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  1. I really enjoyed one of my old clubs (which will remain unnamed.) It was a haven for gentlemen's golf and an example that inspired me to appreciate our sport even more. There were strict rules. Throwing a club, excessive use of alcohol, and foul language were not permitted. If you did not like those or other rules, you did not have to be a member. There was a long waiting list of people who wanted to be members. It was not a place that suited everyone, but I never heard anyone complain about its strick rules. Rather, they were defended and appreciated.
  2. RC

    Range Finder?

    If you are determined to get a range finder then a little secret to help with a steady lock in is to put your elbows together (touching) on your chest as you sight in the eyepiece. This makes the best steady tripod you can get just standing up and shooting a distance. I have both types of range finders and much prefer the GPS, just because it is quicker for me, and gives distances to the front and back of greens, as well as an estimate of the pin, as well as many other features. One thing I wish it did not do is ask if I want to keep score on it. That is a small bother to skip that functio
  3. Yes, I hear the background beep... almost like a heart monitor in a hospital. Weird and bothersome.
  4. Getting a few "positions" quite similar to Hogan is not where your swing is missing it. At impact, your hips are maybe 30 degrees behind the way Hogan opened up. That will be the hardest thing for you to perfect, but that is where clubhead speed comes from.
  5. RC

    Hawk Attack!

