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  1. Is anyone familiar with the tour concept s300 shafts? they are the shafts in my 60's. geez i kinda got a whole new bag haha. Anyone else redoing it all for next year? Brian.[/QUOTE] the s300 shafts are stiff (the "s") low trajectory parallel iron shafts GOOD STANDARD SHAFT I switched from a wilson staff blade set to titliest 822 OS for better winter play (i need a better/bigger bounce for soft ground) ................................................................. In the bag> Bag-Ogio Driver-Cleveland XLS Hi-Bore 10.5 Stiff Fairway-Cleveland XLS Hi-Bore 13 Stiff 3W Irons-Cleveland XLS Hi-Bore 22 Stiff 3 Hybrid - Titliest 822 OS 4 thru P Wedges-Bridgestone J33 gap and 56 - Wilson trouble wedge 64 Putter-Odysey Rossie II Ball-Calloway Tour iX
  2. Yea I can relate.... got a brand new R7 Quad last year and cracked it in the same place after 3 rounds! Got it warrantied and then sold it and never played a Taylormade again. Went and got a Cleveland XLS Hi-bore and haven't looked back!