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  1. KJ should be leading but Rory is hitting amazing shots. KJ lacks a little of the magic in putting, the deft touch that handles the extra little Rae's Creek tug. He has missed a few that either his caddie should have warned him about or he should have "felt" it was time for another inch or two of break. The miss at 18 on Friday (and an earlier one almost like it) is exactly what he cannot afford to do. Rory is hitting shots like Nicklaus used to hit. He towers it up there and drops it into the scoring zones of the greens. You can see the difference in that style and Alvaro's power g
  2. Just to complete a little history, the other big name from the past I left out was Dunlap. Also, Top Flite versus Top Flight - you can tell I have not used many of them. No doubt, modern well made balls are vastly better than the past and there is no reason Top Flite could not make a very reasonable ball. And they were never the worst balls... Anyone ever play a PoDo? Posters from the 1930's show Podos selling for 25 cents a ball. I hit some in the fifties and they became egg shaped after only a few hits. A Top Flite "rock" from the past would beat that ball easily.
  3. All I will say is playing Augusta is worth more than almost any "electable, non-endangering, expense" you can come up with. Today, the shot Rory hit into number three was about as great a shot into that hole and pin location as one could imagine. I knew he was in for a great day after seeing that one. Incredible.
  4. If you are a younger golfer, you might be surprised to know there was a time when Top Flight was one of the premium brand names in golf. They were very respected for their golf clubs -- top of the line and one of the favorites of lefthanders for sure. Wilson Staff, MacGregor Tourney, Top Flight, Walter Hagen (even more famous for their woods), Spaulding, and Henry Griffith (and some I have left out for sure) were some of the best irons on the market. Acushnet then Titleist, Spaulding Dot, Wilson Staff, Penfold, and others were famous names in golf balls. Britian used a smaller ball than t
  5. RC

