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  1. How come some drivers such as Mizuno and Tour Edge have grooves on the entire club face?
  2. The reason they are so strongly lofted is because they have to be based on who the club is for. The vertical center of gravity is at the bottom of the club face to help these players hit the ball in the air. These game improvement clubs are meant to reduce slice and get the ball in the air, so they need to offset and still have the club as easy to hit as possible. So far the loft of the club as been the choice.
  3. Needing to find a yardage marker for my 4th shot on a par 3. But actually a drive in the trees, punching out, missing the green on my third shot.
  4. http://www.golfio.com/Images/product...oHybridFW2.jpg How about this?
  5. I think it depends more on the individual distances on each hole. For me when you do 36 x 5i distance I get 7200. I would not feel comfortable playing from this distance as any course that goes out to 7200 yards is going to be extremely difficult and Im sure that there would be a couple of holes that a just too long for me. However when you divide 7200 by 18 you get 400, this is the average length of each hole. 400 yards Im comfortable with, but not a course that is 7200 yards.
  6. Thats because his new 9 iron is the same as his old 7 iron.
  7. Just checking you shoot about 3 over for 9 holes on a par 3 course and sometimes better
  8. I have a swing speed at about 110 and the longest ive ever hit the ball on a normal striaght out hole is 345, with a tailwind and the ball landed on a sprinkler head as it took a huge forward bounce when it landed. A question for other sandtrap members how many others here seem to hit a different driver better when you are struggling with your own?
  9. In just about everyone of these stories they seem to describe the way professional golf is played.
  10. I hope you have worked on your putting since then.
  11. I also umpire little league and I just want to go hit some pitches
  12. I gotta say his swing looks a lot better before he worked with Hank Haney
  13. My guess is that you do "go at it harder" than me because I asked the people I got paired up with if it looked like I was swinging really hard because I was trying to make sense of how far I was hitting the ball and the said it looked smooth and I was making really good contact.
  14. I dont think anyone needs more than a 45" driver shaft unless they are really tall.
  15. nope I have the set up that I feel comfortable with, I dont want or need any other clubs than the ones that are in my bag.
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