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  1. I just played the R9 that I bought last week. I hit it at the range yesterday and played with the shaft adjustment, the way it came set up was NU shaft position and neutral on the weights that gives a 10 yard draw. I changed it to a flat N position and neutral on the weights, I got a high fade, my favorite ball flight. I shot a 38 with it and the ball flight was the same every time. It seems just as long as my Tour Burner TP from last season. So far i am happy with it, it is definatly one of those clubs once you set it you leave it alone. The only part about the club so far is my local course already had 2 returned with cracked faces.
  2. I just bougt mine on Tuesday and had it regriped with a mid sized Multi Compound, yes the label changes as you rotate the shaft. To me it's not that big of a deal. I have it set up for a NU position and its a slight draw. The only problem is, at my local golf shop 2 have already came back with caved in faces, really bad. I saw both of them on Friday.
  3. I shot an 80, Bummer, the worst part was I had 11 pars and 2 birdies on a par 71 course.