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  1. I haven’t intentionally played only nine holes in over 40 years. A weather related stoppage or some emergency notwithstanding, golf is 18 holes...or more.
  2. So, not quite a “Brooks Koepka clone”? Welcome to the site. Let us know how it goes!
  3. Given your location, you might want to look at IMG in Bradenton.
  4. Even though everyone knows that I’m militant about pace of play, I think 3 minutes is too short. I’d go back to 5 minutes.
  5. 2, 2, 3, 1 or 2. A poorly positioned beverage cart can sometimes be an issue, especially for long hitters.
  6. He was referring to the change that allows for relief for an embedded ball anywhere in the General Area. Not whether or not the ball is on the green...
  7. FWIW, I haven’t bought the golf ball in a store in over 2 years. Amazon is your friend!
  8. A classless move by NBC to try to force people to use their streaming service. Unbelieveable. I’m also disappointed that the USGA allowed it.
  9. My sense of self worth is directly related to whether or not I broke 80...
  10. Well, we stated well enough on Friday, winning our first 2 matches handily. Then the rains came. While I’m a bit of a mudder, my partner is not. We lost the third match, and ended the first day T2 in our flight. Our first match Saturday, we both played well, but lost to a 4 hcp who carried his team. He began with a double on the first hole, but still managed to shoot 34 for the 9. We were just overpowered that match. The second, and final match brought an absolute deluge of rain. After a 2 hour delay, needed for the course to drain, we managed to eek out a win. Scoring for the nine hole matches was by points. 1 point to win a hole, 1/2 point for a tie, and 0 points to lose the hole. 1 additional point to win the match. We finished with 26 points, a solid second place in the flight, but not good enough to advance to the shootout. All in all, a fun event, as always.
  11. Your man card is reinstated, it is...
  12. Damn, I’m sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers...
  13. Getting back, albeit slowly, to normal... Our annual member/member tournament begins tomorrow. 12 flights of six teams. Round robin within each flight with the winners of each flight progressing to a shoot out to ultimately determine the winning team. A lot of fun with great competition. There may be drinking involved. We’ll see… 😊
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