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  1. Best price point shaft on the market

    Spin rate is near enough but the launch angle is too low, it needs to be up around 12 degress, no surprise it's better than the standard TM shaft though.
  2. I want a FJ Long sleeve half zip in white but they are a US only product, makes sense when we play winter golf for 9 months of the year in the UK!
  3. Just snagged some new irons, BUT.....

    Why dont you soft step the shafts? If they are taper tips its easy.
  4. I made a similar move about 14 months ago. I changed to an all Titleist bag less my Taylor Made Rosso Spyder putter I got some ribbing from friend and got it in my head I wanted a Scotty. The easiest progression was a Newport Square back. Got really used to that then wanted to got the next step and got a Newport 2. Love my NP2 and put better with this than any mallet. Use both for a while in case you have to spend some time getting used to it
  5. Winter Balls?

    Played yesterday, it was about 1ºc so about 35ºf fairways were frozen, greens had snow on them you had to land an approach about 25y short and bounce it on, one of my playing partners bounced one in the middle of a frozen pond and landed on the green! It made no difference what ball you played, ended up with a yellow Donay, which don't exist in the US I don't think, but if they did they would be about $4 a dozen!
  6. Hybrid Fitting

    Hard stepping is where you replace the shaft with the next on in the set, wouldn't work for graphite though. example. Hard stepping requires a full set of shafts as the PW shaft is fitted to the 9 iron then cut to 9 iron length, 9 into the 8, 8 into the 7 and on. Soft stepping can be done without buying a full new set of shafts, it just requires a new shaft for your longest club ie if you carry a 4 iron you buy a 3 iron shaft and fit it to the 4 iron 4 into 5 etc. Not tried it though.
  7. My Swing (Kicker)

    Where you fitted for your driver? Is the x flex not too strong? You have a nice swing and tempo but I am not sure from these videos if it is x flex fast.
  8. I was playing 2 weeks ago, walked ahead of one of my 3 ball, he was in center of fairway about 100y short of the green. I walked up to my ball in the left hand first cut about 80 yards ahead and about 35 yard wide of the flag. He hit his ball well left and I felt it brush my hat and then land in a bunker. I looked back and he said " I new it was going to be close but couldn't remember what to shout!!!! My fault for walking in front but we promote ready golf at my club so I guess we all take risks to speed up play.
  9. Best online fitting

    i have similar stats to you and play regular length flex and lie in my irons. What is your true driver distance (not the down wind one that landed on the cart path) and what club would you use to hit 150 yards?
  10. Distance Robbing Range Balls

    I only go to the range now to keep swinging or work on swing changes. You can't work on yardages for the obvious reason and trajectory isn't really worth working on as the spin rates from range balls is very different also. Yes if you are hooking slicing there is a fair chance you will be with a real ball. I can hit my driver around corners at the range but rarely miss the fairway by much with a ProV1. I don't understand how you can be fitting for new equipment at a range due to the balls, unless the fitter can quantify the difference in spin / distance and take it into account.
  11. New 3 wood

    What weight shaft is in the R9? I use the 909 F2 15.5 and it's not the most forgiving, plus on of the least used in my bag.
  12. Not sure if it's been said but cant be arsed going through 14 pages. Gynecologist's assistant. Just shaved the hole.
  13. You just made that up surely?
  14. Just ordered my Titleist 910 D2 driver 9.5 with Aldila RIP shaft, should get it about Nov 18th. They are in very limited supply in the UK so am very pleased to get one this early.