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    Pisses Me Off

    What pisses me off is the people who ride right up on you while you are on the Tee box waiting for the people infront of you to get onto the green to tee off. When me and my friend were in the middle of the fairway and they teed off and hit a ball right past my friends head and then on another hole hit one next to me when I was on the green on a par 3. Then they asked to play through so we let them then right when they finished the hole they came back and did it agian.
  2. Well ya thats what I meant to swing and see if I do them
  3. Ok thank you I will try them all to see if they work for me.
  4. Alls I need is: 1 Towel, extra pair of sox, Marker to mark balls I find, Spair pencil, and Crackers for a little snack so i dont have to buy expensive food from the golf shop. I walk so I don't bring alot so my bag doesnt way but around 12 pounds if that my clubs total way nice pounds bag like one and like 10 golf balls.
  5. Can someone please tell me something that can keep me from topping the ball. With my drive and can get it down there but the sometimes I top it. Alot of the times with my 5 iron and 7 wood I use to hit them solid for some reason ive been topping with those two clubs.
  6. I would think par in golf in the MLB they pitch around 95-100 mph and you have to be used to watching the ball.You have to be able to get the ball past infeilder if you hit it right at them they can fire over to first and your out. Or if your fast and they bobble the ball.
  7. Those graphics are awesome but on the screen shot when hes in the longer grass look at his eye it looks like its twitching. I still have the regular Xbox and I play 2006 its a fun game.
  8. I had a case of slice a few days ago but I fixed it with a help of someone. Well he told me 2 put my right thumb slightly right towards the right side and put my left thumb slightly right. Ive been hitting alot strater then I was before.
  9. I write a DE with the E starting in the middle of the D nothing fancy just my initials of first and last name. Don't really feel like drawing stuff on the ball takes to much time and I might lose it.
  10. Aint no Carmen Electra but still ya.
  11. Thank you all cause it makes me mad when i land right next 2 the pin the it rolls away or off.
  12. Can someone please tell me how to put back spin on the ball. Ive had to many shots that land on the green and roll to the other side.
  13. I shot a 86 it was humid for me and the course was covered with puddles.
  14. Ive been rained on a few times but the items in my bag don't get wet. I bought a Tight lies Adamsgold stand bag and it works excellent it's light weight to but I havent seen it in stores in a while. I was at Academy and they had some nice Taylormade bags just like it made out of the same fabric. They had some Nike bags that are nice to but the fabric looks like it is a sponge and it will soak up water. I would go look at Academy or any sports store that carries golf bags. I don't know if its any help but just trying to.
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