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  1. Number one is very hard and carries a high scoring average. But it is straight away, and the green is fairly approachable, although slight misses tend to run off into collection areas -- you can save par with chip shots a little easier than some other holes.. All of them are hard, except perhaps for the par fives, and number one is up there and would have been an honorable mention in my list after number five. Also, 11 12 4 are good choice IMHO.
  2. The pros's average scores on the holes at Augusta National are published and pretty well known, but this topic is about what holes would you rank as the hardest and scariest -- thinking about the challenge they would be to your game... Just about everyone has watched play on every hole at Augusta National so what are your opinions? My rankings and why they would scare me.: First place. The par three fourth hole -- 240 yards to a super difficult green, the left side of which invites three putts. Second place.. The par four eleventh hole -- 505 yards up hill then downhill, hard
  3. RC

    Golf Adages

    Don't take the price sticker off your putter so it still thinks it is a "try out" loaner and will make most of the putts. As soon as you remove the price sticker, it starts pulling and pushing those 3 footers..
  4. When one of your best friends is a member, and you invite them to play your club, they typically will extend the courtesy of asking you to play theirs. And you might even get to play there many times. I don't want this to be about the privilege of playing Augusta but rather about the absolute awe it is to play it and the pressure you feel to play well. After playing there many times, and even shooting under par once, I can still tell you that every shot you hit at Augusta is a humble and inspiring experience -- it is not about you, it is about the place. You feel like the luckiest man in t
  5. Our pro tossed me a demo pack of the NXT-S and said try them, you may like them. I did and I do. It is a good feeling ball. For me, the shots around the green are the most important and next is a good flight off the driver. The NXT-S plays quite well and is perhaps only slightly less reactive than the ProV1 and about the same as the ProV1x around the green, Iron shots are not overly spinny and they flight well. I will probably keep playing the ProVs, but in the cooler weather of winter and early spring, the NXT-S is a very good choice in my opinion. A senior tour pro told me he should p
  6. You just go up some unobtrusive stairs, there is a picture of Bobby Jones, and you go through the door and enter the nest. The ladder is gone but used to allow access to the top of the building. I just had to sit on one of the beds and imagine the history. If you are an avid golfer aware of the game's history, and susceptible to emotion, it is a feeling you will never forget. The Champion's lockers are quite nice, but now they have multiple names on them so past champs may not have their own private locker, There may be multiple green jackets hanging inside. If you are just there to
  7. The April 2012 edition of Golf Digest has a wonderful article about the Crow's Nest at Augusta National. Reading it really does give the feel of the place. Next time you see a picture of the clubhouse, notice the little cupola perched atop the building and imagine the history that has taken place in this small room. You cannot be a golfer and not be moved when you step into this very isolated and somewhat secretive room where the best amatuer's are invited to bed down during the trournament. It is every bit as magical as the golf course itself.
  8. Number 28... Practice stroke moves ball. I thought you had to move it back to its original place but there was also a penalty involved (one stroke)-- that is unless on the tee to begin the hole. A player cannot be moving his ball and then replacing it with no penalty as he or she goes around the course. There should be a penalty whether he or she has addressed the ball or not, and additional penalty (two strokes this time) if the ball is not returned to its original place. Might be wrong, but that is my take on rule 18.
  9. Shaping the shot and trajectory are surely part of a refined game, and these shot qualities are part of the real difference in a great game versus just a good game. The shape of the green and pin position dictate the shape and trajectory one should try to command, and the reason is your good shots will be really good and your misses will be pretty good and leave par a real chance. Consider a narrow green that is angled so the left front is closer and the right back is angled about 45 degrees deeper. Then put a water hazard in front (think about 12 at Augusta, ) and a trap along the ba
  10. Whatever you think and feel about your hips being forward and turned, you are probably still a long way from getting there. Here is a little drill to try. Take your stance and grip, then extend the little finger of your right hand (the pinkie) while still holding the club with a normal grip. Stick the pinkie in your right front pants pocket, then push the club to impact coming down the line and notice how far forward you hips must be to produce a forward leaning club shaft, and how much turn you need to get to this position. I am not saying hit the ball this way, just feel the extension it
  11. Agree with saying he is not in the top ten, at least at this point. As to his swing, those two hold off shots were pretty good differences but the real changes I see are not as much motion going perpendicularly to his target line and his depth. The legs are not flailing around as much and he backswing has more depth down the line. He still has a big, timing oriented backswing and it looks like he crosses the line more than the standard model. However, he still gets right on his downswing plane when the timing is good as it was today. I really like the legs and the more linear look to gett
  12. I guess it was not just me watching a better swing, the post tourney discussion on the golf channel included comments about how his swing is now the best it has ever been. He can play in his 40s in the latter stages of his career if he continues this approach. I have not been a particularly avid Phil fan, but maybe today was a little of a conversion for me. I am a huge fan of Butch and know his swing model so it was exciting to see to see Phil change so much in only a week's time. It was like two different people. When he first went with Butch, he used some of today's swing look, but then
