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  1. Most in an 18 hole round was 9. Made 6 birdies on the front, 3 on the back and shot 66 which was 6 under. Made double-bogey on my 2nd hole and bogey on my 16th hole. I was a 5 at the time so finished with net 61. Followed it up with a 68 2 weeks later. Handicap plummeted quickly. Almost more memorable (but not quite) was making 2 eagles on the back nine at my home course. I only make about 6-8 a year so to have 2 come within 5 holes of each other was fun.
  2. My low round was at my home course in the summer of '09. I shot 66 (6 under) and had 9 birdies. I doubled the 2nd hole. Meriwether National in Hillsboro, Oregon. I think the slope is 125 and the course rating is 71.2. I was a 5 handicap at the time and shot 68 2 weeks later. It was a good summer.
  3. Last weekend I played a course that I haven't played in over 2 years and had only played there in a scramble format. It is harder than my home course and has a tougher slope and course rating. It has been really wet here in Oregon and the course is playing long and really tough. Fast forward.... I play the first 7 holes in 4 under, running in a few 30 footers and hitting the ball close on a few holes. My buddy looks at me and says "keep it going pal." This is where it gets really cruel. After turning in 33 (3 under) I proceed to make an absolute mess of the back side and shoot 33-46=79. There were hosel shanks, chunked wedges and all sorts of assorted poor shots. I made 2 doubles and a triple. I left the golf course really deflated and embarrassed. How does one of the best starts in my life turn into such a disaster? Why are the golf Gods so cruel? These are questions that have yet to be answered but I will continue to tee it up and go find it. The mystery of golf is what keeps me coming back; no 2 rounds are ever the same.
  4. Thank to everyone that put their 2 cents in on this; I am considering a pull cart and have a buddy that is a sales rep. for Clicgear so that should be easy. I guess it is just a silly pride thing to continue to carry my clubs around. As for the responses regarding my fitness, both mental and physical, they are right on target. I am working towards getting into better shape this year and focusing on ONLY the shot in front of me, not the one that I hit 3 holes ago or the one I hope to hit 3 holes from now. It is hard for me to stay in the present a lot of the time.[/B If it matters, and it probably doesn't, I shot a crafty little 38-35=73 today and didn't feel tired or undernourished. Maybe I am just a nutjob, dunno?
  5. I find it is easier to just state the bare facts so I will list a few of my rounds this year: 34-44=78 34-40=74 (last round played 6 days ago) 35-41=76 36-40=76 and 35-42=77 (in our club championship this summer) There has been a monumental letdown on the finishing 9 holes of so many rounds this year I can't even remember half of them; for those of you that would suggest that possibly the back nine is tougher (at my home course) it is...but even when I play the nines in reverse I sometimes finish poorly. It is hard to put my finger on what goes wrong but suffice to say it involves bad decision-making, some really loose shots and poor putting and chipping. My hypothesis is this: 1. I am not mentally tough enough. 2. I am getting tired. 3. I lose focus. 4. I need nutrition or nourishment. 5. I should sell my clubs and "retire." To combat #4 I have been snacking at the turn and making sure I eat well before playing. Lastly, I still carry my bag and will continue to do so until I can find proof positive that it is hurting me. I am 44 if that matters. Bring on the suggestions and comedy...I shall read them all. Thanks!
  6. I have noticed that I am the only one in my Men's Club that likes to wear a watch when playing. That seems odd to me but to each his own....it would feel strange to leave it off now after so long.
  7. Okay, I know, there are worse problems to have but.... I feel like I need to rant a little. The problem is this: When I started playing again in March (the start of our season in Oregon generally) my handicap was 4.2; after shaking off the rust I got on a little hot streak-during the summer- and had 4 under par rounds (66,68,71,71) on our little muni which I play almost every week. My handicap has plummeted to a 2.2 The yardage is 6,714 (par 72) with a slope of 118 and a course rating of 70.9. This is not exactly the toughest track in the Northwest, you know? The problem is this: When I play in our Men's Club net events (which we have too many of) and get paired with higher handicap players I am expected to shoot 70-74 each time I play. I don't always play that well. For me to shoot around or under par a lot of things have to go right; I have to make some putts, I have to keep the ball in play and I have to PAY ATTENTION! Truth be told I just AIN'T THAT GOOD some times and feel like trying to have fun instead of shooting a number each week. I feel like if I don't put up a number I have let the other players on my given team down and go home feeling crappy. My game is certainly suspect... 1. My course "management" skills are crappy. 2. I can't work the ball left to right very well. 3. My sand play is often horrible. 4. I only play once or twice a week (on the weekends) and don't have time to practice in between at all. Maybe I am just disheartened because I have had a small wrist injury and haven't been hitting the ball (or scoring well) for a few weeks now. Dunno. I remember when this game was fun and all of a sudden it isn't that much.... Just wanted to get that off my chest. Has anyone else ever felt the pressure to produce lower numbers than they were capable of, for the most part? Thanks.
  8. I will try to upload some pictures....first time so it might not work. My main concern is the position of the serial number; it is on the front of the putter, not the reverse and the numbering appears bigger than the ones I viewed at the store. Thanks again for the input.
