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  1. Bowling. Yes. It is all about the numbers. You need numbers to create handicaps. Yes this is a golf forum...Anybody know what a ribbed grip is? Any advise on an aggressive ribbed grip?
  2. Horse racing is horses and varies weights a few pounds...But it is horses...Karate/Wrestling/Judo there are weight classes and even belts but there is no handicapping in tournaments. Yea you compete against same size...Yea cuz a 200 pounder would slaughter a 100 pounder...But within the competitive class there is no handicap. Table Tennis, I played tournament level...Yea they give you a rating and you compete at your level...Chess has similar rating system but again at tournament level no handicap. . bowling for league play which I have done has a great handicap system...but at tournament play
  3. So back to the original premise...Name one sport....just one....that has a handicap system for competitive play....Other than Golf. Darts, Horse Shoes, Billiards, Tennis, Boxing, Fencing, Running, Wrestling, Badminton, Table Tennis, Pickle Ball, Curling, Archery, Shooting, Swimming, Bocce Ball, Cycling, Diving, Skating, Hand Ball, Gymnastics, jai Alai, Water Skiing, Skiing, Kayaking, Karate, Judo, Raquet Ball, Foosball, Shuffleboard, Skateboarding, Rodeo, Squash, Luge, Rowing, Trampolining......So why is it that Golf has a handicap system which allows bad players to think they can compete wit
  4. My post ended with Ha...Go figure...So played a member guest and my partner and I are about same caps...So we live in no mans land..Can't really win gross best ball....and net...forgetaboutit….So we both played well and hammed and egged well...We posted a 70 better ball. And a 63 net...Sitting at table afterwards and guy at table bitching about how bad he played...Yada Yada Yada....He shot 83....So they make announcements of scores/winners...Our 70 was good for 4th place gross....63 not in the payout slots net....They announce the winning net team and the bitcher and partner stand up....He co
  5. When you play real golf....you play, you post your score...end of story. When you play make believe golf. You play you post your score figure out your net based on handicap. And tell your story about how you won the net division....A real golfer has no interest in competing in net anything. Ya gotta love golf where really bad players pat themselves on the back and pronounce their winning. You see Monday to Friday I shoot 90...But come Saturday miraculously I shoot 80......Hey I won the tennis championship at my club as my opponent only got one serve and had to cover the doubles line said no te
  6. If you want a venture in futility go to congu.com and read how a handicap is calculated outside of the US....It is mind numbing. A worldwide handicap system will be a godsend for players outside the US.
  7. JOIN and Become a Part of Something Special! PGA Golf Club is home to three highly-decorated courses designed by legends Tom Fazio & Pete Dye. All 3 Courses ranked in Golfweek's 2019 "Best State-by State Courses You Can Play" The Dye remained steady at 22nd, while the Wanamaker ranked 24th, and the Ryder 45th, making PGA Golf Club one of only a few properties with three layouts on the respected list. Visit with us and find out why there's never been a better time to JOIN! Experience Membership at PGA Golf Club Premier Seasonal Membership (6 months). Limited
  8. I lived at PGA Village for 8 years. They have a myriad of membership types. It's a half hour from area noted. The Fox Club is actively seeking members in Palm City. Go play it see if it fits. There are many decent public courses in the general area. A great deal for the summer is the SFPGA membership. Most of the private courses members exit the area and they allow play for nominal fees.
  9. Money well spent....If ya put $50 on Fleetwood to win a major in his lifetime.....You'd lose.
  10. I spit quite often. I have always had a situation with fluid build up/congestion. I can deal with it often but if I have any minor cold or similar the amount saliva I create is massive. So outside I spit a lot. When I golf/bike/hike I spit often. When golfing I typically spit away from sight and in non primary areas. If that's offensive, I don't care. It's not done to be offensive, it's done to remove excessive saliva build up. Maybe DJ has a similar situation.
  11. They are branded xxio….no name shown. I'd say for yours...Mr Ben Dover
  12. I have always been a fan of ribbed grips. With many of the new adjustable clubs much of the grip selections are round. A friend got a new hybrid XXIO and I took a swing with it. It had an aggressive ribbed grip on it which I loved. I have viewed the XXIO website but there is no info re the grips they use. Does anyone have knowledge of a grip mgr which sells very ribbed grips. I love how it sits in my hands. Thank You.
  13. Golfers Journal is fabulous. I subscribed as I was made aware by Golf Odyssey....I get way too many mags as it is but Golfers Journal is unique. I have gotten all issues. The photography is special. The content comes from a unique perspective. When I get my Golf/Golf Digest.....they are read and tossed same day. I tear out any special travel info. Golfers Journal and Links Mag I have got and will not toss an issue.
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