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  1. FLOG4

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    I retired 10 years ago. Did snowbird CT/FL for 2 years. When I retired I was just 50. I did set up a couple side deals...but for most part was retired. When we started the 2 house thing seemed great. But the costs were more than we had anticipated so CT house had to go. Meantime our 4 kids all got married and GB's started coming....After 7 years we had 8 Gran Kids and the wife had to visit often...As they are in CT/PA/NJ/VA we decided to move near our only daughter in VA. So we are one of those half wayers...Setting up a main residence in FL is very financially astute. FL has the system down for their residents. They abuse visitors with fees and tolls and taxes. But residents get Homestead subsidies , No payroll tax. And from N to S you can choose an area which has weather that varies. I look at Orlando meridian as the cut off of 3 seasons to 2 seasons. My hope is to make way back to FL once the Gran kids are older.
  2. I have traveled quite a bit to play this game. Have been blessed. I am off to an area have never been in early May. SW England. The primary draw being to get to St Enodoc. I have a group of about 25 guys I normally reach out to and ask to come along when I set up trips....Only one guy had interest in joining. So the itinerary is Heathrow....drive to Burnham& Berrows. Then play Saunton East and West, Royal North Devon, Trevose, Perranporth and last St Enodoc….I traveled to Wales a few years ago and this area is around the bend from there...and as I am retired and so is my bud tagging along....I thought WTFN....so we shall play Pennard and Royal Porthcawl and then the cherry on top is we finish at Sunningdale with Old and New. 10 days 11 rounds rental van and hotels for under $2500...Air $600...For those who go to Ireland....Wales is way cheaper and the Welsh are the friendliest blokes you will ever meet.
  3. FLOG4

    Single Length Irons

    I voted legit.....the site says 51 have voted but only 20 votes show...and all gimmick....somethings askew
  4. FLOG4

    Replica Golf Courses

    It is pitched as a replica, but it isn't. Proper terminology is best as in "homage" But it is a very good course. There is a 2nd which is touted as replica of "Augusta" but it is far from close to it. A visit there is needed. I would suggest if you can grab a few to join....Go to Black Diamond, they have stay and play options. World Woods is 20 miles away and between the two places you get some fantastic play. World Woods went bankrupt a number years back...It had a rough patch. But it came back strong. I went there as the start to my season when I was in CT. I'd go like mid March with my one son. Once Pine Barrens was as high as about 60th best in US.
  5. FLOG4

    Replica Golf Courses

    Replica courses I have played Pine Barrens FL, Emerald Links NJ, Mt Airy Lodge PA, International Myrtle, They are all nice courses but stating they are replicas is more sales than reality. Of all Pine Barrens at World Woods is a great track. It isn't Pine Valley but then again what is? I had chance to play Pine Valley once....It is golf heaven. I have played Pine Barrens maybe 20 times....and it's not chopped liver.
  6. FLOG4

    Single Length Irons

    I had a set of Sounders SLI back in 1980. They were both swing weighted the same and statically weighted the same. I have no idea what the lofts were. I played quite well with them. I believe Seve was playing them and was promoting them back then. I had them stolen out of my car in NJ and made out on the claim and went with Pings. I hadn't thought much of those clubs till Bryson...Iron play has never been my strength so simplicity of swing was beneficial. I believe Sounder also had same length woods too....But back then the drivers were not nearly as long as today.
  7. I have not been visiting Sandtrap much lately. I just noticed this club. I collect scorecards and pencils and yardage books. Although yardage books are difficult to find anymore. I do also have a pretty big collection of logo balls and markers. If anyone has interest in trading, drop me a line. I would love to get a few scorecards that somehow got lost or I never picked up whilst playing. I tend to grab multiples of many things so I can trade almost all. I have around 1000 different scorecards, 700 pencils, and many other things.
  8. One of my faves that shut down was El Diablo....north of Tampa a bit. It was a very challenging course with like a 145 slope at 6800 yards. But a good story. A Mike Strantz gem that closed 2017 Royal New Kent...was bought and has been restored to as new conditions and is set to open in two months. I am set up to be there at the reopening.
  9. FLOG4

    Florida Golf Vacation

    If I were to say I'm going to Ireland to play golf...which is about the size of Florida....And I have been to Ireland a dozen times...You need to hone in on the area you are going. If TPC Sawgrass is your cornerstone to your trip....I would look to book there asap if you plan an April trip 2019. If that can be arranged I would play the two courses at World Golf HOF the Slammer and Squire and King and Bear. I'd visit Hammock Resort and play the two there too. And I'd play the Dye at TPC as well. Those would all fall in an area not too far apart. Another option if playing TPC Sawgrass is not achievable...and you fly into Orlando or Tampa...Run up to Black Diamond which is a private place but they do stay and plays....Just google Black Diamond Stay Play..There are 45 holes there with the Quarry course the jewel. Near by there is also World Woods which has two great courses. Pine Barrens which is a knock off of Pine Valley. And I have played Pine Valley and Pine Barrens is no Pine Valley but it is engaging and top rated and I have gone there often. April would be good time for either place. Last option would be go straight to Streamsong and play the three courses there. They are fabulous and flying into either Tampa or Orlando is not far. The Streamsong stay would be the highest rated group of courses of the 3 options. I lived in Florida the past 8 years. at PGA Club. All the options above are better. But as you have never been here going to Streamsong would be much like playing in Ireland. So the other options would be more American branded type golf. Good Luck
  10. An old co worker was member at Innis Arden....Not sure what fees are though.
  11. FLOG4

    Streamsong, have you been?

    I have been to Streamsong 3 times. Once as a 3 day stay play. Whether you walk or ride you will walk a lot. They have inane places to park carts. So best to walk. Also if you ride you must take forecaddies. The resort is very nice. They have 2 bedroom units which are best deal if have a group. The golf is as good as advertised. Taking alcohol and hanging in room or outdoor in a myriad of various places should be fine. The restaurants are very good. Overall, you get great value for your $ spent. It's not cheap, but no place with great golf is....But Steamsong is one of best values.
  12. FLOG4

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Yup, Wayne Carini......My son is his behind the scenes sales mgr Agree, all the cars I have had were not electronic. The Ferrari's were between 1969 and 1977...The 190sl I had was a 1960....I've had a few Porsches too. Meant to keep one of the 911's but after one ride by my wife....which I went quite slow....she said she'd never ride in it again...Ha
  13. FLOG4

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    I have had a few nice cars.... Ferrari 308 GTB, Ferrari 365 2+2, Mercedes 190 SL......My son is sales mgr at F40....The place Chasing Classic Cars is filmed....He hooks me up. I get in have a year or so get out with more $. But best is showing up and taking test drives....New comp no pics added yet...
  14. Economic pressure on many clubs has dictated they don't spend on redoing score cards if the raters have made changes to their rating. That which is in the GHIN database is correct. The only time I input manually is when I play a course not in the database. Like international courses.
  15. FLOG4

    Finding a home course

    I have lived at numerous places. I have been a member at private clubs...But that was mostly so my kids had great access to play this maddening game. Many areas have these discount clubs which make great access to many. New England has the Golfing Magazine...We had about 20 guys who would play every week as we wandered around playing varios places...Many private clubs. When I was in FL there is the SFPGA card which allows access to many great privates in the summer as all their members are elsewhere...Now in VA there is the VSGA and it allows discounted play at a myriad of places...Way back when I use to be a Golf Card member. It was one of the first to create play at many for a discount.

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