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  1. I'm surprised nobody advised Harmon has won one PGA Tour event....Some event which was played same week as British Open way back when... The basic question of know how vs execution is applicable to every endeavor. All sports...The best managers of baseball, basketball, football, hockey....etal .....and many business jobs. The best salesman usually is not a good manager. The manager of salesmen was probably not a good salesman. The concept is relatively true that one skill does not necessarily transition to the other. There are something like 10,000 scratch golfers in the US. Only 200 or so are playing on tour. The difference between being tour quality and a very good golfer[scratch] is actually much more than most realize. The pinnacle of the pyramid is ridiculously difficult to achieve....even if you are really good.
  2. The Sheep Ranch's new coat The mysterious - and final - chapter at Bandon Dunes nears completion.
  3. I think Tiger got messed up by being over taught vs playing like he knew he could. There are many examples of players who had swings which were not that great....But they repeated them perfectly...Trevino, Miller Barber, Billy Casper
  4. Agreed....Execution vs Knowledge of how best to are two different skill sets. I created this topic in response to the topic best handicap to appreciate golf course architecture....Knowledge of the How To's doesn't correlate to being a great golfer. Which is true in all sports. Sparky is a great example...as is Wooden.
  5. If knowledge of how to best play the game of golf was true to perfected play.....Then why has Foley, Harmon, Leadbetter combined for zero PGA tour wins?
  6. The best group to look at to answer the question posed are the actual persons that do the work. It is then best to look at those who are the best in their field to answer the question. If we take the architects of note today and review their playing abilities....That is the single best answer to the question. You can expand it to all architects historically. The answer is the same. Those that design the best courses are not per se expert golfers. They have a passion for the game. They know what works in course design. That view holds true to all sports. Those that were the best managers were not the best players. My guess is that most of the best architects were single digit handicaps.
  7. I also used the comparison to professional managers. The best managers were not the best players. My opinion is the same holds true in golf architects/designers. The knowledge of how to do supersedes the ability to execute.
  8. I would be of the opinion that playing ability....ie Handicap....has little to do with appreciation of GCA. It is relatively common for big name players to move into designing golf courses. But who are the current day designers which get the most accolades? Gil Hanse, Tom Doak, Coore/Crenshaw, David McKay Kidd....Tom Fazio, Pete Dye. Other than Crenshaw....The rest of them are not scratch type golfers. They understand the history of certain hole types....They work with the land and input their vision. But the vision is based on the desired outcome by the owner. Who is the customer that shall play the course? Look at baseball or any professional sport...Were the best managers the best players....It's a different skill set. As is design and appreciation vs playing ability.
  9. I have been having issues with my driver. Watched the women play and saw one gal choke her driver like 3 inches....So went to the range and choked it up an inch or so. My driver is 45"....Anyway, It feels so much lighter choked up and my contact is much more solid. Confidence is back too.
  10. Florida is quite big....My first rec would be go to Streamsong. Three courses....Red, Blue Black. Doak, Coore Crenshaw and Hanse...All 3 are rated very high. You will feel like you are in Ireland. Courses are big/open and playable. Depending on when you go they are sometimes walking only. Not cheap but worth the $ spent. THese courses are about 90 minutes from Orlando and 60 minutes from Tampa.
  11. Was traveling thru weekend..So excuse delay. The day we played Dooks was 9/1/2000. It was the most insane weather I have ever played...And I have played in some doozies. And yea we were prepaid but when you go to play so far away....And the course is open...and others are out there playing...Well, My waist line can't handle all day at the pub...Ha
  12. Back when I played IGC at 8325 it played to par 77. The yardage is the same today but is par 72. I played there quite a bit. Bought a charity deal two years ago...I was only bidder. $1000 for round on each course and overnight with dinner...for 4some. The Oaks course is public and is actually a better course. None of the Tigers were behind roads. On the 9th hole I use to ask guys I was with...Where is the Tiger tee?...It was up on the hill near 8 tee.You had to hit over the tree line...Well 30 years ago...No big deal. But it got to point where you had to elevate your tee ball quick... Tower Ridge....Yes, Big side hill left to right.....But as hat course has struggled for some time, they don't cut that hill.So a lie over there can be ridiculously hard shot....if you find it.
  13. Use to play a "This course is too long" tournament at the Monster....Pro would set the pins on back of greens...and they are big greens....By the way. Monster is opening this summer with 9 holes and 18 by next spring.
  14. No Have never been to South Africa....A bud actually sent this to me a few days ago. Thought I'd share.
  15. longest+par+3+south+africa - Bing video
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