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  1. FLOG4

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    Tiger is still the #1 draw...period Phil is the #2 draw.....A winner take all match...HaHa....Both have already received well over $10 Mil of publicity. This is a no brainer. It is excellent staging by both of them. I see this as the recreation of Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. Have it kick off with the two biggest draws...Very good business plan. IMHO
  2. A tad late. I have done a buddie trip to area for 25 years. Fave is Twisted Dunes, Atlantic City CC is great but pricey. Shoregate is fabulous. Stone Harbor is private but if ya call they may say OK.
  3. FLOG4

    "A Course Called Scotland" by Tom Coyne

    I couldn't put it down. Good stuff both for writing as well as travel info. His Ireland was great also for same reasons.
  4. There is a new book out by Tom Coyne....He had authored a Course called Ireland a few years ago. His book on Scotland is fabulous and gently describes many of the courses. He played 117 rounds in 56 days. I highly recommend anyone with thoughts of going to Scotland reading this....and for those who have gone, It is a must.
  5. I just played Westchester CC. I had played it 15 years ago. They removed 1000 trees. The course was fabulous. Played with a 40 year member. He said the site lines are an improvement he didn't think possible. I have had chance to play a few other top spots too the past month. Tree removal is critical for the Classic courses. Air flow, Sun, site lines, grass growth, original playing conditions. It's just part of the care to keep the course more original...That and inputting further back tees. I am reminded of the story about the kid and his Grandfather playing....and the pop says to the kid...ya know when I was your age I blew my drive right over that tree and got home in 2 on this par 5...The kid knocked it into the tree...Pop says ya know when I was your age that tree was 10 feet tall.....Ha
  6. FLOG4

    Old used putters...

    I have 9 putters. Use an Axis 1 now which has incredible balance. Have an original Scottie Futura which has made visits back to my bag but gets replaced. Two response 86 masters Nicklaus putters. One without a grip I found at flea market. Two ping ansers one about brand new Have had a Heavy, came/went. A clear plastic putter called clearview, came went. Have an old wilson Jim Ferrier and an old New Mills the Ray model. And an old Ray Cook Zebra mallet. I pull 4 putters out about every 6 months and have a putt off for which will go in bag...Ha
  7. FLOG4

    Going to The Masters?

    So I have done some digging and find this Berckmans Place listing....Not only can you go to the Masters but they have a special place for you with unlimited food and beverage...And a Monday only pass can be had for $3750......Yikes.
  8. FLOG4

    Going to The Masters?

    The Masters is much like playing the Old at St Andrews....There is a system in place which allows for you to participate at an equitable price. A lottery well before hand. I know the systems well. My simple question was....Has anyone just gone last minute? How did that work out? The one time I did go was when they still had the corporate sponsors and I went with Travelers. They had a corporate building on the first hole in the woods on the right. Painted green as to blend in. Got to have dinner with Hal Sutton who was sponsored by them. They stayed in outskirts of Columbia and took a bus in. They had about 60 guests attend. Except the big executives who had a house down town and that's where we had dinner with Hal and Co. So on one hand you can attend this event at a fair price. On the other hand the market price for attending is vast multiples of the face value.
  9. FLOG4

    Going to The Masters?

    I put in for the lottery every year. Still waiting on a lucky draw. I have attended many upscale events where many corporate invitees back out at last minute....and many tickets are just hanging. Two Ryder Cups and US Opens. @iacas I appreciate the link to the sponsor who notes his rates are 10% below others. I just think if you just show up.....A deal may be had. That's my opinion.
  10. I did have the pleasure of going once...In 2001. Have a hankering to get back. Badges are so expensive. Has anyone ever gone and gotten a ticket once you were there? How did that work out?
  11. Fabulous post....Very difficult to separate by hole....Good fortune to play about 900 courses.....all over. Best starter is Machrihanish. I'd throw in a hole or two from Merion. A hole or two from Pine Valley . Kingsbarns St Andrews Old Old Head 12, Yale 9, Prestwick Alps, Cabot Cliffs, Royal Porthcawl, National, North Berwick, Tralee, Pebble, Old Mac, Pacific, Bandon, Black Diamond, World Woods, Kiawah Ocean, Kauri Cliffs, Cape Kidnappers, Cabot Links, Fishers Island, Streamsong, Bethpage Black, Tobacco Road, Royal Dornoch, Turnberry, Trump Aberdeen, Cruden Bay, The Country Club, Muirfield, Carnoustie, Carne, Ballybunion, a couple at Royal County Down, a couple at Royal Portrush, Opener at Portstewart is quite good. Do I have 18 yet....Ha
  12. I travel to Scotland/Ireland/UK every year pretty much. The primary reason is they let me play anywhere just about. Can't do that here. But my experience has been that club groups from overseas do get consideration at many places here. Much of the conversation though is about timing and the schedules at the clubs while you are in area. I always start the dialogue with the Club Pro.
  13. I write often to clubs for the opportunity to come and rate their club. I rate for a golf magazine. My response rate is about 75%. If they respond typically something will be worked out. Going to the really top shelf places usually requires going in their shoulder season. Unless they are keen on having a great rating. It is the lesser known private places which typically create resistance. I go to websites and try to find contact person but rely heavily on a book called.....The American Private Golf Club Guide. It lists 1000 US courses with the key contact info and review of course. I recently returned from Scotland having played 11 rounds and had 7 comped, including Kingsbarns, Cruden Bay, Prestwick, North Berwick and the three Trump courses. I am currently looking at a trip to your neck of woods with desired outcome to play all the great courses and also visiting Tasmania for the 3 there. My standard line I use in these situations is Act like you own it.....Until someone tells you otherwise...And few will do that. Being from Aussie my guess is most every club in US will welcome you. Set up a group from your club and create a trip. Just do it well in advance. I hear often about clubs who like foreign clubs to visit and have a day of competition.
  14. FLOG4

    150th British Open at St. Andrews, 2021

    Rented a house with 8 buds this past summer in St Andrews. You can actually make St Andrews somewhat affordable this way. They have multi round passes and the town is just special.
  15. I got to play there once. And with the club champ as my host. Great day but I had a horrible caddie. He miss clubbed me numerous times. And when I was there GPS didn't exist and the caddies were the only ones with books and yardages. The sprinklers were marked 1 thru however many sprinklers were on that hole. My caddie actually got punched by my hosts caddie after he miss clubbed me by 3 clubs on a downhill par 3.....I hit 6 iron over green into top of tree......it did bounce off and go on green though...Ha......Here's how you play there if you read this....Drive up to end of corner before you cross the RR tracks to the course... Park your car on the left and act like you are broken down....First person who stops and says are you OK....Say no I want to play....My guess is they will host you....Look the part though.

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