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  1. Liberals always have trouble dealing with the truth. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS.
  2. I think we agree here, boss. The thread is titled "Higher handicaps should be practicing the short game more". I agree with this, but if someone is THAT bad, they should work on developing a competent swing first. Because if it takes them 6 shots to get to the green, it won't matter how good their short game is. I think you're saying the same thing. Although I could be wrong.
  3. Indeed, short game practice is essential. However, guys that suck at golf often find themselves reaching the green after 6 shots. The damage is already done. Not much consolation between a nice 8, or a sloppy 9. You can't fix SUCK.
  4. Personally, I don't have much sympathy for Muslims. I'm waiting for ANY Muslim to denounce the acts of terror that are being carried out worldwide, almost exclusively by Muslims. Their silence speaks very loudly.
  5. All of it was due to investing. Me and wifey lived off one salary and saved/invested the other. Do this and generate returns of around 15% per year, and you'll have plenty. Well, that's not something I see often. Real card counters are a rare breed, indeed. After I retired, I put together a bankroll of $60k and studied and practiced obsessively for 6 months. Then I started hitting the casinos- monthly trips to Vegas, and several shorts trips elsewhere. And I'm sure you know that counting cards is NOTHING like they portray in the movies. The edges are razor thin and the varian
  6. I'm not a member of any investment forums. I prefer to think independently, and don't really want opinions from others. I prefer to invest in companies that have a history of growing revenue and earnings, a debt-free balance sheet, strong cash flow, and are trading at a PE ratio that's on the lower end of their 5-year historical range. I don't trade. I invest. And it works. Allowed me to retire at 42 and spend my days drinking and playing golf with friends.
  7. Okay kids- see if you can find the statement that's actually true.... 1500's "The earth is the center of the universe" - 97% of scientists 1960's "Beware the coming ice age" 1970's "The world will run out of fossil fuel in the next decade" Jimmy Carter 1980's "Everyone will die of skin cancer because of the hole in the ozone layer" 1990's "At the turn of the millennium, all the computers in the world will fail and send the world into chaos" 2000's "Beware global warming". 2010"s "Climate change will create mons
  8. Clearly he has some more work to do. Get the popcorn.
  9. Trump is done. I think we all knew this day was coming, right? I never considered Trump a serious candidate anyway. I don't think he ever wanted the job. He was just having fun being Donald Trump. He'll surely take a few others down with him. For sure.
  10. For me, there is no substitute for time on the range with a bucket of balls and a competent professional armed with a Trackman, and a video camera. Anything else is a waste of time. And money.
  11. Beginner to 7.7 in 9 months? Although I could be wrong, I'm not buying it. I like this. And it's amazing how few people really play by the rules. Even those that think they do, probably do not.
  12. Ballybunion Golf Club. Ireland. 2006. Wind was so strong that the ball would roll away before I could hit it. After a few holes we quit. Went to the pub and played poker all day and night.
  13. Haney mentioned that tigress is obsessed with distance. This isn't going to change. tigress needs to retire immediately, instead of continually soiling his reputation (as a golfer) each time he plays in a tournament. His reputation as a human being is already soiled to completion.
  14. You're right, man. What the hell was I thinking?
  15. Perhaps tiger should seek sex reassignment surgery (like Caitlyn Jenner) and take a shot at the LPGA Tour. It's the only chance at winning another tournament.
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