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  1. congrats , maybe some tighter dispersion with a stiff ;)
  2. i havent hit a driver my last 3 rounds and they are a 71 , 69 , and 73 , no need for a driver guys aslong as ur comfortable with hitting greens from 190 -200 no need for driver at all
  3. perfect and pure are difrent , the pure shots there talking about are going over the green .. a perfect shots in the hole , my pure shots tend to be very close to perfect (with in 5 feet) and well if it goes over the green is it really pure ? , maybe there was wind ? idk all im saying is pure shots should go tight
  4. i have like at least 5 a round , but it normally only goes and extra 5 yards , but i strike the ball pretty solid , the wear mark on the face of my mizuno 7 iron is not bigger than a nickel , all be it is just starting
  5. i think it all matters for handicap a 12-20 handicaper will probably improve more by hitting more gir , but when you get down to the 5-0 short game is huge , and i know for me all year i can just add 39 on to the amount of putts i take and thats my score or with in 1 stroke everytime ! , so when i have 28 putts thats a 67 , but when i shit the bed with 33 thats a 72. im a little better than scratch +0.9 and i hit 12 / 18 gir or 66% and my scrambling avg for the year is 55% so i make ether 2 or 3 bogies a round , if i could get my scrambling up to 65% and only make 2 bogies around i could pro
  6. driver - 25 last 5 out of 8 were out of bounds in tournaments :) fwy woods- +4 270 in the fairway hybrids- scratch 230 hit green 60 percent probably full wedge - 1 or 2 i make a birdie about 50 % of time chipping scratch my up down is 63 % for the year putting- scratch , i avg 30.1 putts for the year
  7. i got down to scratch with 8 hours a day of golf 2 of them short game , for the last 2 summers and i play 5 times a week during school when its warm enough , and before it comes up i do have a job , but i am gonna stop responding before i get flamed at hard
  8. there is so many of us out here that were not even really considered good aha , in the tournament world thats okay at my age , is u watch the usa junior am , jordan speith and the like are plus 3-4 and there 16 , some kid came second last year was a +2 and 14 , anthony palucci i believe (sp) , so long story short yes and i am no where near my goal
  9. honestly guys my bad , its just my opinion and i know u really dont care what some 15 year old says on the internet , so sorry
  10. no there is what i consider medicore 6 -10 and f'ning amazing is the guys that have a strong enough mental game to be tour pro's wether thats nationwide pga or asian tour , anywhere that is your job and your income thats f'ing amazing and again this is all my opinion, and its based of attempting to be a tournament golfer , and update is made
  11. its all relative, but if u play 2 times a week or more and are still above a 5 handicap , and dont have psychical limitations , your not a very good golfer and mostly likely need some time on the practice green, as a scratch handicap, i get my ass handed to me all the time and thats just by a university player , real golf a +2-6 is good
  12. not a thread jack just a question ? if i walk on as a single and play with my ipod in when there is 2 guys in a cart with me and i am walking and i still follow normal edict that is fine , agreed ?
  13. paper tiger - scratch is shit, and u better believe it , in the world of tournament golf scratch sucks they simply cant play, but if your just playing golf for fun anything under 5 is good
  14. maybe on tiger woods 09 i am not a very good golfer , i am just saying shooting a 82 with a range ball doesnt prove its better than a prov1 , maybe he wouldve shot a 79 with the prov , know what i am saying ?
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