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  1. Looks good so far! Cool I've got an avatar I'm guessing it's a default, but I'm cool with it.
  2. I've had the driver for about 1yr+. I actually don't hit it all that bad. Usually the first couple of tee shots are pretty good nice little draw, but later on it can turn into a straight push or block. Sometimes I get a little quick and will hit a low hook. Not really unhappy with it, just thought with Santa on his way maybe I'd do a little experimenting. When I initially got fit for it the Nike guys suggested maybe putting a three wood shaft in it if the length was too much for me(shaft length); of course testosterone got the best of me. So going back to that thought of a shorter shaft I just started thinking maybe something a little heavier (wieght wise) might keep the transititon from getting quick, but could make the block worse. Anyone ever thought about putting a hybrid shaft in a driver head? Just kicking some ideas around as its 15 degrees outside and probably won't see a round of golf until April.
  3. Thinking of trying something with a new driver shaft combo. Right now my dirver is a Nike 5000 9.5 degree loft with a GD YS 6+ stiff shaft at right around 45". What I was thinking was maybe a Ping g10 9 degree with a heavy weight regular flex three wood shaft. I play stiff shafts in my irons and figure accuracy there is more impaortant than distance, however sometimes I fell I might be "working" to hard with the driver. As far as swing speed with the driver I've seen numbers between 98 and 104 mph. So I was thinking I might be borderline with the stiff shafted 45" driver, also I'm on the short side stature wise. Reasoning behind the heavy reg three wood shaft and 9 degree head...take some loft out of the head and let the shaft do the work? Plus I've hit a 9 dgree g10 and hit it pretty high to begin with. Any thoughts?
  4. Home course...dunno. There are four near me that I usually play. Thunderbird Hills(North and South). South course is definaterly the easiest wide open little trees(course is fairly new). North is probably considered parkland style tree lined. First hole at North par 5 with a large tree in the middle of the fairway about 100 yds out form the green..definately a three shotter for me. Wousickett is another local course nothing great but reasonable priced. #18 I still haven't figured out the most consistent way too play it about 338 dogleg left with a creek running down the right with a lorge tree and hill guarding the left. Tried everythig from iron off the tee short of the creek, big sweeping three wood around the tree, smash a driver over the creek to the other half of the fairway. Played it safe, tried the hero shot, etc. still never made better than bogey. Sawmill Creek designed by Tom Fazio is probably a good par 5 from my house nice course, but $100 a round is a little steep for me for more than 1 or two rounds a year there.
  5. Thanks iacas...kinda what I thought after a little online research. Sounds like it will probably be the casio if I can talk Santa into it so the DSLR will have to wait. Thanks again.
  6. Hope this isn't considered thread jacking; but...I'm also thinking of gettin a new camera I'm torn between the casio ex fh25 which for the money seems like the best investment for video and my constant tinkering with my swing, however, I might like to start tinkering with photography (hobby wise) and really like the DSLR's. Is the fh25 enough camera with enough adjustablilty for stills? Price and the high speed video keep bringin me back to the casio. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sometimes with the longer clubs people tend to try to swing harder (faster) which can throw you off balance, tempo, plane, a whole myriad of things. I'm guilty of this myself from time to time. Your swing with the longer clubs really shouldn't be any harder or faster than a good seven iron swing, the length of the shaft creates a longer arc thereby creating more club head speed not trying to swing the club faster.
  8. Thank for all the input. The one question of age and flexibility..do I have to answer that? Average flexibility and about 4 months south of 40. The flexibility thing is kinda funny, we got a Wii last year and Wii fit and I had all these grandiose ideas of really doing the yoga and stuff. Its funny how life and one six year old son can get in the way of that. I never checked to see if maybe what I view as square might be closed and vice versa so I'll have to check that out once all the white stuff disappears. Thanks again.
  9. I've noticed a few things lately... I seem to swing better and hit the ball better using a slightly open to open stance. This has also trickled into my putting stroke. I've thought about the past times that i've closed or opened my stance to try to achieve a draw or fade. Trying to hit a fade I'd open my stance a shade and intstead of fading the ball goes relatively straight, closed stance and I feel stuck and usually let hang out right. I know some of the pro's play with an open stance, but would I be better off fighting what's natural or just play with what I'm dealt?
  10. Overlapping a la Ben Hogan. Started with an interlock, but know that feels to constricted.
  11. I actually have the black one with the insert. I've gamed it for probably half a season and I'm still on the bubble as to whether or not I'm going to keep it or not. Can't decide if I really like the insert or not. Sometimes it feels too hot others to dead (probably my stroke, but I'd never admit it). The aligmnet marks work pretty well. Still toying with going back to a non insert putter. Really liked a Rife I demo'd a while ago.
  12. I've noticed the same thing once in awhile. Personally I think it stems from thinking you need to swing harder with the longer clubs. Try to make the same swing with the longer clubs as you do with the short irons, granted ball position and your distance from the ball will change, but you shouldn't try to swing harder just because its a longer club. Having this thought when I start doing the same thing helps a lot. Ignore the number on the bottom of the club. Distance will be achieved through the loft and length of the shaft. Just my $.02.
  13. loopy

    Bridgestone Thread

    I'll be there on Sunday...My first time going to see the pros. Probably gonna play on Sat. at the Legends of Massilon. Any pointers for a first timer at a pro event?
  14. The G10's are nice but I picked the I10's because i want to improve. I feel if you get too much "help" from the SGI clubs you may ingrain some flaws in your swing. Too be honest I didn't feel the I10's were any harder to hit the the G10 I just didn't care for the look of the G10 head. Since the new I15 and G15 line is coming out the 10 series are a preety good buy right now. Good luck.
  15. The Range The wife hears: " Honey I'm going to the range to hit a bucket or two" Translation: Bucket or two of long necks.
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