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  1. +1 Pine Valley -2 Cypress Point Pine Valley(Pine Valley, NJ)~9 Cypress Point(Pebble Beach, CA)~9 Augusta National(Augusta, GA)~7 Shinnecock Hills(Southhampton, NY)~10 Pebble Beach(Pebble Beach, CA)~8 Oakmont(Oakmont, PA)~13 Merion-East(Ardmore, PA)~9 Sand Hills(Mullen, NEB)~9 National Golf Links of America(Southhampton, NY)~10 Pacific Dunes(Bandon, ORE)~10 Pinehurst-No 2(Pinhurst, NC)~8 Crystal Downs(Frankfort, MICH)~10 Seminole(Juno Beach, FLA)~7 Winged Foot-West(Mamaroneck, NY)~10 Chicago(Wheaton, IL)~6 Prairie Dunes(Hutchinson, KAN)~
  2. Stockton likes putters with loft on them and he advocates a forward leaning shaft with the net result that the putter face is pretty flat to the perpendicular line of the ball's path at impact. This should produce no backspin as the ball is struck. I've always advocated this idea as the best way to start a ball rolling as quickly as possible on the green. Go out and putt on a dewy green sometime and notice the way the ball jumps off the putter face and may bounce a couple of times if you use a putter with loft and strike the ball with the shaft perfectly vertical, or swinging upward.
  3. Sorry, no help on recommendations. I've played a few courses in and around Orlando and the greens were slow and grainy, even the best ones. Just pick the highly rated ones with a good price and enjoy the break. Remington and Kissimmee Bay country club are pretty good layouts. You should enjoy them.
  4. RC

    Now a fan

    Graham McDowell has impressed me two ways. One is his swing, which is not particularly classical, can lock in and be very dependable for several holes in a row, and two is his putter, which obviously can get hot. I do wonder if he might need to push away from the dinner table a little more lately.
  5. Number 5 on the north or south course at Torrey Pines? 'Cause I don't remember either being a par 5.
  6. Get one of those fan type golf clubs (a normal handle and shaft but a four bladed plastic fan in place of the club head.) Swing it and observe how you absolutely must use your body to make a higher pitched "swoosh" sound through the impact area. A hands and arm swing just cannot power the fan type club quickly through the impact zone. It requires you to shift weight and turn through the shot to generate the most powerful swing.
  7. I think the golf course has a huge effect on how a player develops. A tour type track will usually produce many young golfers who go on to play in college and on one of the tours. Having said that, I think the defining thing about courses I like to play is the greens. Smooth, fast greens and a decently difficult but fair layout are a hard combination to beat for your "most of the time" home course.
  8. A secret of long iron play is to hit a lot more range balls with long irons. I think the majority of my practice time is with my 3, 4, or 5 irons, and usually I start out hitting my 6 iron after stretching and a few practice swings, then go straight to long irons. Short irons come last, after a few drives and a 3 wood or two off the deck. Once you get this type of warm-up practice down, hitting a long iron is really not much different than a wedge or nine iron -- just a another routine shot. A fine tour player once advised me to hit mostly long and mid irons warming up, and that he practic
  9. Could be they used those old figure skating judges from the Olympics.
  10. Look at the guy in the background and lip read... he yelled, "Get in the hole" when Tiger addressed the ball and made his first waggle. (Joke)
  11. I've been told this may not be a penalty anymore, but it used to be and I got nailed for it. I chipped up and had a leaner on the edge of the cup. I walked up holding my wedge in one hand and my putter in the other, and tapped the ball in the hole with the putter. A competitor called a penalty saying a stroke could only be played holding one club, not two... and the committee agreed with him after studying the rules. This was circa late nineteen sixties. I have not looked at the situation under the current rules and any decisions, but I think it may no longer be a penalty. Does anyone kn
  12. RC

