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  1. Ian Poulter - Right or Wrong?

    Ah, Poults. Always good for some drama. This is surely one of the situations, that should only be regulated among the players. No harm, no foul, and I applaud Poulter for the entertainment.
  2. Hello, Over the years, I kept buying 35" putters, but recently I changed my putting stroke, and would like to use a shorter putter. Can I just take off 1" from the butt end and putt a new grip on? Or is the clubhead somehow adjusted to the shaft length? Also I am worried about putting the grip back on. I figure I need to get it back on perfectly. Any special tips for regripping a putter? thx, Dom
  3. Player of the Year 2010...

    Haha, must have been the putt that (almost) went into the water hazard. He had to putt over a ridge, but the ball did not make it to the other side. Instead of rolling over and breaking to the left big time, it stayed at the top and broke to the right, away from the whole and stopped on the read water hazard line.
  4. Frys.com

    Can these guys really dial in their drivers yard by yard, or is this just a bread and butter driving distance?
  5. Frys.com

    Alex Prugh misses Hole-in-One on the Par 4 17 by inches...... and then Mediate with another eagle on 17 from 116 yds. That must be pretty unique: Mediate holes Rd1: 230yds Rd2: 160yds Rd3: 111yds Rd4: 114yds
  6. Kaymer wins again

    Here is an article explaning the possibility of Kaymer grabbing the top spot pretty soon. Westwood not the only player who can take No. 1 on Oct. 31
  7. Does rain affect ballflight?

    Temperature alone is influencing distances. Warm air is less dense than cold air, hence ball goes further. So thousands of raindrops pounding the ball during flight will most certainly make a difference.
  8. Kaymer wins again

    And another win under his belt. Kaymer wins the Dunhill Links C'ship @ St. Andrews and his third tournament in a row.
  9. Brandel Chamblee great comment last night

    I don't know, but I don't see the point of finding some systematic cause why Euro won this time. It ended with a .5 margin. For me that proves that the teams were equal. We could try to analyze this, if one team had handed the other team their asses with a 18-10 or so, but the whole thing was decided by a handful of putts.
  10. More Ryder Cup blasphemy from me....

    So should they be forced to play for the US team? Or are they not allowed to play at all?
  11. Driver distance vs. Handicap

    I have good and bad driving streaks. At the moment I am straight but short. Not hitting the sweetspot. I would say my total overall average is 210, my hcp is 17,7
  12. No more carrying for me :(

    I am procrastinating this shoulder surgery (both sides) for years now. Thinking of getting it done in january, after my Arizona-Winter-Getaway. @JML22 Could you give me some details, how your rehab went?
  13. Best first time golfer

    That is - without any doubt - North Korea's Kim Jong-Il. He shot a 38 under, including 11 hole-in-ones on his first round: http://www.worldgolf.com/blogs/willi...es_makes_kim_j