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  1. I would not trust them and service is terrible. I ordered a set of Cobra Irons from them. I paid for expedited 2 day shipping. After a week and not seeing the clubs I emailed and asked. I was told in email by them that my clubs did not qualify for expedited shipping and that it was on the order and on the web site. I sent them a copy of the order that showed it WAS eligible and sent them screen shots of their web page showing it did NOT say they where eligible. They still refused to answer or refund the expedited shipping. As soon as they told me it was not eligible and they would not refund. I asked them to cancel. They "told" me it was impossible because they had shipped. They could not give me a shipping tracking number and two weeks later the clubs actually shipped - Lie #2. I never opened the clubs, sent them directly back and now two weeks after they have acknowledged receiving them back I still have not seen my refund! Fraud!