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  1. If you have a good repeatable swing blades really aren't any more difficult to hit. A couple of thoughts to add to what has already been said. Blades will make you a better player. If you practice and play with blades the feedback is so strong that you will instinctively know when you have hit a good shot without even watching the ball. Smaller head and smaller sweet-spot woll teach you/force you to hit the center of the clubface. I have been playing Titleist 690mb blades for a few years now. This fall I bought a set of Titleist 755 cavity backs to keep at our winter home in Florida.
  2. To me a push and a slice are two completely different things. When I'm having a bad day I hit pushes. The ball flight is strait but I am off line to the right. My fault is coming too far from the inside with the clubface square to the path of the club. I always thought that was what people call blocking. With a slice the clubface is open in relation to the path.
  3. Do you really think I care if you or junkie take me seriously? __________________________________________________________________________ Working extra hard to live up to all my negative reputation points. .
  4. I suggest you move to Poland.
  5. Updating your drivers will definately help your game. As for Irons I don't think there is much really new out there. My father-in-law has a set of Sam Sneads from about 1970 and its amazing how much they look like modern irons. The shafts are just a little shorter. With Irons just get fitted to a set and then stick with them.
  6. Warm up a sleeve of your normal balls under hot water for 5 minutes before your round. Keep them in your pocket instead of your bag. You won't notice much difference at all.
  7. The irons and putter are worth a decent amount of money while the driver and woods don't have mych value.
  8. Right just the criminals and the political elites. Wow, now there is a bit of naiveté. Please tell me why I as a law abiding citizen in a free country should not be allowed to own the guns I have. I think drugs are illegal but it sure seems to me that an aweful lot of people have to problem getting or using them. Please explain how guns would be any different.
  9. Oh great wizard of smart, The first statement is what I believe went down. "It tells me that there was a negotioation and the Obama camp wasn't willing to pony up enough cash. They are just laying low while they all get their stories strait." Now try to stay with me on this one.....it may be hard for someone of your level of brilliance.....The second is a retorical questionasking you if those things wouldn't arrouse a little suspicion in YOU. That's why there is this little thing we call a question mark at the end of the sentance. NGFY.
  10. In the context of this thread I think everyone here knows exactly what the original poster ment by the word "Player". Sorry to those of you who get your panties in a bunch over the term.
  11. Show me where I have flip flopped oh great wizard of smart.
  12. Sales, Marketing and wine-ing & dining clients is just part of my job. Did I mention the company also pays for my golf membership at 2 different clubs, one private and one semi-private. That is actually why I took up the game to begin with......I wanted to be able to take advantage of the corporate golf oportunities the company had available. I started going to the driving range and from there I just got addicted.
  13. Technically 695cb's are a discontinued model so I think you are OK. I think there is an exemtion for used clubs and recently discontinued clubs.
  14. I vote surfing. I was an avid surfer for 26 years before becoming a golf addict. Surfing is you against the Ocean. Ultimately you are on your own out there, especially when the waves are big. If you skrew up surfing you can get seriously hurt or worse. Me, alone in February. Water Temp 38* Air Temp28* And in warmer weather.
  15. Great post. I think its funny how some seem to want everyone to be called a "player" so long as there intentions are good. Where does this feel good bullcrap come from. Is it our education system? Is it all this political correctness? Hey all you 20+ handicappers out there.....go ahead and call yourselves "Players" if it makes you feel good about yourself. Just don't get upset if I laugh at you.
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