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  1. Thanks disco111 for your help. That's what I thought and you did interpret everything exactly. Now the folks in future local tournaments for the same course, should set the course EXACTLY the same as the one I played in in order for the "new" hdcp to aply ... I guess. Altering the course, alters everything.
  2. That's preciselly my point. It was a a medal play torunament and obviously my score could have been low 80's and was 76. Good thing is I won, but the torunament comittee is evaluating this score for handicap index next month. This card should not be taken into consideration to my opinion and knowledege. Any rules or argumets in my favor?
  3. Hi: I have a question. What happens when in an amateur tournament where handicao comes into play, tees are moved forward ? For example a par four 290 yds, becomes a par 4 , 188 yds for a hole in one competition? Or a par 3, 188 yds, becomes a 150 yds par 3? Can this score be taken into consideration for handicap index calculations? If yes or no, who determins this? That tornament golf comitee? or other? Thanks
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