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  1. Brett Freeman or Tracy Phillips. Brett is more of a Manuel de la Torre method. Tracy spent a lot of time at the Haney Golf Ranch back in the day. Which ever suits you best.
  2. When he isn't playing well he acts like a little brat.
  3. Mine: Nobody should be playing with "Game Improvement Irons" - All irons should be forged muscle back blades. No woods should be over 250cc.
  4. I have owned this book for about ten years and I finally decided to dig into it beyond the first couple of pages. I figured I would read it in weekend and start doing some work. Boy was I wrong. The amount of information is truly Biblical, in that its not something you read in a couple of days and then do a couple of drills and you got it. So after about two months of off and on reading and digesting the information and watching some videos on youtube I have set up a little putting studio in my basement for some winter training. I videoed my putting stroke in slo-mo from behind and
  5. "Johnny Miller has a hat just like it" "Yeah, well Johnny Miller can go suck a #@$% too"
  6. Personally I wouldn't turn in a score with the course that altered. The slope and rating of the holes would not be reflected properly when turning an easy four into a long 3. sounds like a goofy scramble tournament.
  7. No, the club head path will not match exactly. It will get closer as you approach impact. But at the top of the swing it should "fall" back slightly due to your weight shift back to the left.
  8. I think that should be the new regulation size hole. Would definitely speed up play on the weekends.
  9. After doing the drill in the video and some "baseball" swings I could feel a lot more lower body action. My swing doesn't look much different but I'm not so bunched up feeling at impact and you can see a big difference in my lower body at impact. My hips are much more open and facing the target. Thanks so much for your help. Will post an update in about a month. [VIDEO]http://youtu.be/Z63OP5N9LQw[/VIDEO]
  10. Assuming 4 par 3s, you would hit 14 fairways.
  11. Just wanted to say hi. I posted my imitation of a folding lawn chair if you want a good laugh: http://thesandtrap.com/t/81867/my-swing-brianmcg Looking to get back to playing more.
  12. I've been Playing Golf for: 30 years (Coming off a 10 year layoff) High School and 2 years of College golf NAIA. My current handicap index or average score is: 5-10 My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push/block or pull hook Videos: Caddie View Down the Line: Coming from about a 5 year layoff. Would appreciate any help I can get. When I am hitting the ball well I generally hit a straight/Draw. But when I start missing its eit
  13. Just put a ball on the face of the phone when you have it on GPS mode. Take a swing and it will measure the amount of force you imparted on the ball and the distance.
  14. How we do our scramble is we do a blind draw of nine holes. The teams will be flighted by the score they have on those nine holes. Basicall you split the field in half based off those scores. Or you can just pick front side or back side, but make sure not to tell anyone how you will be picking. We always put in the rules "blind draw" to determine flights. It takes some figuring right at the end but its pretty easy.
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