ago. He couldn't make a consistent check.
  8. 2018 Houston Open

    Kudos to my home club boy Sam Ryder. Solo 5th!
  9. Why pay over 100 to play a round?

    ^^^ This ^^^
  10. Is Bubba a HOF golfer currently?

    I'm sure he'll get there, but not yet.
  11. Mobile, AL Job Opportunity

    I've been there for work several times. Mobile is the DEEP South. I know rednecks who think it's a little too redneck....
  12. Club Championships - Match or Stroke?

    We have a separate match play championship, but the club championship is stroke play.

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