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  1. Two gloves even when I putt.
  2. Thanks all. The idea of not working is the biggest adjustment. It's a day to day thing but these new pain killers seem to be helping. I might be a candidate for a clinical trial. Will know more next week.
  3. I found out today that my hip issue is bone cancer. Not only that my doctor told me that I need to quit my job, and contact hospice that I'm looking at a few months to a few weeks. The good news is I got lots more time now to work on my game. The bad news is it's almost winter and my hip bone could break while playing, says one nurse anyway. Going to see my oncologist next week and see what he thinks.
  4. Changed my driver swing for one bucket at the range and for nine holes of golf in sept and been limping ever since. Played three times since then and now I'm using a cane. Xrays and ct scan showed moderate arthritis in the right hip. Waiting on results of a bone density scan. Been dealing with shoulder issues all year but this hip is the worst. Swinging all right handed now except for my pw seems to help. Might need to call it quits til spring.
  5. The weather was perfect and my hip wasn't throbbing for the first time in a month. My fellow golfing buddy minimalist and I played a really fun course. I only had 8 clubs and struggled with the same ones the driver and putter and shot a 52. He played four and shot 49. He replaced a five iron with a 3 iron hybrid and what a difference. A keeper. He might drop his putter now
  6. i think i would like to play with any top golfer like Jordan Speith or Jason Day as long as they tell me their thought process on every shot, the entire time...their target, what kind of shot they hope to hit, etc. I would love to see their minds work, how they plan their navigation around the course, and how close they come to their goals. i think it would be very educational.
  7. awesome info. it was the length and loft that made the biggest difference for me. im part midget at 5' 5 " plus my swing speed is slower swinging right handed right now. less speed more loft needed i heard is a good rule of thumb.
  8. in this video it looks pretty easy to adjust. that would be cool if it went both ways. lol i am still recovering from injuring my right hip. just trying a few swings i am able to swing better now right handed. so for now... if i could get one of these used at a decent price i think i'd like to try it. 8 clubs is too many to carry anyway. all one length too.
  9. http://www.divnickgolf.com/adjustable/compare.html What did you think of it?
  10. it's no different from playing against someone who shaves strokes, and doesn't follow the rules. I play against myself, and I don't play for money so it's no big deal.
  11. Can't wait. I have some physical limitations keeping me off the course and range right now. I have been reading more about the mental side of golf the last few weeks. Can't wait to see how it affects my scoring. Hopefully in a week or so I will get a chance to find out.
  12. Only 10-20 times for me. I am hoping the weather cooperates so I can play a few more times before cold and snow. Would have loved to have played more. I got a lot more range time in though this year which I enjoyed very much.
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