    Longest Par 3

    Longest = 256 yards, uphill, into prevailing wind, 700 feet elevation. Normally played at 242 yards but can be stretched. No good place to miss either.
  13. One of golf's greats, Lee Trevino, said his favorite club was his 7 wood. No stigma worries for Lee and there should be none for anyone. I love the old Calaway steelhead 7 woods. One of the best utility clubs ever made.
  14. I would love to have my old 1955 Chevy Bel Air coupe back. It was in extremely good condition except for developing a need for an engine overhaul (probably rings and seal job.) I liked the 55' better than the choice of most -- which was the 57' coupe. At the time I had no idea it would become a classic so I traded it in on my next car rather than fixing the engine and keeping it... Still miss that old car.
  15. I usually hit my five iron about 793 +/- 0.04 yards. I don't hit it often unless I get confused and tee off in the wrong direction and need to use a 5 iron to get back to the green in two for a chance at a birdie. Here on Mount Everest our hardest hole is an 8 iron over to K2.
  16. Not too many years ago the man who held the record for shooting his age or better (since deceased) played crosshanded his whole life... And, a baseball grip has been played on the PGA tour. So, while the Vardon (overlap) and interlocking grips are likely the most popular and recommended choices, if you get better results with a different kind of grip, I would not worry about it. However, with an 18 handicap, I would suggest giving the "normal grips" a serious chance to see if you can improve. There is a reason most golfers use the overlapping or the interlocking grips -- they eventually get
  17. I love it... great observation and funny as well. I guess we could use a Foucault pendulum in the sand of the bunker but slow play would be a problem.
  18. For the seriously technical here, a freely spinning ball will precess slightly due to the Coriolis Effect, but I doubt the short time a golf ball is in flight would allow for more than a very minute effect, likely undetectable without highly sensitive measurements. However, I've never tried to calculate the magnitude so I may not know what I am talking about for real world situations. Also, the deformation of the ball and the subsequent dampening vibrations (the ball deforms, oscillates but rapidly decays its amplitude) as it leaves the club face will also cause spin changes that are depend
  19. That one was OBPLHA (pronounced OhBee-PaLosHa) -- meaning "Out of Bounds, Probably Lost, Hit Again."
  20. Might have already posted this one... but when you crush a tee shot and your partner does not, as you go toward his ball you say, "Hey, did you know they were putting a new WalMart in here? First timers always take the bait and say, "no way... where?" And you say, "Between your ball and mine." Pretty heartless. When you are only a little bit in front you can say, "hmmm... only a sunglasses Kiosk." Sooner or later it will flip and you will hear all about the new WalGreens or such, to which you say, "Naw, just a Quickie Mart."
  21. It used to happen frequently with the old balata balls. Typically there were a lot of them, new right out of the box, that were not perfectly spherical or they would have a slightly heavy side -- even the very best brands. One reason Titleist was such a trusted ball was quality control -- fewer Titleist balls had defects as I remember it, but even some of those did. Before big tourneys we would put a dots on two orthogonal axes of a ball and spin it in a liquid, looking for anomalies. Then you would throw out the bad ones... and there were lots of bad ones. On the course, the spin axis c
  22. Everyone has opinions on the best choices for spacings. Some courses are best played with four wedges and others with three because of long and variable par 3s, the need for more choices at longer distances in general, or just the opposite. I play (generally) with a 48 degree pitching wedge, a 54 degree sand wedge and 60 degree lob wedge. That is because of several possible longer type green side bunker shots, and many possible short-side shots from collection areas to greens with down slopes away from you. I use the lob wedge for most bunker shots, but the long ones are better suited to t
  23. I'm not sure I have played more than a dozen rounds, out of many thousands over my lifetime, without hitting balls on the range first, and it is not uncommon to hit a small bucket afterwards. The range is essential for improvement in my opinion.
  24. Tiger hurt his knee a long time ago and it was not from his former swing -- just a point of clarification.
  25. Raising the money for a PGA tour event is a big undertaking with many sources of funds involved. Sponsors of many levels, TV, ticket sales, and even pro-am events may add to the total. A pro am spot is not a minor cost. I've played in three or four and was surprised at the cost.
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