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  1. I Hope Matt Every Wins The Damn Sony Open!

    Well we'll see what Kharma does next.
  2. TST Explores GAME Golf

    I have a loop first around the clip that that the remainder is long enough that I pass the end of the loop through a belt loop, then pass the gamegolf through the loop and then clip to me. this results in a loop, with one end looped around the clip and the other around belt loop. If it gets knocked off (especially if I don't notice it), it's just hanging at my side a few inches.
  3. The Sand Trap is Moving…

    Good to know and Good Luck and easy transitioning on the move (been there done that, sort of).
  4. Pinehurst #2 Restoration

    Have you played Winchendon Golf club at the Winchendon School? holes look and play a lot like Pinehurst #2, based on watching pros play it. built about the same time...
  5. Playing 9 or 18 by yourself.

    Yea usually by myself, sometimes pair up with whoevers heading out.
  6. Hello from Cypress TX

    Live in Sugar Land.
  7. Irons - Standard Distance versus Maximum Distance

    I rely on what I think I can do consistently, the biggest issue for me is being left or right pin high.
  8. Your Workout Today

    Did the enter OTC inside and out (large oil tech expo) then in evening another 2 miles walking.
  9. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a Sr. Mechanical Engineer making motors and generators.
  10. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/RolandIvar I've used this for a while, it really helps you learn your club ranges.