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  1. As stated earlier in the thread, following the advice in the first post has vastly improved my distance control. Thanks again. I have a question, though: For short putts (say 5 feet or less) should I also use a pendulum-like swing at the same tempo (around 80 BPM) as usual, or should I treat these putts as a special case? Following what has been advocated with regards to capture speed, I use a pace that would go around 9 inches past the hole, but I find that I can do this easily with all sorts of strokes. However, my short putting is very unreliable. Should I stick with a pendulum at the
  2. Having gone to a different instructor, I am confident I am now on the right track. How do I know? The instructor filmed my swing and basically stated that my priority was the same as the last piece of advice given by Erik: Turn more and earlier in order to not get my left elbow stuck behind me. As this instructor has the advantage of watching me move, he was able to show me how to do this and check I was doing it in the swing too. When I did, I soon found myself hitting a more solid shots and a draw. I will embed this and then post some videos of the result.
  3. Thanks Erik. Any thoughts on how to move a swing path away from an out-to-in path (with clubs other than the driver as I see this is a in the link you posted)?
  4. I'll consider that. For anyone interested, I do have a swing thread on that part of the forum. It details my most recent lesson (not a hugely productive experience, I'm afraid) and shows videos of me swinging a 7 iron. Any comments / suggestions appreciated.
  5. Indeed. I have to admit that I found the lesson to be pretty unhelpful, though the measurements of swing speed and path were informative. The instructor got me to set up aligned considerably to the right of my target then got me to "work my hands harder through impact" to get a draw. He then said, "Don't do this on the course, just when practising. Align with the target when on the course." As far as I can tell he wants me to practise a pull-draw on the driving range, and then on the course... well, I 'm not sure what to do on the course. Do I mimic the same feel and hit a pull draw way to the
  6. I had a lesson today where I discussed my slow swing speed with the instructor (70mph 7 iron; 80mph driver). He intimated that swing speed wasn't something that could really be worked on and suggested equipment as an alternative route to the same goal. (However, the thought of dropping £300 on new, fitted irons instead of on green fees is not a pleasant prospect.) We also found on Trackman that my swing path was consistently 5° out to in. I experimented with hitting a draw instead, which added ~15 yards of carry to my 7 iron. Thoughts?
  7. My recommendation? Start a swing thread and read what people post. If Iacas or Mvmac post anything, read it five times then write it down. My two cents on your present swing? Your shoulder turn seems seems very limited.
  8. Thanks to everyone who's posted. The responses inspired me to do the following: 1. Start exercising and trying (again) to add some weight. 2. Get a lesson - Had one today and it turns out that my swing path is around 5° in to out. While my little fade is pretty accurate, with a draw I was able to carry 15-20 yards more with a 7 iron (according to Trackman averages). The instructor suggested that swing speed wasn't something that could/should be worked on and discussed equipment as a route to the same goal. Still 68-72mph of club-head speed with a 7 iron seem awfully slow, so I'm stil
  9. The whites are the back tees. The course only has ladies' (5950 yds), men's (6600) and white (7000). It's a British parkland course (Thorpe Wood in Peterborough) so not high altitude by any means.
  10. Thanks for the replies. It's really eye-opening and refreshing to hear other people's views on this. I am somewhat surprised to see lessons suggested. I had come to believe that swing speed was a 'you've got it or you haven't' sort of thing. Has anyone had any experience of increasing swing speed through good instruction? Unfortunately, my local course is 6600 yards off the FRONT men's tees (and 7000 off the whites if I ever wanted to enter a competition).
  11. I'm a fairly small 32 year old guy: 5'9 and 130lbs and pretty weak in the upper body. I've played golf for a couple of years and really enjoyed improving. I average 85ish. Anyway, my 7 iron distance is roughly 135 yards and driver is 200, at best (total distance, not carry). I'm starting to feel that without a faster swing, further improvement will be incredibly difficult. Here's my question: If you woke up tomorrow and found that you were stuck with 200 yard drives, forgetting about the sense of embarrassment on the course, would you continue to play? (I love the game, but my lack o
  12. Thanks. Fair enough. I'm pretty new to golf so my short game is primitive. I play most of my short game shots with a high bounce 50. I play a slightly more 'chippy' pitch whenever I can as I tend to be more accurate with it and go for higher trajectory pitches just to clear obstacles or when a sudden stop is required. I guess with time I'll develop a feel for when I should mix it up.
  13. @Iacas. You've mentioned before that there is a spectrum of shots between a short pitch and something closer to a chip (still using bounce, but firmer wrists, more shaft lean). What situations necessitate such variation? Naturally, a shot that is more 'pitchy' allows for a higher trajectory, but are there other considerations about when to use different shots, or is it totally personal?
  14. Personally, I learned a basic swing with just a 7 iron. If I was in your situation, I'd spend £50-£60 on a set of decent quality (but unfashionable) irons Wilson di9 / di11s. Add a cheap putter and you're away. If you decide that golf isn't for you, you can resell them on eBay for the same price.
  15. After accelerating through putts for so long, at first I was leaving a lot of putts short while following the advice in this thread. After a little perseverance, however, putting from distance has gone from being a constant cause of frustration to a notable strength in my game. Thanks to the OP.
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