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  1. marcharing


  2. I used to play off one back in the 1980's. I was playing to four in 2008 and then gave the game up for a few years. Got back into it and started at seven handicap but with the help of you Guy's checking my swing out I managed to shoot a few good scores and got down to 2!!! Last week I shot a couple of sub par scores in a medal and am now off 1.3 so I have this weird goal of actually getting to scratch handicap this year for the first time in my life and at age 58! Not sure I'll do it but you never know.
  3. Good podcast here from the BBC previewing the US Open. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p055xt73
  4. A chip off on the 18th green. Now that would be fun...(for the fans at least) I actually followed Justin play in a european challenge tour event after he had lost his full euro card after all those missed cuts. He was smiling as ever, always gracious, a total gent.
  5. Good shout. Will bare in mind when making my bets. Willett at 80"s!!!!! Must be the highest odds ever for a defending champion.
  6. Just bumping this thread simply because I went out and worked on the advice from iacas and mvmac in an explosive turn of the hips. Scores and handicap have been coming down ever since. Shot 67 gross in my clubs January medal. Thanks Guys. Much appreciated.
  7. He can't get his hips through the ball and it looks like he's trying to make up with his shoulders. If he's doing that after so much time out I can't see him ever competing again. He might play but he won't compete. Hope I'm wrong though.
  8. Once shot a 66 on a 6000 yard empty course on a summers evening. Not my lowest round but I tee'd off at 8:30PM and finished at 10:05PM so one hour 35 mins. Most in the zone I've ever been in my life.
  9. Well he's W/D so clearly not going well. Two observations about his swing, he just does not seem to fire his hips anything like he should be and he also looks like he's in pain when he swings it hard.
  10. My peak in golf was 1980 when I won a couple of local amateur events and shot a course record. Got down to 0.5 in 1989, the lowest I've ever been. Now at the age of 57 and having time on my hands I have gone from 7 to 1.9 in three years. Shot four under gross in my medal this month so I am starting to think just maybe I can get to scratch this year. A couple of Guy's at the club are thinking I could do it too. Would be great to peak at my age and a little bizarre.
  11. Snooker pro Bill Werbeniuk was a legend for his drinking exploits. Below is a bit from his Wikipedia entry. Some of Werbeniuk's most famous feats of drinking include: 76 cans of lager during a game with John Spencer in Australia in the 1970s;[2]43 pints of lager in a snooker match/drinking contest against Scotsman Eddie Sinclair in which, after Sinclair had passed out following his 42nd pint, Werbeniuk was reported to say "I'm away to the bar now for a proper drink";[7] 28 pints of lager and 16 whiskies over the course of 11 frames during a match against Nigel Bond, in January 199
  12. I am better. In April 2014 I was off 7 handicap. Now off three. not bad for a 56 year old but I have returned to the game after an absence. Best ever was one handicap.
  13. OK. This is just between you Guys and me but I will concede that I cannot play golf without at least a couple of drinks, even if I have to tee off at 7 in the morning. It just stops an horrendous twitch that I will get on every shot I play if I am stone cold sober. Last year I managed to get into the final of my clubs summer singles knockout tourney and was playing a Guy off plus one in the 36 hole final. I was crapping myself so filled up a health drink bottle with neat vodka and sipped it just a couple of times here and there. I had a couple of half time beers and we were all square after 3
  14. OK this is a good question for me. Back in about 1980ish (I would have been 20) I played a round and hit a few balls on the range of the course I was a member of (Stover GC, Devon, UK) and had a quick beer outside the clubhouse before thinking about getting back home. At 8:30 in the evening I thought i could get another nine in as the course was empty and it was middle of the summer. I tee'd off and ripped it round nine holes in no time at all and was level par so I carried on even though it was starting to get dark. The upshot is that I scored a 66 gross in one and a half hours finishing
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