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  1. use is for some type of feedback. im not a stud golfer, i dont need exact measurements. jsut a little feedback on distance and l/r spin a net doesnt do that really. i mean i know if i hit it crisp or not, but still not the same. so what would you suggest under a grand? so i guess here is another question. i have a computer and laptop, i have a projector what else is needed for a simulator where you can play courses? i assume you buy software? how much is this.
  2. i know this has been posted and probably answered before. but.... im looking into buying a real simple setup. like net, and swing analyzer. i already have a laptop that will suffice. i have a projector, but dont care so much about seeing it fly on that thing if i can see it on my laptop. i know the p3proswing is about $900 any options that are cheaper out there? used from stores? any ideas are welcome b/c hitting just into a net doesnt do it, and outdoor ranges by me are garbage
  3. Cleveland classic do this. awesome look and feel and only like 70$. feels/looks a lot like a cameron. go to a store and check one out. i like it 15x better than my last 2 odyssey
  4. sorry to hate. DONT BUY A NIKE GOLF BAG 1st, for a wedding the groom bought everyone a nike stand bag it was an extreme if i remember. of the 6, 4 are still standing. 2nd, i am a golf coach and our school used nike. they are no longer in tact either. get an OGIO or Mizuno bag.
  5. i too am around the 10 handicap mark. i went with mizuno mp52 last year. i demo the 57, 52, 60, 62. as well as srixon, titleist too. 52 was the best imo. super forgiving and as much shot shaping ability as the 60 and 57. dont pay full price. talk to a pro at a golf shop that you frequent. i had a pro order mine for cost. and def. get fitted. i found out im 2* flat and it made a world of difference.
  6. i went to midsize a while back and love them. so much more control in my opinion. i have pretty long fingers though. but yeah run to dicks or something and pick up a midsize and see what you think
  7. I have compared them to the mp57 and 60. i like them much more. the 52 have the same nice feel, but much more forgiveness in the 4-6 iron. the 8-p are about the same as the 57 and 60. i actually got a little more distance than the 57-60 b/c the 4-6 have a slight cavity back. all in all great clubs, and a huge improvement from my hogans.
  8. thank you. too bad i cant do it. i guess the 454 will work for now.
  9. noodles are pretty solid and cheap. soft but not too much sacrifice on distance. otherwise laddy are nice too.
  10. Right now i play a callaway 454 with a aldila nvs (the orange one) on ebay i have found some good deals on the ft-5 imix heads which i loved. i was gonna just buy a whole ft-5 driver but too much $$$$. i lvoe the nvs shaft, so what im asking is can i take the shaft off of my 454 and put it on an imix, or does the imix use something specific where u have to buy an imix shaft? thank you
  11. def wouldnt say over your head. they are a little tougher to hit than the OS but not that bad. all in all a nice club. i played with them for a season when i was in New Zealand. as for the 2* flat, it will make a little diff. i am 2* flat, but was able to hit my old standard lie clubs fine.
  12. i have hogan apex edge cft for sale if interested, they are in good-great shape. let me know if interested.
  13. yeah, the urs = v1 and urc = v1x but in my opinion they are great. u can find em on ebay for dirt cheap too. just as good as prov1 and a lot cheaper
  14. sundog are decent. and they are like 50-100$
  15. i had a very strong grip earlier this year. i was ok, but then got a case of the hooks. i weakened my grip a lot. and it did feel awful at first. same as you. makes you feel real awkward, but after a few rounds/trips to the range i got used to it. now it is nice b/c im used to both. so if i need to draw/fade i can change my grip a little and not worry about changing my swing.
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