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  1. July 22: played 18 holes at my home course. Played from the back tees and struggled a little. Shot 86 with 4 doubles. Every double was basically due to not getting a pitch shot on the green. My short game was not sharp and even when I was on the green I was in a bad spot. Playing from the back tees really exposed my weakness with the driver. I had hoped to be able to video my swing this weekend but it's looking doubtful at this point.
  2. July 21: Played 6 holes tonight after work with my wife and son. Not a lot of practice but had a nice relaxing night. Earlier I used the Orange whip for about 10 minutes... working on shoulder turn to prevent coming over the top.
  3. This is the latest email from my buddy golf trip planned for next week... "okay - I've got everyone's current GHIN - next up will be team selections then pairings - but first Billy***** is in charge of bringing Wild Turkey 101 and the Snowman to bring summer cooler concoction - also I heard BC Canada has recently legalized MJ so **** is in charge to get some good pot - maybe **** can secure some Viagra as I heard a few guys are having some trouble getting it up -- more to come(so to speak)............." I don't see any mention of what the wives are going to do.
  4. I'm in the July 5 minutes daily challenge so I practice every day for at least 5 minutes ... Whether or not it's proper practice I guess is in the eyes of the beholder. I'm going to try and video my swing this weekend to get a few specific things to work on. I don't have a "priority piece" right now. As Batman says in Lego Batman, " I don't have a priority piece right now, I guess I'm seeing different priority pieces... I'm practicing around". or something like that. I usually play 18 holes one day on the weekend and two 9 hole rounds during the week. Portland, OR and Spokane, WA are 5 hours and a universe apart. Portland is more of a coastal climate while Spokane is inland mountain NW about 30 miles west of the Idaho border and 100 miles south of Canada. There is a small range of mountains which separate the two areas... maybe you've heard of the Cascades? My club does have a reciprocal with a club in Portland though and we've talked about heading down there. My club also has 2 True Golf E6 Simulators and are expanding to 4 this winter so that did help. A big part of my malaise this summer is related to spending 2 weeks of June in the Army Reserves living in a tent in the desert... Should've brought a golf club to swing but did not. I know you know what it's like because I lived in Cleveland for 10 years... the long dark winter.
  5. Next week I'm going up to Kokanee in Canada for 4 days of Golf... 7 rounds in 4 days!
  6. July 20: played 9 holes in my Thursday night league. I felt pretty good but gave to many strokes away. I was 2 over par with 3 to play and was 4 over the last 3 holes with three 3-putts. We clinched a spot in the playoffs with a 4th place finish.
  7. In Spokane, summer starts July 4th and ends August 30th. I went to an outdoor concert last night and regretted not bringing a sweater.
  8. Every Spring I have high expectations and goals for my golf game and my yard. It starts out with such promise but now it's mid July and it seems as if the summer is slipping away. The yard needs serious attention and golf game is in the midst of it's yearly midsummer slump. Six more weeks until Labor Day and my wife let me know I only have 1 free weekend during that time... everything else is booked. I'm thinking about getting Game Golf to see where I can improve my game and better track my stats but it's probably too late to help for this year. Is it too early to start planning for 2018? People from California, Florida and other year round golf locations can refrain from gloating.
  9. July 18: busy day and an after work event. Worked with the orange whip in my front yard. Slow swings to feel the club head weight building to full speed fast swings.
  10. You can have a bad round if you... don't care enough, care too much, are dehydrated, too hydrated, too stiff or too limber. Didn't warm up enough or warmed up too much. There's also your chakra and what phase the moon is in... those are also important. This all needs to be graphed and shared in detail on the Game Golf thread.
  11. Funny thing was... I watched the video on here of the pitch shot technique and then got swallowed by the YouTube monster. I ended up watching Orange Whip wedge videos with Stan Utley and he was talking about the pivot... so yes, I think it is intended to help you learn the pivot.
  12. I played Shadow Creek in Las Vegas which was a treat. You can't drive to the course. They pick you up in a limo at the MGM and take you out there. Only other course of note is The Links at Spanish Bay... not Pebble Beach but in the neighborhood and I played with a caddie which was cool. Planning a trip to Scotland in the next 1 to 2 years for Scotch and Golf... anyone want to tag along?
  13. You're killin' me Sproles. I think my PTSD is flaring up. My old clubs were Taylor Made SLDR irons which I think were on the market for 6 months and I wasn't crazy about them anyway. I had Mizuno irons MX-23's (?) prior to that and had lost the 6 iron... and was just ready for something different. I think I had the Taylor Made's a few months. I replaced them with Mizuno JPX EZ Forged PW-5 and I really like them except for a couple of things. First, they're a lot bigger head then I realized when I hit them in the store. The first time I played them on the course I was like, "dang, those heads are huge". Also, they're a bit more off-set than I like and I don't have a problem squaring the club head anyway. I have my eye on a set of JPX 900's. I had Taylor Made R1 and SLDR drivers and both were in my car because I was going back and forth. The R1 was a huge advance from my previous driver which was an older Taylor Made Burner Pro. It would carry 15 to 20 yards further than my old driver. I replaced them with an M1 Driver and 3 wood. I really like the M1 but have never had it fit for me. I have a love/hate relationship my driver anyway. I hit the 3 wood 240 and it's in the fairway 80 to 90% of the time. That said, my previous 3 wood was a Titleist 915 and I think I liked it better. Putter was an Odyssey Pro Black Series and I replaced it with a Scotty Cameron Squareback. Hard to say here... I always wanted a Scotty and I had a blank check from the wife so... I'm still constantly trying out new putters but right now I'm putting lights out with the Squareback. For wedges I bought 52 and 56 degree Mizuno S5 in Blue metal. My son has Autism so the blue wedges were a tribute to him. They're great but a minor thing bothers me about them... there is nothing on the sole of the club to identify the degree so I have to move it around to see the number. I small thing but I've pulled the wrong club a couple times. So, overall... I would say for the most part I'm as happy as I ever get with golf clubs... family? If by family you mean easily replaceable if something better came along... then yeah. Couple things... I also had my Clic gear push cart in the car and luckily my range finder was in it... so they didn't get that. I guess they weren't the walking type. Second, I had been carrying my copy of "The Lowest Score Wins" in my Golf Bag and I thought I had lost it. But last year I found it in the night stand next to my bed. And they all lived happily ever after, The End.
  14. July 18: Wife and kids were doing their thing so after work I went to the club and had a good practice session. Warmed up with a 9 iron and worked on half swings to get better contact. Then did some work with the driver which hurt me last time I played. Working on my shoulder turn which gets me in a better position at the top. Then I went to the pitching/chipping green and worked on some different shots from different lies. Of course, I did double hit one shot but it did't get into my head too much. I took 5 balls in the bunker and was 5 for 5 out with the farthest about 10 feet away from the pin. Finally, spent about 20 minutes putting. I have a hard time practicing putting because I get bored. I line up some putts, work on 5 to 6 footers. work on some longer putts then wrap it up. Hard part about our course is there is a public restaurant which overlooks the putting green and I always feel like someone's watching me. I've been putting pretty good so I just want to keep the feel I have right now anyway.