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  2. Heard that this morning too... Very curious who it is, especially since they said this guy is known for marking his ball, ahem, and pushing the rules a bit... Allegedly
  3. I haven't purchased any equipment from them but I have purchased some shirts and hats. Never had any issues at all.
  4. Looks like my Christmas wish list is complete
  5. The picture they used on the Golf Magazine iPad app version isn't even Hogan. It's a picture of Jack Fleck.
  6. I think you must be right, Mr. Gribin got too big for his britches. The ESPN show is bad. It's not even a golf show anymore. I like The Teebox.
  7. Yeah, I've tuned in to 570 and can't find it, I think it must be off the air
  8. Does anyone here in DFW know what happened to the Golfers Home radio show that used to be on ESPN Radio and then on KLIF? Steven Gribin was the host. I listen to the Teebox on the Ticket on Saturday mornings and used to listen to the Golfers Home on Sundays but haven't been able to find it recently. I'm thinking it must be off the air now but wanted to see if anyone knows the scoop. Thanks.
  9. I agree Dan, hard for me to justify the cost of the ProV1 after hitting the NXT Tour S, just seems to be a better fit for my game
  10. I bought a dozen of the NXT Tour S balls, they do feel pretty soft but I also was getting more distance... I'm getting old I think I need a softer golf ball :-)
  11. I vote for Zero Restriction rainwear also; great stuff, have used it in Scotland during a downpour and it kept me dry and comfortable. A little pricey but you get what you pay for;
  12. Roll with it... Who cares what anyone thinks about your headcovers, if you like them that's all that matters... Have fun with it
  13. I bought the 910D3, 9.5 with the Kai'Li shaft... Got fitted at Edwin Watts by the Titleist rep... Numbers were great on the monitor, club felt great... Have played two rounds with this driver and I love it... When a friend of mine who used to blow it by me by at least twenty yards mentions that I'm hitting it farther than I used to I know I've got the right driver in my hands... I thought the 909 felt "dead", the 910 feels hot coming off the face
  14. Be careful of clone stickers, I've heard they can really do damage to not only your clubs but also your swing
  15. I know that Muirfield Village has received massive quantums of rain but I'm surprised that they are playing lift, clean, and place... You'd think Jack would have something to say about that... I understand it's a PGA Tour event and not completely under his control but seems a little strange to me
  16. I think it stems from his motocross background... From what I have seen in attending a couple of motocross events most guys wear their hats like that... I was completely out of style with my Titleist golf hat
  17. The fat kid in a donut shop comment made me laugh out loud... Sorry to hear about your course, that does seem really effed up, hope it gets back to normal soon and the pro stays off the tractor
  18. I like McCord, seems I'm in the minority here but he makes me laugh, like Feherty as well... Kostis is another matter, what a blowjock
  19. Personally I can't ever see The Open being played on anything but a links course... The golf purists would scream blasphemy if the R&A; ever moved the championship away from the links rota... As far as I'm concerned The Open IS links golf
  20. Romo absolutely did the right thing but going to OTA's and not the qualifier... The Dallas media would have barbequed his ass in molasses for skipping a "voluntary" OTA... Doubtful that missing a practice in May would lose a game for the Cowboys during the season but he's got to be the leader of the team and set an example... Dallas is a Cowboys town first and a sports town second... Romo is held to a higher standard than any other athlete in this town, any time the media gets a chance to get on his case they will do so.
  21. Colonial is much easier to walk as a spectator... Old school course with greens close to the next tee... Best holes to sit and watch IMO are 9, 13, and 16... Good spot to catch several holes of action is on hill between 11 and 12... You can watch second shots on 11 and 12 as well as tee shots on 13 and 14 by walking no more than 100 yards... Also check out the Horrible Horseshoe (3,4,5)... You will see plenty of good looking ladies at both events... Just my thoughts, but I've only been going to Colonial since '76.
  22. Good friend of mine has been paired with Romo in Open qualifier before... Romo hits bombs off the tee and has a solid game... Whether or not he can compete at National Championship remains to be seen... I've heard Smoltz is the real deal... Never seen him play golf but if the stories are true he has a chance.
  23. I'm was thinking maybe the OP had a few pops last night and was just trying to start a fuss, but he's obviously sticking with it... OP you're certainly entitled to your opinion. Personally I think you're nuts
  24. So sad... She was such a pretty girl and seemed so sweet... She had such a strong college career but was still trying to find her game on the LPGA Tour... Just terrible... Way too young... Awful news
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