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  1. Jimmy Walker -11 Kevin Streelman -11 Martin Kaymer -11
  2. Loved the Platinum.... Like the PD Soft.... Ready for it....Thanks!
  3. Billy Horschel -10 D.A. Points -10 Marc Leishman -10
  4. My "Melon" is 7 1/2-7 5/8 I currently use UnderArmour XL in many colors. A place you might find some New Era College teams is Big Lots.. They get what the other stores usually have a tuff time selling....Which might benefit us "Thunderheads".
  5. Brian Gay -11 Scott Piercy -11 Scott Brown -11
  6. I did some major research on this "Push Cart" thing ............ and I found a pretty decent comparison...... http://www.deeprough.com/index.php/2...y-compact-600/ I went with the Bag Boy .... Due to the fact that I only paid $50.00 from a friend of a friend, who only used it for 4 rounds while his Sun Mountain was being repaired. Had I not been at the right place at the right time.... I would have still purchased this "new" for the full price. Not one complaint after 30+ rounds. So if you can still find one, give it a shot.... you'll be happy.
  7. snoofer

    Pet Peeves

    The person who blows their nose in a restaurant while still sitting at the table, booth, or anywhere within hearing distance. It can ruin my meal in an instant - no matter how great the food is, just the sound of SNOT shooting out and sounding like anything from a "TRUMPET" to a semi-clogged DRAIN, really ticks me off! I cannot understand why people do this while others are eating within a few feet of of them. I mean, I can handle a wipe or a small sniffle......but........ BLOW YOUR HORN IN THE RESTROOM! How would they feel if I were to shove a napkin down the back end of my pants, take a deep breath and fart.....squirt.....squeek......and eventually pass a THUNDEROUS chunk of TURD, all while they eat their meal, then place the napkin in my pocket ......like nothing happened?
  8. Any info on these balls.... Fell free to chime in. Attachment 1665
  9. I know its not a coin.... but this is what I use..
  10. I purchased a "Sunset" and have used it about 10 rounds and love it. It will take a little getting used to.... the insert has forgiveness on the outside edges {heel and toe} for off-center hits. This might explain better ..... at the 4:20 mark of the video. Do a search on youtube for ... MacGregor Golf InStore video
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