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  1. Did this happen in a tournament or a practice round? If a tournament... where did he find his caddy, cause he's an idiot. On top of that.... why did he even putt the ball with his caddy standing in front of the hole? Something sounds a little fishy.
  2. My goal is not to play different for any shot. I don't care if it's for 69, 59, or 89. I want to play the same for every shot. Pressure to make a putt is not real... unless it is for real money (make it or lose $100). For the most part, pressure is self imposed. Why is a 4 footer for 65 harder than a 4 footer for 85? It's not..... it's the same damn putt. What it's for is irrelevant to the shot that has to be made. So, I strive to make every shot matter just the same.
  3. think of it this way.... I'm a plus handicap, I'm not going to lie. Say I am having an average day and am -1 with 2 to play. Would it be fair to the rest of the handicap players if I took a 12 on the last two par 4 holes to shoot in the upper 80's? I don't think so. I I could, I might be tempted to play hard for skins for the first 15 holes and finish really bad and be able to keep a 12 hcp. You have to have a cap per hole based on potential to help keep handicaps lower. After all, a handicap is supposed to be based on potential... not average scores. The problem is that many clubs don't
  4. If you are not playing for score, there is no such thing as cheating. And...... if you are not playing against me... I don't care what the hell you do. But, be aware, if I know you cheat and you play against me, I will watch you like a hawk and call you on every penalty... even for $1. I will not put up with it for any amount of money.
  5. I did an experiment years ago when I played. For six months I did not use the words birdie, par, or bogey. I only talked about a number. I found that my overall scores were lower for that time than when I talked about making a birdie, or needing a birdie, or whatever. Then I noticed when I played USGA tournaments there was a hole number and a box. What par the hole was did not matter. I also realized that when I just went by the numbers I did not know where I stood for the round. I had some of my best rounds when I did not know where I was relative to par. I blew some great rounds when
  6. I have not always been a good player, but I have always had the competitive drive. I love the feeling of being one down with three to play and fighting like hell to win the match. The only thing better is being one up on the last hole and it being a hard hole. I am not scared of needing to make the 10 footer to tie or win the match. That being said, I don't play any different if I am 1 down or 1 up. I know my game and don't try to do things that are too risky. I learned years ago that playing the odds are the best way to shoot your best scores. Another thing is that I don't play differ
  7. Lets say that it cost around $150,000 per year to travel and play the PGA Tour. If you stay on the top 125 you are making close to a million per year on winnings. That is a pretty good return on investment. On top of that, you might have a few sponsors paying you to play their clubs, or wear their clothes, or drive their car. If you stay on the top 125 for more than 5 years, I don't think you have a problem spending $150K to make almost a cool MIL.
  8. from my personal experience if you can't go out on your home course and shoot in the mid to low 60's every single time you play, you have vary little change of contending on a mini-tour. If you don't thing this is right, go out to a different course that plays close to 7,000 yards and play the tips. If you can't shoot at least 2-4 under almost every time, you are not ready for the mini-tours. I say this because if you pick a random course, the pins are gong to pretty easy... for the most part. When you hit the mini-tours, the pins are almost all hard. They are tucked near the edge of a ri
  9. In tournament play there is a local rule requiring the player to play one brand of ball throughout the round. (you can change brands from one round to the next, but not in the same round) If that rule is not in place, a player can change ball between holes, but is not allowed under the rules to change ball during the play of a hole. So, you can not change from a top-flight to a pro v-1 when you get to the putting green, but you can change from a top-flight that you played on hole 1 to a pro v-1 you want to play on hole 2. If you lose a ball in the water, you have to finish the hole with th
  10. As a "Moe" swinger, I like my stance a little wider. I have learned that if my stance is too narrow, my hips spin too much. However, If my stance becomes too wide, I tend to push the ball as my body is "in the way" of my swing. There is a balance. I like my stance to be just wider than shoulder width with my driver... then it get more narrow as the clubs get shorter. Also understand that a golf swing and personal feel does change over time. Some weeks I hit the ball better with a wider stance than normal, and some weeks I hit the ball better with a more narrow stance than normal. The b
  11. it took me years to get the hook out of my game. I can draw the ball when I really need to, but it is my last resort. I love being able to aim O.B. left and know it's coming back into play. There are a few courses that are a little more difficult to play, but with good course management and club selection, not hitting a draw does not hurt me that much.
  12. this is supposed to be a gentleman's game. I'm not going to follow you around and give yardages, but I have no problem giving you a distance if I'm right there. I'd call douche bag if I asked and you responded with "I don't think so". You can be competitive and want to win without having to be an a-hole. Besides, aren't you playing with friends? Why wouldn't you help a friend in need?
  13. don't change your posture.... ever. The best golfers have found a way to address the ball in a very natural way.... almost like they just walk up and hit it. That is what you do. You can not go wrong from your starting position. If someone tells you to change, tell them to fark off. Also, I noticed you are on plane very nicely. If you have directional problems, only slight adjustments are going to fix things. You don't need to make big changes. Very nice swing. If you can't control the ball, you have to learn where the club is and where the hands are. Don't change things, just ge
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