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  1. David in FL

    4th Anual Orlando Trip is Scheduled!!

    Yep! Both are private clubs, but part of the Concert Club system so reciprocal play is offered to members of other Concert clubs. @Bucki1968, I’m happy to answer any questions. Two very good, distinctly different courses.
  2. Dave,

    I'm gonna be over in Orlando a couple days near the end of March. I can only play one day. Heathrow or the Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes? Wife is playing too. 

  3. David in FL

    Where Should I Move to (Play) In The U.S.?

    Huh. I can’t imagine why you would stay. To the OP. Not in any order, but Florida, Texas, and Nevada all have excellent courses, year-round golf weather, and importantly, no state income tax! Those would be my first choices to explore.
  4. David in FL

    How Do I Sell Iron Set

    Maybe different rules for different “chapters”. Such a great organization, it’s certainly worth asking.
  5. David in FL

    How Do I Sell Iron Set

    The last time I tried to do that, I was told that they no longer except used club donations…
  6. David in FL

    2019 Genesis Open Discussion Thread

    Especially since they commented on air that it took him 55 seconds to hit that putt (on 12 or thereabouts) from 3’ that he jacked 6 feet past the hole.
  7. David in FL

    Official Fast Food Fry Rankings

    They taste good, but are way too greasy, to the point of sogginess. I’ve always said that McDonald’s is the gold standard in fries. Looks like I’m not the only one…
  8. David in FL

    Interesting/Controversial Business Names

    My very first “real” job was as a dishwasher at Sambo’s.
  9. David in FL

    How Many Rounds Have You Played In Your Lifetime?

    100 rounds per year for the last 10 years or so. Probably 50ish per year for the 5 years prior to that, and call it 20ish per year for another 30 years. Gotta be closing in on 2,000 rounds... 1,000 - 5,000 is a ridiculously huge range. The vast majority of players, even relatively avid players, won’t play 1,000 in their lives...
  10. David in FL

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    Not even close, Sergio. I’m still not completely convinced that Kuchar did anything wrong!
  11. David in FL

    Adam Scott Begs For Slow Play Penalty

    Kudos to Adam Scott!
  12. David in FL

    Insurance for Golf Clubs?

    All covered under my homeowners policy.
  13. David in FL

    2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Discussion Thread

    I really don’t think so. He argued for the option that he felt was best for him. He was disappointed when he didn’t prevail, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
  14. An option might be to look for a cheap, beat, used club, just to harvest the weights...
  15. David in FL

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    Y’all is already plural. The “s” is unnecessary and grammatically incorrect. Damn Yankees!

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