  9. Wow. I just feel sick to my stomach. In my haste I bought a Scotty Cameron putter from a guy on Criagslist for $200.00 used. It is a Studio Select Newport 2 and is almost flawless...except for this: I thought I was a pretty good judge of fakes but on the way home I stopped at Golf Galaxy and looked at a few; the serial number on mine looks different. It is directly under the crown on the front, (not the back), and the numbers appear to be bigger than the ones at Golf Galaxy. It is my presumption I just bought a fake. Any help would be swell, I just feel ill right now. Does the magnet test work or is there anything else I should be doing to authenticate it? That is other than paying $60.00 to Scotty Cameron to tell me it is probably not real. Thanks!
  10. I am going through this also and it is painful, very painful. Because I am not a student of the golf swing (admittedly) I am not sure where these horrible misses come from. An example: I am going along fine, like yesterday, even par on the back and stand on the tee to hit a 5 iron on a 185 yard par 3. I cold shank it dead right, it hits a tree and travels about 35 yards. I walk up and hit an 8 iron to 12 feet, right on target. That makes no sense. As much as I would like to blame it on my new iron set I know this isn't the culprit. It is me. And my crappy, irregular swing. The piece of this that is worst of all is the implosion of my confidence .... I can't seem to get that shank out of my mind, even after it is followed by some pure shots. This game provides some real time entertainment, that is certain.
  11. Thanks for the responses so far but let me clarify my specific situation: In our Men's Club we play a match play event called our "President's Cup" where we qualify and play other golfers in a match play format. Even though the strategy is a little different in match play (being more agressive, i.e. trying to hole a chip when the other player has a short birdie putt or something like that) I was wondering if it would be appropriate to post the scores to my handicap after these matches. It is going to be a large part of my golf throughout the month of April and May. Assuming I made the final it would be 6 matches and I would like to post them unless there is something that says I can't or shouldn't. Again, this assumes that the rules of golf will be followed (they will) and the only putts that are generally conceded are ones that I would make more than half of the time. Thanks. Discuss.
  12. As a lower handicap I should know the answer to this but don't..... Can an individual post a score to his (or her) handicap while playing in a match play event? My understanding is that if only shorter putts are conceded (and the likelihood of making them is over half of the time) and all other strokes are played this can be posted. This is all I could find about it: Most Likely Score A "most likely score" is the score a player must post for handicap purposes if a hole is started but not completed or if the player is conceded a stroke. The most likely score consists of the number of strokes already taken plus, in the player's best judgment, the number of strokes the player would take to complete the hole from that position more than half the time. This number may not exceed the player's Equitable Stroke Control limit. (See Section 4-3.) It is obvious to me that a different strategy would be employed while playing in a match play event but, all things being equal, can this score be posted? Thanks in advance!
  13. What is it worth or what did it cost? I shall go with that latter: Driver-$200.00 (Golf Galaxy) 3 Wood-$65.00 (used on Ebay) 5 Wood-$150.00 (Golf Galaxy) Irons-$445.00 (new on Ebay for Christmas, thanks to little Sis for splitting it with me) Wedges-$99.00 each (Golf Galaxy) Putter-$129.00 (Golf Galaxy) Bag-FREE! Used my winnings in the Men's Club to get it. It retails for $149.00 Total: $1,088.00 As a side note: These are worth more to me than just about anything I own.
  14. The thread that just won't die....how nice. Now we have taken the silliness to a whole new level: SIMULATORS! There is a little simulator in our local Golf Galaxy which I take a few pops on now and then and I know, really truly know, isn't accurate. When I really wind one up it claims I hit it 310-315 which is just ludicrous. That is not to say that I can't stand on one on the golf course and hit it over 300, I have, but I have no faith in the accuracy of these machines. Final word from me: I have had a 20 handicapper hit it past me on occasion and it is a slight blow to my mighty golf ego...but know this: I HAVE NEVER BEEN BEATEN BY A 20+ HANDICAP ON THE GOLF COURSE. EVER. NEVER. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN EITHER. I will donate my sticks to the Goodwill if it ever does. You heard it here first.... We can all tell Bunyan-esque tales about a long drive we hit or thought we could have hit but who really cares? Scoring is what really matters. Carry on.
  15. This is probably going to come off more as a rant towards myself than anything but here goes: I think that I need new stuff...and I am not sure why. As we speak I am seriously considering getting a new set of irons for the upcoming year (695CB's) although the irons that I play are just fine. They are in good condition and I hit them well. Additionally I have found myself fantasizing about a new driver even though my driver has been my go to-money club all year. This little mental journey is propelled by some unrealistic fantasy that I will become a better golfer just by getting new equipment which is utterly ridiculous. I conjure up these images of hitting my "new" irons crisply with a high cut, a shot I don't currently have. There will be a new level of confidence that can ONLY be gained by replacing clubs that have been good to me. What is that all about? I have drawn the following conclusions: 1. I like new, shiny stuff. 2. I have an inkling to remember the crappy shots I hit with these clubs instead of the many good ones. 3. I am temporarily insane. This is the first year I have had a handicap and have never had a lesson. After taking 20 years off from the game (due to awful personal choices) I joined a Men's Club at a local muni and have had a great time getting back to the game which I once loved. This is the sad, sad truth: If I am not willing to practice a little bit or even have our club pro look at my swing NEW CLUBS AREN'T GOING TO HELP me get down to a 2 which is my goal for the year. I feel better for having said that.... Please excuse me while I check out the 695CB's on Ebay. Yes, I am an idiot.
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