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  1. taylor made smoke mb defo
  2. i tried a callaway ft-i driver a while back at my local golf range and it sounded awful very loud but not in the way you would like, in a horrible tinny way
  3. i keep a 56 and a sixty in my bag, but practice makes perfect! practice hitting a bal from 6 yards consistenly into a bucket, but when you swing keep both arms straight, even when you hit full shots do this, as they will naturally hinge.
  4. thank you, someone had to do it!!
  5. thats quite interesting thought the v1 was spinnier
  6. cool thanks for all the input
  7. cool, thought that was the case but some people maintain they can hit significantly further with pro v 1 x's
  8. hi, i was just wondering, out of all you people, who in your signature, say you use pro v 1 x's how many of you can actually hit the ball hard enough to get a greater benefit than you would out of a pro v 1. or do you just prefer the feel. thanks in advance sam
  9. thanks very much will follw ur advice!
  10. surely it must be ilegal as they would patent there designs no?
  11. hi guys i am really sorry to post yet another thread on rangefinders/gps, but as i am reletivly new to golf i would like to now, wat ones are the best basic ones, i dont need ones that choose clubs and all that, what the difference is between gps and rangefinder, how u use them, the pros, the cons, and really any think else you guys have to say on the subject, thanks in advance. sam
  12. well thats quite tough, and i agree not much help from google, the only thing i foung was one that clips to your cart, dont know if you use a cart or not, but here it is
  13. ive got a set and agree, i find them fantastic, started to think i was the only one with them!
  14. o rite cool sorry didnt see this, thanks though
  15. flushed it feels awesome, really good and flew about 215 yards for me which was good. sorry should explain, unbalanced means the weighting of the club may feel wrong or be to biased.(i am aware some clubs are ment to be to stop hooks, but this one wasnt!)