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  1. Give a try to swinging the longer choked up an inch or so. You might be positively surprised. I was.
  2. I have thought of a shorter driver which this is. I looked at the original one....I played the original Pittsburgh Persimmon for maybe 7 years 1980 to 87....I had a 7 degree and I knocked the snot out of it. The new one is like 43 1/2 inches. It is pretty pure though in its face angle. It's not offset or similar. It's a shorter club with a smaller head which swings faster than these monster heads. After thought to go this way....I watched a bunch of the ladies play.....and many of them choke their driver up. So I tried that and became much more comfortable over that club. It feels so much lighter. I would suggest try that before going to a shorter club. It's kinda best of both...Big Head and swings a little faster and with more control.
  3. PGA stats published show rounds played up. Participation up. Are some clubs struggling, yes and they will continue to. I have not seen Turnberry or Doonbeg financials...But a review of his buy prices vs the prior investments by the previous owners suggest your points are off. I have worked in golf industry for 10 years and have attended PGA Show every year. Up to this year the mood has typically been tepid at best. It is upbeat now. There is no data that can convince you otherwise as you just hate the man. And I am at the exact opposite end. I have played 11 of his courses and 6 of them before and after his ownership. Every time it got better. Doonbeg, Turnberry, Hudson Valley, Philly, The two in NJ....all better than previous ownership and the 4 private in US are at capacity of membership.
  4. That is your prerogative. You are missing out on a lot of great golf courses.
  5. Your point of view is sadly out of touch with reality. Trump almost always buys distressed property where the owner prior dumped buckets of money in. He buys at 20cents on dollar and the properties make money. Turnberry and Doonbeg are good examples on that. He brought Ferry Point along after decades of poor management and now it is doing well. Those records are public as it is a muni. But he just manages it. His build out in Scotland was his only true from scratch build. My guess is it doesn't make money....Many people jump into golf courses based on passion for game and the course vs profit motive. Golf industry is doing well. Play is up. Courses opening more than closing...Those are facts...
  6. So the Donald pays 50k for an employees wedding.....What employer does that...None I have known. And you are no fan. He used other peoples money in AC. He uses his money for golf courses because he knows that business....Shady NJ and gambling.....Notsomuch. His golf courses are first class every possible way.
  7. Have played Old 6 times, only once with advance tee time. Ballot 3 times and twice walk up day of....early. Have had groups of 8 and 12 with me and we have all played every time....but not with advance times. Ballot is ok...walk up is easy if you are highly motivated...as in 4am motivated if in mid summer. It really is all about the dates. St Andrews is a bear in August/September. Best path is slightly off schedule to mid summer.
  8. I have done 6 trips with sons. One trip was just Son and I. I understand the economics quite well. Yes, You will surpass time allotment for a driver with the trip noted. Engaging with tour operators with St And Old included is just for those who don't ever ask how much. Having booked etched in stone Muirfield and RT....Coordinating the Old will be cumbersome at best. Meantime you have 500 plus miles to cover to go elsewhere which will require specific times/days...Fitting in the Old without advance times because that escalates price very much.....Good Luck. Scotland is not user friendly...That's why I have gone to Ireland 12 times vs Scotland 7....Wales once, England once.
  9. No Berwick one of my all time faves...Very worth playing again. The rotation you note is an insane amount of travel. You are in essence covering 4 areas noted as stand alone areas....Trump Aberdeen is spectacular....It's like this trip is a drive by trip. 2 stops each spot. To each his own. That's a lot of movement for one trip. I would suggest two areas of either the two North or the two South. You'll drive right by Carnoustie too. Blow out Gullane play NB....Yea ya gotta play two in St Andrews....RA is fab, CB is one of my faves and Trump is better than either in the area...It is that good. You roll up and wow RD and you blow right by Castle Stuart and Nairn but go up further to Brora...And then it is a long journey to RT and Turnberry….All great courses you are playing. Just to play them all on one trip is quite aggressive either as hiring a bus or driving it.....If you are helicoptering or similar, well....I want to be in your group...Ha
  10. Have only played PV once....and I had a horrible caddy. Have been to British Isles 21 times and have played most everything worth going for. Muirfield afternoon Scottish play is insane. Those who know how to play alt shot can play ridiculously fast. I know the system well, I'm the trip coordinator....With Muirfield and Royal Troon...You have to play No Berwick. Sounds good. Enjoy. Royal New Kent reopened and is definitely a top 10..... but top 5 on my list.
  11. I think Rum Pointe should be in top 10. By the way. Have you played PV? I made double on your hole shown...With Davis plaque....
  12. Predominantly, The average golfer relates more to an LPGA player. After watching a fair amount of the women play a few months ago.....and seeing more than a few of them choking up on their driver....I figured why not. Wow, My contact is better. The club feels light, as if I could swing it 125mph...Ha, Maybe I'm hitting 95mph now...Anyway, My driving has improved
  13. Trump Doonbeg is the best place to stay in that area. Since he bought the course and imploded a few of Norman's mistakes, the course is much better now. Lahinch is a better course. But the draw to Trump Doonbeg is staying there, and upon staying there ya might as well play the course. And if anyone wants to pay me to play anywhere....I'm game. A great itinerary is just north of this area. With Connemara, Carne, Enniscrone, Sligo at the south end. Work up to Donegal and Narin Portnoo. That's maybe the best bang for buck trip you can do in Ireland. Stay at Mt Falcon a few nights. Yea, That's a nice trip. Have done that twice. Tapping into Lahinch and Trump Doonbeg at beginning or end works well too.
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