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  1. Shot a personal best, 40 on the front nine of my local course.
  2. I hadn't thought about a 3H. Looking at upgrading my irons once I have a little bit of spending money. I beat the heck out of them while I learned how to play. Im headed out to the range. We'll see what works. Thanks again.
  3. Just for a little more reference I can consistently hit about 185-190 with my 6i. When the driver is straight it is around 270ish. Not sure what the club head speed is. I went out again today and played again with just the 6i and below. I was looking to get around a 47 for an achievable goal for the round. I ended up with a 49 after a few bad reads on the greens but my shots were solid. Sounds to me like the general consensus is to keep playing with what I am comfortable with, practice more with the longer clubs to get consistent, and slowly work them into my game. Sounds like a good plan. My long term goal is to get as close as I can to scratch. If that is a 1-3 handicap then so be it, but the ultimate goal is scratch. For a shorter term goal (as in before next school golf season) is to get down to being able to be sub 85 consistently so that I can make the varsity team, and do well by my own standards. I am looking at getting lessons, but currently don't have the $$$ for lessons. After my job for the summer I am hoping to be able to get true lessons. I am headed back to the range later this week so we will see how this all works out. Thanks for all of the ideas and help. I will keep this thread updated later if anything major changes. Thanks again.
  4. So I just need to keep playing with lower clubs until I stop getting lower and lower scores? Then I would slowly work into the larger clubs up to the driver? Alright. So work on a single longer club until it is consistent and then move up?
  5. Jaymancds

    6i and below

    Hi all, I went out yesterday to my local course which I typically get about 50-55 on the front nine holes. This is typically using all of my clubs. Well after warming up at the range I just wasn't feeling my larger clubs (4h, 3w, driver). I decided on the first tee that I would play this round with nothing bigger than my 6i, which is the longest club I can hit with my eyes closed. I hit more fairways than I ever have in one round, more GIR than before, and overall better lies for my shots. I was able to go 6i-6i-wedge to most of the greens on my local course. Long story short, I had my best round ever shooting a 45 on a par 35, and I never pulled the driver out of the bag. My question is, could this be a sustainable way to get to low scores just by hitting more fairways and better lies? I am a 6' 3" 230lb. high school junior, and I have never been able to hit my driver consistently. If this is a better way to lower my scores, would it be reasonable to take my larger clubs out of the bag and replace them with more wedges? I like my iron play as it is pretty consistent, but something goes wrong in between me and my driver. Could I be on my way to close to scratch golf just with more work on my putting and short game? Thanks
  6. Lets see if i can keep this at least PG-13 Driver- "oh god" because I cant hit it very well 3W,4H- "Hot heads" because the head socks never come off 3i- "occasionally" because I occasionally use it well 5i- "neverland" because I sky the ball everytime 6i- "Sweet Jesus" because it saves me most of the time 7i- "ouch" because I hit my ball into my face off of a tree in my first full 18 round 8i- "shovel" because I typically leave pretty big divots with it 9i- "the mistress" because I cheat on my wedges with it PW- "topical" because I top the ball alot SW- Dubbed "get wet" by a friend after I used it to chip out of water and into the hole for a bogey in my best round ever Putter- "get lucky" because I need all the luck I can get on the green.
  7. Jordan Speith - 20 Jason Day -19 Rickie Fowler -14 PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover!"
  8. I love a good 7:30 to 8:00 round during the summer. While the dew is still on the grass and its not 90 degrees.
  9. I went out yesterday and just tried to get out of my head on the first tee. Worked pretty well, and I stayed in the fairway. It was short but I used a 6 iron to tee with. Throughout the round the driver just wasn't working for me so I ended up teeing up with a 6 iron for the majority of the round. Still got some work to do, but I did see some improvement. Thanks for all of the advice.
  10. Thanks for all the advice everybody. I just gotta get out of my head. I am going out this afternoon so we will see if I can get through the first tee better by not thinking.
  11. The problem with not using the driver is that to get down to a club where I am just in auto-mode I have to go down to a 6 iron and lose any chance at a long tee shot. I had thought of maybe trying a 4 hybrid because my 3-wood is my worst club.
  12. So I am just in my head too much. Makes sense.
  13. Hi everybody, I have been playing golf fairly consistently for about a year now. I have worked hard and lowered my score from the high 120s down to the mid 90s and still working. The one thing I cant seem to fix is my nerves on the first tee. I try to do a little warm up and then full practice swings before I even put my tee in the ground. I am not sure if I am afraid of not being fully warmed up or if I am just thinking too much. The course I play is never very busy so there is typically no rush to get going, but I feel like I am rushing myself through the first shots of the round. I have a pretty nasty slice if I'm not careful, so I aim to the far left side of the fairway and hints of my slice bring the ball back into the middle-ish. Am I thinking too much? Should I warm up extra too help get out of my head? I just cant figure how to get the "cant be a slow player" mentality out of my head. Could I be afraid of the hole and this cause the problem, because it is a straight 440 yrd par 4 that I have never gotten less than a double on? I just cant figure it out. Any Ideas?
  14. Yesterday I played a round in the high 20s to low 30s and besides a strange feel through the shaft I didnt really notice a huge difference in my length. Maybe thats because the ball seemed to be rolling a mile on the fairways. I still enjoyed myself.
  15. I working on a 77 Camaro right now so that I can get to cruise in it. My dad was born in '66 and is a serious hot rodder. He has built many camaros and novas. His current build is a 68 C10 shortbed. He is helping me a lot with my car. He is one of the best body men I have ever seen. Crazy skills.
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