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  1. I couldn't agree more. Sounds like he'll likely be long gone after this year, so he'll have all that "country club" golf he wants.
  2. It would be my pleasure. I think it would be great to be able to help out as you persue this. Who knows, maybe some good golf habits will rub off on me in the process. Keep in touch as the time comes closer, it's not a bad fall back plan if needed!
  3. No problem, it would be my pleasure. Do keep in touch, I would love to be of assistance as you persue this- I think it would be pretty cool having you around and maybe some good golf habits would rub off on me in the process!
  4. I really don't know too much of the specifics regarding the makeup of the tour itself but I think they play every few days or so- some events are two day events and some look to just be one day tournaments too. I don't think all of them are pro ams but the one at my course is and this will be the 2nd year of it. Last year we got great feedback from the sponsors, pros and ams that played. I actually ended up volunteering for it last year but I am playing this year. Here is the 2009 schedule, last year my course was the opening event but being on 4th of July wknd kinda sucked so we back
  5. Not to mention, p90x is great because there is not only muscle building exercises but also Yoga and Plyometrics which both help a lot for balance, flexibility, and agility....all helpful for the golf swing. Yoga is sick, I've gone through 2 weeks of my p90x and the Yoga will absolutely kill you. It's great though, I never pictured myself doing it EVER and everytime I'm done I just loved it.
  6. It's a really cool little tour....the only problem is that it's in South Dakota and thus very short!! Ben, come on out and play in the Bakker Crossing Pro Am....guaranteed pay of out $10k. You can stay at my place, or I've got a friend that lives right on the course that I can set you up with. C'mon out!
  7. http://www.dakotastour.com/ This is a tour that kicks off in early July with a pretty good sized event at my home club here in Sioux Falls. They have a guaranteed payout of $10k to the winner, kind of a big amount for a mini tour in South Dakota anyway.
  8. I am not the resident expert on the topic, but I know that Disney's Palm and Magnolia courses are hosts to the PGA Tour Children's Miracle Network Classic. This event used to be a big name draw a few years back, I think that scheduling hasn't done the event many favors but it's still the same courses where Tiger and the rest of the PGA Tour guys tee'd it up. If you go provide us some feedback, I'm planning a family trip to Disney soon and will play golf while there.
  9. After seeing the brackets ( here ) I have to say that I don't think that Tiger got the best draw in his bracket. I see him getting pushed right away in match 2 be it vs. Tim Clark or Goosen, but then his #2 seed is a recent champ of this even in G. Ogilvy who not to mention has already won this year, the #3 seed in that region happens to be one of the hottest players in the world in C. Villegas. So I see TW getting upended either by M. Weir in the 3rd round, or whoever comes out of the bottom end either Villegas or Ogilvy. It does setup as a tough bracket and whoever comes out of that on
  10. Win an event, that's his only hope. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I think the cut off is the Houston event, the one that Johnson Wagner won last year the week before the Masters to make the field.
  11. Good point, we need to get us a bona fide PGA tour card carrying tour player on this board.....who's with me? Ok, how do we do it?
  12. Good call- I would have to guess the same thing. We'll see soon enough!
  13. It's hard to predict how things will go, other than his first match I don't know who he has in his bracket just yet. Once that comes out (if it's out please tell me) we'll have a better idea of his 2nd and 3rd round opponents. I believe he'll do "ok" but don't think he'll have enough to win the whole thing, it's a pretty brutal event based on what the players and those close to the event say. I do hope that he at least makes the weekend matches for ratings sake. Once I see a bracket I'll post an update with all my projections.
  14. I have to admit, I agree with lumpuckeroo on this one. I consider myself a big fan of DD and have been telling all of my naysayer buddies that they'll see, he'll be back....but I'm afraid that in the process I'm losing confidence in him with each passing MC he throws out there. He might be good for a flash in the pan, heartwarming story at a British Open down the road, but I don't think we'll see him seriously competing for titles again.
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