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  1. Well its fair to say im in a slump now..... I just cant seem to get anything going.... i mean at all.... like the lowest iv shot in a tourney in te past 2-3 months is 75.... at the beginning of the year i was averaging around 72-73...now im lucky to break 77..... I cant even play normally anymore...it is ridiculously frustrating... ill play mediorcish for around 16 or 17 holes(even-+2ish) and then i make a tripple or wuad out of nowhere..... Iv practiced my eyes out and to no avail...i still SUCK... I cant even hit the ball anymore... chipping is ok...and putting is just frustrating...I have h
  2. I was just watching golf central...was that actually George W. Bush?
  3. Ok so for a school thing i need to know this. What is the average winners prize on the PGAt Tour now and in 1987? I cant find it anywhere..... please help quick....
  4. 93 for lw 108 for gap wedge 123 for pw 138 for 9i 149 for 8i 162 for 7i 171 for 6i pretty much any of these yardages
  5. Ok so iv had my irons since late march.... couldn't play them till mid april cause of th snow....ALREADY the 8 and PW hav spots on the face worn down to the bare metal about th size of a nickel..... (other irons(9,7,6) have spots th size of a dime) right where i hit all my shots.... this happened to my old irons as well.... isnt
  6. Probably these things http://www.trionz.com/ I wear one....idk if it actually works but what the heck
  7. It pisses me off so much.... i mean in my language class we have to translate two passages... the teacher tells us what it is so we can translate it before the test and be relatively familiar with it...the only thing was that we had to translate it ourselves and then translate it in class w/out ANY notes... so everyone in the class is taking the translation out of the answer key and memorizing it.... btw it takes 1-2 hrs do do the translation... Meanwhile im trying to actually do it properly and learn and ill probably fail the test meanwhile they slack off and they'll get A's.... it just pisse
  8. Well essentially what i meant(and should have clarified) is that imho it is VERY NECESSARY to have a plan to follow. I DO not believe you will gt alot better by just going to a range and beating balls...i mearly meant that he should hav some sort of plan imo not necessarily mine i was just givin an example....
  9. Well i am fairly younger but like you hope to go onto the pros later in my life: Here is what im doing now and id think you might want to try First find a teacher you like and trust, take lessons from him every 1-2 weeks. Then, once you are striking the ball well enter into a few smaller tournaments(the difference btwn tournament golf and regular rounds is astounding). While you are doing all of this PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!! i CANNOT stress this enough. Focus alot of this time on your short game it is soo important...i mean most tourneys end up to be a putting contest of sorts...
  10. i15 is an INCREDIBLE 3 wood. Best ever IMO.
  11. This is going to sound crazy but ANYTHING in the fairway and inside 110 i expect to make.
  12. ^SICK bag!!! 9.5/10 How bout mine?
  13. Ill bet EVERY ONE of my rep points that he returns for the masters...ok??
  14. Well i dont think anyone will read this or care for that matter but im getting a new instructor. First lesson is tomorrow. The guy i had been goin to was good but he taught an incredible flat swing, which was only good for a draw(see matt kuchar ). Seeing how i want to make it to the PGA tour one day, i think ill be better off if i have a swing that can hit a draw, fade, high, low, etc.... So i am very excited about this, and working hard at it. Hopefully it pays off and ill be able to win a few tournaments soon. Another plus of this guy is that he teaches the short game and putting, which m
  15. I completely agree w/ the shorter shaft thing. I had a 45.5 BB in my friver and wen i got it reshafted w/ the avix i got it down to 44.5. It is SOOOOO much better. but 47 inches!!?????what......
  16. BEST BALL EVER IS THE PENTA! It is sooo good off th putter and wedges....but i havent gotten to hit it w/ full shots yet... so idk bout how that works but for wedges and putter its the best.
  17. Depends on alot of factors: Pin in back, front , middle? Where is trouble? Where is it better to miss long or short? How does the green break? Wind? How saturated is the ground? Soft, Firm, In between?? Speed of greens? Length of rough around the green? How deep are the bunkers around the green? if any Thats about it.... Id need to know these things before i hit my shot.... haha if u cant tell by now im very deliberate w/ my shots.....
  18. hot water and soap and a lil bit of scrubbin.....seems less dangerous to ur clubs than some other suggestions....and some ppl said to wipe them off w/ a towel, water bottle etc...if thats too troublesome for your new clubs try this: http://thesandtrap.com/accessories/f...n_towel_review thing works great!
  19. VERY EASY FIX: your weight is on your heels at adress... try putting it more on your toes. Try to feel stacked over the ball(more towards the ball, not away from it). That will help you from coming out of it ALOT and prob stop your left leg thing. Once again VERY EASY fix. Good luck
  20. how about a library of pro swings??? IDK how difficult this would be to put together but it would be great to be able to compare it to a pro w/ out having the hassle of importing it into the software.... defenintely would need lines and the ability to draw angles. Also when would this come out??? summer, next year??
  21. Try this http://www.ustmamiya.com/shaft_model...ct.aspx?id=106 . I have the blue version in my 909 d2 and it is an awesome feeling shaft..... just one you might want to try out. Also the idea of using something with an interchangable shaft thing is a VERY good idea for what you want.... IF you dont lik the ft iq/9 give the tm r9, r9 460, r9 supertri a try as they feature the same shaft change thing as callaway.
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