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  1. Thank you all for the input. Got some good ideas. Much appreciated!!!
  2. Thank you for your response David. I appreciate it. So with this tournament we will not have handicaps. So should I then just split the field in half? Put 13 in A flight and 13 in B flight?
  3. Hello All, I am hosting a 4 person scramble this weekend to raise some money for a local church. It is just a fun scramble. I am looking to see if any one can help me with the scoring at the end of the tournament. We will have 26 teams and would like to do an A and B flight. Once the tournament has ended and I have all of the scorecards, how do I determine the flights? I know the lowest 3 scores will be the A flight winners. How do I determine who the B flight winners should be? I hope this makes sense. Thank you, Rich
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