    While walking down a fairway but near a large tree, a hawk hit my head from behind with the claws going through my hat and cutting my scalp... It was totally a surprise and scared the heck out of me. It was spring time so maybe there was a nest. Then at another time, I look up and see this hawk diving toward the ground a little ahead and to my right. He explodes into a bunny rabbit and fur actually did fly up. Then the hawk slowly jumped up and flapped away with the rabbit in its claws. Quite a sight.
  6. To the question about how long do the Ecco type shoes last, I actually think the soles (and shoes) may out last the plastic spike type shoes, I say that because I do like Footjoys, for example, but both my FootJoys and Ecco's with plastic spikes wind up having broken spines on the spikes after a few months (I play almost every day) and the rubber soled Ecco shoes I am currently wearing show almost no wear at all at a time when either of the plastic spike type shoes would have needed spike replacement. So, they wear very well and last a long time.
  7. I switched to the ECCO shoes Freddie Couples wears and they are excellent. The arch support is surprisingly good and the footing is no different (to me) than the plastic spike type shoe. You can wear them just about anywhere since the sole is a rubber like compound. Now I prefer this type shoe to spikes both for comfort and footing.
  8. Of course the answer is NO. Pace of play is something learned (or sometimes slow pace is from lack of knowledge.) An example of lack of common courtesy and knowledge is the guy who gets out of his cart at the green, selects his chipping club, walks to the front of the green and chips 30 feet long (so it is still his shot in the rotation.) But wait... he has no putter with him. He goes back to the cart and puts his wedge away and gets his putter. Then he walks to his ball and does the read from both sides (even though he has already chipped long on the same line.) and finally putts another
  9. This one made me laugh... For years and years we have joked about having a great round and the problem being we will now have to go to sleep, and doing that will automatically make your great swing into something uncontrollable. It makes you want to stay up all night just to keep the magic (which of course would not work either.) I am always astonished when a pro wins a tournament with four excellent rounds in the sixties... amazing accomplishment. I have managed to shot a 66 followed by an 80 the next day on a tour course setup from the tips -- and for the life of me, I cannot tell you why
  10. Welcome new mods (and hello to the old gang.) This is a special site on the internet, clearly many steps above the scanty information found on most special interests groups. SandTrap is a special place and deserves to remain in its lofty position.
  11. So sad... the one that got away from me. I totalled it in a wreck many years ago. This picture is not the exact car but a good approximation. 1955 Chevy. I replaced it with the 1957 Belair, and that one was nice too.
  12. On my previous home course, I had a cum of 28 under par... Something I have always wanted but never scored is a duece on a true par five. The double eagle is elusive and I doubt I will ever have one. An ace on a par four seems more likely.
  13. The number one issue in golf, in my opinion and in a lot of surveys and opinions of other golfers, is slow pace of play. Our game would be in much better shape is the pace of play was faster. I also observe that juniors playing in tournaments are, in general, very slow. Sure, there are exceptions, but junior tournaments have torturously long rounds. If you play with a delibrate pace of play, then it would be courteous to go to your ball and prepare ahead of time, You can usually determine yardage, select a club, and be ready without distracting anyone. Be ready to play and do not start f
  14. Great place indeed... especially Oostende and Bruges. We sailed an ISAF World Championship there and enjoyed Belgium and her people. I will never forget an elderly man who came up to me and said, "American?" I said yes and he smiled and said, "We will never forget -- thank you." He was apparently alive during WWII. It was an unexpected and touching scene. I was also told that what we call French Fries originated in Belgium and should be called Belgium Fries. Enjoy your golf here and whereever you travel.
  15. Again and again, I listen to J.S. Bach's BWV 1006a Prelude but rather than cello or lute, played upon the classical guitar -- sublime. Here is one of the better versions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfZVflJdp0
  16. The majority of times I start to write something in response to a post result in second thoughts, and I just delete it and forget about it. The reason is (I think) describing something in words in response to something I have not actually seen in person is a lot harder than it may sound. Plus, I could give two or three versions of a swing thought or pattern and who is to know which might be the best for the person asking questions? There is also the possibility I would not know what I am talking about, and who would know? Then there are the cases where we have a clash of tradition versus c
  17. Letting a single play through is also a two way street... the single, in my opinion, has no business playing extra slowly after you offer them the courtesy of playing through. I've been quite irritated by singles whom we invite to hit after we have hit and waited for him on the tee. Not a few times, the single accepts the invitation then turns into a turtle. Here we are, all waiting to hit our second shots, the single looks an extra long time for his ball which is invariably poorly hit and frequently lost, then he starts talking on his cell phone while wandering around, then when finally to
  18. There is also something called local rules that are sometimes posted at the course. In our case, the posted rules state clearly that onesomes (singles) have the least rights of any group. They have no implied right to play through any other group regardless of pace of play.. Of course, we still wave singles through unless the course is backed up -- it makes no sense to hold up a single if there are open holes ahead. However, technically, at my home course, nothing trumps a foursone for playing rights so a foursome can and does expect to play through fivesomes or slow "other"-somes, and the
  19. Yeah, I am aware of the historical context of Nelson and how the war years diminished the fields, but not many realize it was his swing that formed a large part of the Hogan swing transformation. I think of Nelson as the father of the beginning of the modern swing. For that, I put him on a higher plane than record alone. Nelson did not say much of his technique, but golfers like Tom Watson and others will support the value of Nelson's technique. Apparently, he, like Bobby Jones, did not really care to play through long careers. Agreed, on record alone, he would not be in the top five but
  20. I would go with: Nicklaus Woods Hogan Nelson Snead
  21. I think one of the NXT balls should be next choice for you if you want to play a Titleist ball. NXTs are actually good balls. I had a senior PGA pro tell me he should be playing the NXT according to his swing speed, but he went to the Bridgestone 330 RS instead. At least I think that was the ball, it is the softer Bridgestone for slightly slower swing speeds. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statement but a launch monitor guy told me the ProV1 and ProV1x balls really needed at least a 105 mph swing speed to get the performance they are capable of delivering. I am just slightly below
  22. I warm up hitting practice balls at least 99 percent of the time. After stretching and swinging about freely, I start out hitting a five or six iron and most of my small bucket is a 4, 5, or 6 iron. Then a couple of 3 woods off the deck, maybe three drivers, and finish up with a few wedges and pitch shots of 50 to 70 yards -- then it is off to the putting green before the round starts. I use the mid iorns the most because a touring pro and multiple tournament winner once recommended doing that years ago and it is a formula that seems to work for me. If I am hitting nice five irons, I
  23. Don't let a one day poor performance with the putter get you down. I have seen great putters have off days that were astonishingly bad. If you are putting badly more often than you like, I would go to the practice green (of course) but I would also try something different. One thing I really believe is you should hit a lot of putts that you make. That means a lot of three footers. Nothing helps more than stroking and seeing the ball go in the hole. But try different things. For example, you might try more forward press, or change ball position. Experiment with grip changes as well. Ju
  24. Welcome to the best golf forum on the net. I won't attempt to describe a putting solution for you (especially sight unseen) but you might describe what your issues are. For example, are you three putting due to poor distance control, bad directional results, or poor green reading? Sometimes spending a little more time on the practice green will give you more bang for the buck than hitting full shots. Enjoy the Sand Trap!
  25. The regripping and heel pad discussion is exactly what causes the wear pattern of your glove. I can play 50 rounds and not wear a hole in my glove. Mine die when the sweat simply makes them feel a bit stiff. Years ago, I used to wear a hole where you do, and a very good teacher fixed my grip and no more holes.
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