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  1. Hockey players frequently make great golfers... but it can be that way with many sports because the basic throwing or hitting motion is to start the engine from the ground up on the downswing. If you analyze a hockey shot, the lower body opens the same way it does for throwing or hitting a baseball, or shot put, or ad infinitum. The thought of the hips first sliding and then opening is (in my opinion) not a good one since the motion is all happening together; if you think slide then open, you will be late and weak. That is my opinion and opinions are not worth a lot.
  2. I get a newsletter from one of the top 25 golf academies (as ranked by Golf Magazine) and the head guy and his staff have said that only one or two of the tour guys who have gone to stack and tilt actually have improved their swing statistics. I don't know if this is true or not, but that is what these guys publish in their newsletter. They don't say to not do it, only that it has not produced the results on tour for the majority of those that try it. Hogan certainly did not use the stack and tilt on full shots. No matter really... I learned a long time ago that there are many strange loo
  3. Great question about walkers and divot repair. I don't know a solution. In the old days (maybe now even) caddies would wear a bag around their waist with sand/grass seed mix and fix divots, refilling their bags at the par threes (where the mix was in a container for players to use for their divots.) This is obviously not a solution for most walkers. I notice after a college or high school tourney on a course I play the fairways are a mess with divots everywhere and no effort at all to repair them. What I do using a cart is fill my divot and mayber two or three more in the area. Two cont
  4. I'm in central west Texas, but called Houston my second home for a good while. Lots of great courses in the Houston area -- my favorite was Lochinvar (bent grass at the time -- a real rarity in that part of the state.)
  5. Welcome to the forum SoCal. I'm a newbie too but this sure looks like a great place. See you around.
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