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  2. I said 7-9. I tee off with a 3 wood at my home course on three holes and almost always hit it flush. we also have five par 5's and I hit my 3 or 4 hybrid on second shots which I typically flush. Of course, I'm hitting the ball great right now... other times it might be 3 to 5.
  3. I put 5 iron but I would not say I consistently use the same club. It depends on the lie, angle and how far I'm trying to punch out. If I'm only going sideways I will use a sand or pitching wedge. It also depends a lot on how low the trees are. We have trees here with branches that start 20 feet in the air and some pine trees that go all the way to the ground. so, bottom line... "it depends" would be my non-answer answer.
  4. I would say it makes sense because she can't win a tournament she wasn't entered. She was entered as a player in the team event but not the individual event. How can you win a tournament you weren't entered? The coach and the player knew going in she couldn't win the individual event... again because she wasn't entered... but could possibly help the team advance to state. It didn't work and they didn't advance to state anyway which to me says their boys team isn't very good. She's a stud and will likely beat the girls this spring.
  5. Funny thing is I was wondering about that when you first posted this and I was confused. When this happened to Phil during the Master's a few years ago it was important to note the seed thing shot in and landed on the ground in front of his ball causing it to deflect. It did not hit the ball. So much to know about the rules... and then to know them well enough to make a ruling and be confident about it.
  6. The key would be if they planned on removing them later... kind of like leaves. 24/9 would not apply to Part one because it doesn't sound like he was on the cart path... unless his feet were on the path. But then he could take a drop which might get him out of the pile of pine needles. Since this is all just an intellectual exercise because he was playing a round by himself and not keeping score... I would just play the second ball I didn't hit on the cart path.
  7. If the grounds crew piled the pine needles up with the intent to remove them later it could also be considered ground under repair.... even if it was not marked. In that case you would be entitled to a free drop.
  8. I have to admit... I'm a scatter brain and now that I have game golf I may be even more so. Hardly a round goes by where I don't leave something on the course. This last week I lost 2 head covers and found them both in the lost and found. I play at a private club so when I noticed I was missing the head cover I didn't sweat it... I knew it would be turned in. One of them was my Scotty Cameron head cover and I was a little worried about it but it did make it's way to the cart barn. I was shocked how many abandoned stuff there was in the lost and found... some pretty nice rain gear and a to
  9. Hey guys... just got Game Golf last week and I'm trying to get set up. Any pointers or wisdom anyone can share with the system would be great. I've used it twice and have had a couple issues so far. First, I consistently forget to tag a shot and a few times had to run back to my previous spot.... luckily it was a slow day on the course and no one was behind us... just distracting. The biggest challenge was on putts as I would hardly ever record a tap in. I would just go to the next hole and then some of the shots would be recorded on the previous hole. It was a mess trying to edit some o
  10. The only thing I don't pick up on a golf course is a ball. garbage... pick it up. Club, glove, head cover, range finder, etc... pick it up. Ball?... unless it's pitch black in the morning or night and no one else is on the course... leave it there.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's called common courtesy. It seems to be a dying custom in this country.
  12. I'm in Spokane and the air sucks. currently at 239 which is "very unhealthy". Problem is a high pressure system is keeping all the smoke from blowing out. My office smells like a campfire.
  13. Saturday at my home course. Short Par 4 15th with water on the right and trees lining the left. I typically tee off with a 3 wood and the last few times I've been right... not in the water but over the water in some other trees. So, Saturday, I decide I'm not going right and of course went left into the trees. I had a nice opening to the pin but there was 1 large pine tree about 10 yards in front of me and directly in line with the pin. The trunk basically obliterated the entire green, could not go right or left and shoot at the green. There is a sand trap in the left front and I was 120
  14. Totally agree, I spent a lot of time in our clubs simulators over the winter and my swing was in pretty good shape at the start of the season. I had gained 10 yards or about 1 club in distance for every shot... the challenge has been to keep the same feel over the playing season. I'm getting my video system set up and Amazon should have a package for me on Tuesday.
  15. I think whatever works for you is what's important. Personally, I carry a 3W, 3H, 4H. I hit the 3W up to 230- 240 off the fairway and 250 off the tee. The 3H will go 210-220. I carried a 5 wood for years and replaced it with the 3H which I find more versatile and accurate. To me the question is 3I/3H vs. 5W. At my home course I tee off with 3W five or six times a round so it makes sense for me.
  16. We have an annual golf tournament on the Summer Solstice with a lot of food and drink on the course. Most people play music in their carts and its a big party. After I did that a few years I started to have a small Bluetooth speaker on my golf bag and will listen to music when I play occasionally. I keep it low and usually listen to 70's classic rock which soothes me on the course for some reason. Loud music on the golf course just doesn't fit... but some quiet music is not a problem as far as I'm concerned.
  17. 11 that I can think of... NV, AZ, CA, UT, WA, HI, ID, OH, NY, NC, FL... + BC Canada.
  18. In the wind I have a mantra I say to myself every time I hit... "when it's breezy, swing easy". If you try to muscle a drive or other shots you end up creating more backspin or side spin and it will get you in more trouble. Also, I tend to think in terms of clubs... 1 club wind or two club wind and think of the yardages that way... typically in 10 yard increments. I think less about it when I'm playing downwind... and if anything would take one club less if there is significant wind behind me. Growing up in Las Vegas I played in windy conditions often so I mostly go by feel. I r
  19. The club I belong to has 2 indoor golf simulators which is great. We have a couple of leagues over the winter and it keeps the competitive juices flowing. Last year was the first year with the simulators and by spring my swing was pretty good.
  20. I think the LPGA gets the exact amount of credit it's due. Men are simply more sports obsessed than women and enjoy watching men's events more. I would say even the majority of LPGA watchers are men but have not seen the demographics published. My wife golfs a bit but would not watch an LPGA event if her life depended on it... Last week I had to explain to her who Michelle Wie is and why some people don't like her. She's pretty much oblivious to every sport and I think she's pretty typical for the average woman. She spends way more money on hair and face products than she spends on golf.
  21. Index is down to 9.5 from 9.7. Started the year at 10.6.
  22. In the original post I kindly asked people in year round golf locations not to gloat. I grew up in Las Vegas and we would even play in the 110 degree heat... but it was a dry heat. I would not be able to tolerate the humidity you live in and would be right next to you in the clubhouse.
  23. Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) is and active metabolite of Hydrocodone so it is very common for people taking hydrocodone to have hydromorphone in their system also. The concerning aspect to me as a physician who treats both chronic pain issues and addiction is the combination of Xanax and Opiates. My office has a policy to never prescribe opiates and benzodiazepine to the same patient due to safety issues. Over 50% of the accidental overdose deaths due to opiates involve combination with a benzo. I call it pulling a Whitney Houston. A little hydrocodone, Xanax, THC and a glass of wine... add a
  24. this was my "range work" over the weekend. Ended up not being able to practice so I'm out for August. Will try again in September but keep posting this month.
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