    Pro Am's

    I'm not too sure ProAms, even with celebrities, would be that great a draw on TV. I don't find the Hope and Pebble coverage interesting enough to watch; I cannot imagine a lower level tourney being very interesting at all. I've played in a few ProAms and the golf was never that compelling. Frankly, just playing a round of golf with a tour pro was always more fun. Other than maybe half a dozen pros one might name, doing a ProAm is just not all that appealing. For the most part, ProAms are simply an additional way to help cover the expenses of a tour event, so they are (to an extent) a neede
  6. An open stance is preferred over a closed stance, in my world. In fact, an open stance is better for me than a square stance, it helps me get back to the ball with my hips more open. So many greats used open stances; Trevino, Nicklaus, Couples, and, yes, even Johnny Miller said it was a unique thought that caused him to open up his stance on the day of his magical 62 (or whatever it was.) Whether the stance is open or not does not really determine whether the ball flight may or may not be straight, a draw or fade. In fact, hitting a draw is a little easier for me with an open stance with a
  7. San Antonio SnT school. I attended the two day school in San Antonio on March 19 and 20 and it was excellent. I have had many top rated teachers and been to several clinics and a few schools over the years, I would have to say this is the best one yet. I highly recommend it. Dave, Erik and James do an intense job of putting you through the system and you will understand it better. Also they use the Analyzr software and lots of video to really show you the smallest of details. It is a thorough and well done school, highly recommended for any player and any style of swing. Gu
  8. I throw right handed but started golf and played left-handed for 8 years. My brother, who primarily taught me, thought the stronger arm in front would be better, and Hogan had his dominant arm in front. I always batted left-handed in baseball, but am clearly a right handed person. One day a golf pro suggested I try right handed to develop a better short game since he (right or wrong) thought the control arm should be on the back side to develop the best touch on iron shots and in the short game. So I switched to right handed golf and have played that way for decades. Funny thing... golf t
  9. Had it been named "Stack and Blast" maybe half the questions would go away.
  10. He is really a pleasant guy to be around. Nothing fake about Freddie.
  11. A good golf swing has both translation and rotation going on... and that means the circle is really a 3-D Oval shape. So if you are too steep, you need to move your hips forward and turn them sooner through impact -- this will flatten out the bottom of the swing and keep the divot forward. Move your swing center or belt buckle forward, not your head.
  12. Solid contact with good distance. Get those things right and the rest comes with practice.
  13. I do not know if it is better but it feels a little livelier. The rap sheet on the Xcons is they produce the lowest spin rate for a head. That is a great reputation. The problem I have is the xcon is in a taylormade head and my RIP is in a Titleist 910 D3 head... so they are not a direct comparison. Given all that, the 910 with the RIP just feels easier to time and more controllable. One thing I know is I like both of these shafts and I believe the shaft is the biggest part of a good feeling (and playing) driver. So I am not saying there is a huge difference, I just like the RIP best.
  14. RIP (short name) -- best shaft I've used since my Matrix Ozik days, I liked the XCons.
  15. How many countless hours of golf TV have I watched seeing some pro, any pro, knocking in a two foot putt. Maybe show birdies, or three putts, or critical putts, but why spend all that time showing a 2 or 2 and 1/2 foot knock-ins that 99 percent of golfers would routinely make? Are we supposed to develop tension thinking a miss is coming? If so, just show the misses.
  16. 134, par 71 rated at 73.7, GD 4 and 1/2 star rating.
  17. I would say my hybrid because I have trouble controlling the trajectory with it more than any other club. If I need to hit a lower boring shot, the odds are about 50/50 that I will hit the shot I really want. So, I have started doing something a little different on long, into the wind shots that might be played with a hybrid. If the shot can hit short and roll a bit, I hit a low hooking 3 iron, but if there is a hazard or trouble in front then I choke a 3 wood and hit a driving 3 wood. In no wind or light wind, the hybrid is often a great choice so it stays in the bag for use when appropri
  18. Another guy and I both hit a tourstriker 7 iron (stiff shaft) today at the range. He is a better iron player than I am. There was nothing special about hitting it, we both had no problem hitting normal shots except they might have been just a touch lower trajectory than normal. I think that has something to do with the relative placement of weight in the club head, but it could have been a subconscience effect of making sure the hands were well ahead at impact. Our verdict was most people that hit reasonably good iron shots already will find it easy to hit and the ball flight will be prett
  19. Played 4 wedges for a long, long time. Then discovered the versatility of the 54 degree wedge and now play only 3 wedges: PW, 54, & 60 This allows me to carry a 3 iron as well as a rescue wood, plus a 14 degree 3 wood and driver, which fits the courses I play most. Thought I would miss the 4 wedge set-up, but the 3 wedge approach has worked very well.
  20. I agree with Erik that ball striking is number one, but I firmly think that playing with better players has a huge payoff. You see why ball striking is so important, you see how better players handle situations, you cannot help but absorb some of the tempo and swing mechanics. If you practiced your whole life away from any other great players and then showed up to play a tough course, I would wager you would not score well simply because you would not have the experience bank of knowledge that would help you know how to play each situation. Finally, I've watched younger players who ta
  21. PV +1 Bethpage -1 Cypress Point -1 Pine Valley - 12 Cypress Point - 9 Shinnecock Hills - 8 Pebble Beach - 8 Oakmont - 16 Merion (East) - 10 Sand Hills - 10 National Golf Links of America - 10 Pacific Dunes - 9 Pinehurst (No. 2) - 9 Crystal Downs - 10 Seminole - 10 Winged Foot (West) - 9 Chicago GC - 3 Prairie Dunes - 9 San Francisco GC - 8 Oakland Hills (South) - 9 Riviera - 12 Fishers Island - 6 Friar's Head - 8 Bethp
  22. RC

    Now a fan

    Whoops... maybe I should have said "Graeme McDowell" rather than "Graham."
  23. A good starting place is "more in the fingers with the left hand" and a "little less so in the right hand."
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