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  1. An old co worker was member at Innis Arden....Not sure what fees are though.
  2. FLOG4

    Streamsong, have you been?

    I have been to Streamsong 3 times. Once as a 3 day stay play. Whether you walk or ride you will walk a lot. They have inane places to park carts. So best to walk. Also if you ride you must take forecaddies. The resort is very nice. They have 2 bedroom units which are best deal if have a group. The golf is as good as advertised. Taking alcohol and hanging in room or outdoor in a myriad of various places should be fine. The restaurants are very good. Overall, you get great value for your $ spent. It's not cheap, but no place with great golf is....But Steamsong is one of best values.
  3. FLOG4

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Yup, Wayne Carini......My son is his behind the scenes sales mgr Agree, all the cars I have had were not electronic. The Ferrari's were between 1969 and 1977...The 190sl I had was a 1960....I've had a few Porsches too. Meant to keep one of the 911's but after one ride by my wife....which I went quite slow....she said she'd never ride in it again...Ha
  4. FLOG4

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    I have had a few nice cars.... Ferrari 308 GTB, Ferrari 365 2+2, Mercedes 190 SL......My son is sales mgr at F40....The place Chasing Classic Cars is filmed....He hooks me up. I get in have a year or so get out with more $. But best is showing up and taking test drives....New comp no pics added yet...
  5. Economic pressure on many clubs has dictated they don't spend on redoing score cards if the raters have made changes to their rating. That which is in the GHIN database is correct. The only time I input manually is when I play a course not in the database. Like international courses.
  6. FLOG4

    Finding a home course

    I have lived at numerous places. I have been a member at private clubs...But that was mostly so my kids had great access to play this maddening game. Many areas have these discount clubs which make great access to many. New England has the Golfing Magazine...We had about 20 guys who would play every week as we wandered around playing varios places...Many private clubs. When I was in FL there is the SFPGA card which allows access to many great privates in the summer as all their members are elsewhere...Now in VA there is the VSGA and it allows discounted play at a myriad of places...Way back when I use to be a Golf Card member. It was one of the first to create play at many for a discount.
  7. FLOG4

    Finding a home course

    My simple review to this question is....It's all about the people you play with. Joining a club is like pledging a frat. Where do your buds play? It's not always easy breaking into the gunk that exists at clubs. It's more social than the golf....Otherwise just play at all the various places.
  8. FLOG4

    Scotland - Summer 2019

    I will repeat Dave's advise and get Allan Fergusons book. I have been to Scotland 7 times and have always been the trip planner. With groups up to 12. I have helped buds plan their trips also. Go to Visit Scotland and find an apartment big enough for the group. Last year I rented a place a par 4 from 1st tee Old. We had 8 bedroom place. Old starts taking advance apps on Aug 22nd this year. Until Sept not sure when. But sure the website spells it out. Depending where you fly from..Ya go to Glasgow or Edinburgh. You want a direct flight if possible. You try to get Old in advance but in June/July that will be a longshot. But go anyway. If you are truly motivated you will play. Last year we had 9 in mid August and we all played....but 2 got dumb lucky mid day...3 walked up at 4am...and 4 hit the ballot....Places to play...Gotta play Castle in St Andrews...Kingsbarns has a second round 1/2 price so set up two rounds there. They will work with you if you get lucky with ballot Old. The New is worthy of play...St Andrews has a multi play ticket and look into that. Two jaunts away...Ya gotta run down and play North Berwick...It is so special and accommodating too. It's like 75 minutes from St Andrews. Don't stay overnight though. So maybe best 1st day or last especially if have early flight out and you may wish to stay near airport last night. Rentals in UK are different. They go Fri to Fri. Plan on that. The last get away you need to double up on a room elsewhere...but it is so worth it. Run up play Carnoustie...Check their website they sell teetimes on line and they sell out fast..After playing Carnoustie continue up to Aberdeen and stay at Cruden Bay B&B...use to be Red Door B&B...I think....But play Cruden then Royal Aberdeen and head back to St Andrews..If above isn't enough golf there are a few great lesser known places near St Andrews...Leven, Lundin and Elie...Also the fairmont has two courses which are very nice but best is they have carts so maybe you sneak that in midweek to give legs a break...Good Luck.
  9. FLOG4

    Phil Mickelson Dance

    I believe Phil's response will be...Would you do a 30 second dance for a $5,000,000 piece in a company......
  10. FLOG4

    Dublin and St Andrews

    St Andrews is fantastic. With Kingsbarns second round at 1/2...Shoulda done that. So many great places near by too. The Old is why you dream of going to St Andrews....last year our group of 9 had no tee time in advance. But we all played. Mid August. The walk on to guarantee play required 3 guys to arrive at 4am. And they weren't in first 10 there.. 4 hit ballot. And 2 walked up mid day and were lucky. The Island my fave in Dublin area. From all I have heard from several travel buds...It has been a great summer to be there.
  11. FLOG4

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Tiger is still the #1 draw...period Phil is the #2 draw.....A winner take all match...HaHa....Both have already received well over $10 Mil of publicity. This is a no brainer. It is excellent staging by both of them. I see this as the recreation of Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. Have it kick off with the two biggest draws...Very good business plan. IMHO
  12. A tad late. I have done a buddie trip to area for 25 years. Fave is Twisted Dunes, Atlantic City CC is great but pricey. Shoregate is fabulous. Stone Harbor is private but if ya call they may say OK.
  13. FLOG4

    "A Course Called Scotland" by Tom Coyne

    I couldn't put it down. Good stuff both for writing as well as travel info. His Ireland was great also for same reasons.
  14. There is a new book out by Tom Coyne....He had authored a Course called Ireland a few years ago. His book on Scotland is fabulous and gently describes many of the courses. He played 117 rounds in 56 days. I highly recommend anyone with thoughts of going to Scotland reading this....and for those who have gone, It is a must.
  15. I just played Westchester CC. I had played it 15 years ago. They removed 1000 trees. The course was fabulous. Played with a 40 year member. He said the site lines are an improvement he didn't think possible. I have had chance to play a few other top spots too the past month. Tree removal is critical for the Classic courses. Air flow, Sun, site lines, grass growth, original playing conditions. It's just part of the care to keep the course more original...That and inputting further back tees. I am reminded of the story about the kid and his Grandfather playing....and the pop says to the kid...ya know when I was your age I blew my drive right over that tree and got home in 2 on this par 5...The kid knocked it into the tree...Pop says ya know when I was your age that tree was 10 feet tall.....Ha

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