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  1. Hey tjy355, is BudgetGolf legit? I am interested in purchasing a putter from them, but I don't want to buy a fake. - Brian
  2. No, not really. I found this webpage to be somewhat helpful - the videos are most important. http://perfectgolfswingreview.net/casting.htm - Brian
  3. Guys, terrible day at the range. I was so pissed that I dumped my bag all over the floor when I walked in the door of my house. I have completely lost my swing. Pissed off.
  4. RC, Thanks for the tips. I am going to work on your tips and keeping my shaft pointed down my target line as my heads reach my waist level. PingGKEN, I found nearly that same frame when I was reviewing the video myself. I clearly am casting - good eyes. - Brian
  5. I would post there, but it says my videos are too large. I don't know how to compress them.
  6. Comparing my video with Aaron Baddeley's (who also uses the stack and tilt swing), I am noticing how much I am casting. I had initially thought this was not the case, because I knew I was not casting at the beginning of my downswing. However, I am casting as my hands move below my belt level towards impact, thus steepening my swing immensely.
  7. I believe I have fixed my posture problem; however, I am still hitting behind the ball. Here is an updated video from Sunday showing me hitting a 7i. The first shot isn't so bad, but on the second shot I really chunk it. I'll try and get a head-on view next time, but any other thoughts? 1st Shot) Hit behind the ball 2nd Shot) Big time fat shot, really chunked it 3rd Shot) Hit it fairly pure, and you can notice my balance is off as I hit through the ball first and not the ground - Brian
  8. I'm going to try that wedge player... When my hands are close to my body, the heel of the club is closer to the ground than the toe. That may be dragging on the ground as the clubface moves to the ball at impact. Where in Texas are you at?
  9. My clubs do feel a bit short, but they have a 1/2" extension in them already; I'm not that tall. I am thinking about pushing my hands away from my body, thus increasing the angle the clubshaft makes with ground. This will make me play taller and better my posture. As well, the sole of the club will rest flush with the ground, rather than having the toe slightly off of the ground.
  10. Let's try this...
  11. I am working on posting the video to YouTube, and then linking it to theSandTrap. Watching my video and highlights from the Mercedes Open, I am very worried about my posture and in particular, how close my hands are to my knees. This makes me lean over quite a bit...
  12. Guys, I recently took up the game of golf (December 2008). I was taught the fundamentals when I was in middle school by my dad who played and played well (9 or 10 Handicap) when he was in his middle ages. However, I never took up the game seriously as I played baseball competitively through HS and college. Now no longer playing baseball, I have taken up golf. I consider myself quite athletic, and I feel fairly comfortable swinging the club. However, I am consistently hitting the ball fat. Whether it's a mere half an inch behind the ball or two or three inches of wrist breaking action, I can not hit it clean. The cost has been a ton of distance. I am probably hitting my PW 80 yds, 5i 150 yds (I am 6'1", 190 lbs). FYI, on a launch monitor at the PGA Superstore, I clocked a driver clubhead speed of 118 mph, so I don't puss it out there. Today I made a video of myself, and I would like to post it here for your review. How do I do this? Looking for some tips, - Brian
  13. I'm having the same problem jcrob, and I also pop fly my driver! Help! - Brian
  14. kc8kir, Did you get this fixed? I am having a similar problem, and I was curious what you did to solve it. By the way, what is Z Boaz like? I live in Wichita Falls, so I may drive down when it warms up and beat it around down there. - Brian