  13. I think Phil's swing this tournament is about the best he has shown, maybe ever. It is so close to the classic Harmon type move he has been working on. When a golfer has that kind of confidence in his shots, the game flows so easily. He stabbed a nine iron punch that looked almost exactly like some of Tiger's old control shots early in his career. Then he did it again with the wedge on 18. I wonder how good Phil would have been if he had this better leg action and depth throughout his career? Anyone remember the old Phil with his near-John Daly wildness? Yeah he hit some great shots bac
  14. So, let's talk about a steady head. Is the head fixed and imnmoveable in space? No, of course not. Think about the sun (or any star with planets.) As planetary masses move around the center of gravity of the star or sun will move in distorted little ovals within the original volume of the star. The center of mass moves only a small amount. Essentially the more massive sun or star stays were it is. Astronomers study the small wobbles to determine the presence of orbiting masses. The golf swing has a lot of mass moving around during the backswing, the forward weight shift and turning do
  15. This is an exciting and bold step forward for everyone involved. I am particularly impressed that your approach involves not only the five keys of good golf swings, but the great concepts of content and context with a business model that includes the keys to a real success. All to often people have an idea, but they fail to execute because they do not think through the related activities that will make the activity legitimate. I am happy to see the certification thoughts, the online program, the products, and not just words about five keys. Too many golf related things are not well thought
  16. This was news to me as well. However, I think Sam Snead must have been some kind of amazing athlete. I heard that as a senior golfer, he could still jump up and put his foot on the ceiling. I think he also was one the first to be able to play a fade or draw depending on how he felt warming up. Supposedly he would play one shape of shot till it changed, then switch to the other. Remember, during Snead's time the golf ball was very different and virtually no one could count on a straight shot. Pretty much every shot was expected to curve a lot more than today, that was a key aspect of how
  17. Just study the contours at Augusta National and Pine Valley (NJ)... These greens are the definition of great contouring.
  18. Most of the time (not all the time) a slice comes from not clearing a path for you to return to the ball from the inside to down the line. This can happen when you take club inside on the backswing, then up. Now you have little choice but to compensate by coming over with an open clubface to your swing path. So one fix to try is to keep the club outside the hands longer, as well as above the hands as it is at address. By that I just mean keeping the same angle as the hands move inside and deeper on the backswing. The club does not drop below the angle set up at address during this phase.
  19. I don't think (maybe I am wrong) that the intention was to say the right leg goes lock straight, but rather it gets less flexed. There is still some bend, even if slight, in the right leg of almost all modern swing golfers. The right leg straightens so the right hip rises, but the leg does not lose its bracing and reactionary position to power the downswing. I think this is the way most would state it no matter the swing theory used. As a more classical, flatten plane swinger, I try to maintain a little more flex than most because I can hit the ball further doing that due to deploying a re
  20. A post asked about the venerable old Morris Williams golf course in Austin: He said, "I'm wondering how it looked back when the UT teams used to play there?". Well, I played there almost everyday when in grad school and it was a great track. If you planned your schedule and was willing to study late into the night, you could play most afternoons. As UT's home course, it was kept pristine. Later the team moved to Jimmy Clay and Morris Williams fell into a bit of disrepair. I am glad to hear it is coming back. It was fun to go hit balls and play with Crenshaw, Kite, Stewart, Massengal
  21. This is a great swing. Keep it up.
  22. Should be no problem, especially with the modern hardshell cases designed for the rough and tumble of airline baggage handling. Put your clubs in a carry or stand bag, watch out for too much overall weight (shoes and other things you include add up, so stay within the weight limit,) and get a hardshell case with non-protruding latches. You can even lock the case with a TSA approved lock. Some airports have golf clubs come up on the normal luggage carousel and others take them to a special over-sized luggage area for pickup. If they are in a case, mine usually come out on the normal carousel
  23. Hope you have permission to post other's swing vids, but I think your topic is a very good one. People can learn by both watching and then being instructed as to what to watch for. Different instructors look for different key aspects of a swing, but it is amazing how a good swing is a good swing with two (or more) entirely different sets of reasons or opinions why. A good swing has qualities that remain within an acceptable range during the key moments just prior, during and after impact. I enjoy reading and learning about various reasons and opinions about how to get to the golden but dy
  24. The best part of my game is probably putting and the second best is accurate driving. I hardly practice either of these, just two or three drives on the range and maybe a half dozen putts before a round. On the range most of the time is spent on long irons then mid irons, under the general idea if I am hitting these well, the rest of the game will be just fine. At the end of warming up, a few short pitches and a couple of drives is plenty. Now, if my profile was different, I would have a different routine.
  25. The best advice for anyone going into college: "Study, study, & study,." and choose you major wisely. The odds of playing the greatest golf courses in the world are higher with a useful and valuable education compared to a great golf swing. However, college athletics can be a great experience so enjoy it and let it add to who you are. Keep us posted on your progress; we will be rooting for you.
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