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  1. David in FL

    Only One Practice Divot

    Old guys shouldn’t be hitting 200 balls!
  2. David in FL

    Champions Tour - Scott Parel (WHO??)

    Jay Sigel comes to mind. You’re right though, with more money and incentives available now, the guys from the regular tour are much more likely to make the transition. Which makes it extraordinarily hard for anyone not already playing at the highest level to compete.
  3. David in FL

    Champions Tour - Scott Parel (WHO??)

    This. ^^^^ I get a kick out of the amateurs, even those very good by amateur standards, who think that they’ll finally make the jump to professional golf on the Champions Tour when they turn 50. I always ask the same question. Look at the guys your age on the PGA Tour right now. If you can’t compete with them now, why do you think you’ll be able to do so at age 50?!
  4. Tennis is fun.... 😉
  5. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    Pretty typical. I was fortunate in that none of them played particularly well, or it could’ve been ugly!
  6. David in FL

    The Goose Tee

    You should get behind some of the seniors at my club! 😱
  7. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    I survived...kind of. Shot 79 gross. Lost 2 ways on one bet and only 1 way on the other. The stroke on 18 proved pivotal as i thought it might, with my 4 for 3 swinging 3 bets. 3 ways only cost me $30. Honestly, a better result than I deserved given the silliness of the bet in the first place!
  8. David in FL

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    You should never have to ask to play through. It should always be offered…
  9. David in FL

    Trick Shot - Pop the Balloon Your Buddy Is Holding

    What could possibly go wrong?!
  10. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    Yeah...There’s no doubt I have to play well, and all four of them have to play pretty mediocre. The hardest thing in something like this is the mental aspect. It just grinds you down, because of four people, there’s always going to be at least one or two that are not only in the hole, but likely playing it fairly well. You never get a break where you can catch your breath. Given the choice, I would bet against me! Should be fun though…
  11. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    No, I get 6 strokes...3 per side. I think I’m probably still a few strokes light of what I really should get, but we’ll see.
  12. David in FL

    LA Gridlock Today? 5 Major Sports Events On One Day

    Yeah, how will they even know?!
  13. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    Nassau. 5/5/5, so I’m on the hook for 10/10/10 x 2. 2 down presses. It could leave a mark... I do get a stroke on both 17 and 18 though, so that helps!
  14. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    It was Blanton’s. I outgrew Jim Beam about the time I got out of college and got a real job!
  15. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    Hey, I did say good bourbon!

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