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    Sure can. He's 6'4 and built long and lean with a swing that looks scary similar to a young Tiger. Right now he is 27 but only started golfing 3 years ago. The game simply has came to him and he has been improving every time he steps on the range. I would say his putting is where he really has improved the most. He is sinking putts from 10-12 feet out consistently which is evidence alone he is ready to make the jump from the B group to the A group in only 3 years of golf experience. The PBAC tour is shaping out to be the best its ever been and I'm really excited to scout it all season. - Old Lefty

    Hey Guys, I am a pro PGA scout and I have been scouting a local golf tour in NY called the PBAC tour. I think I have discovered serious talent. A guy named Zack who plays on the tour has the potential to be the best players of all time. Scouts everywhere are talking about him. I have been around golf scouting for 35 years and I havent been this impressed. I am predicting that he takes the, "B Group" by storm and partners up with Jim to win the tour. Everybody watch out for these guys. - Old Lefty