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  1. 2 nickent hybrid head covers... lost one of my old ones... so i bought 2 that match
  2. im currently working on not sucking while on the course
  3. cut the corner of a dogleg left par5 leaving me 190 to the green... nutted my 3h just short of the green on the collar
  4. duck hooked my teeshot into the deepest darkest forest not even a sasquatch would be in... absolutely flushed my 3h... i have no idea how it didnt become a lumberjack but my ball didnt so much as graze a leaf... i didnt see it land let alone come out... but my buddies in the fw were screaming bloody murder... cursing at me... i thought i killed a lil old lady walking to her ball or something the way they were screaming... my ball was sitting 3ft from the flag
  5. double par thru 9 on a par 36 is 72... if you are shooting 144 thru 9... you need to pick up... if nobody is around and you arent holding anyone up... hit it as many times as you want as long as the marshalls dont say anything to you
  6. wow... i dunno who you guys are playing with... but when im with someone new to the game... around double par is when its time to start picking up the ball and dropping it closer to the green... so whatever double par comes to on that particular course... +36 would be the max id write down if we were even keeping a score
  7. this is an enormous pet peeve of mine... especially when they are loud and the guy teaching can barely get the ball in the air... its almost as bad as when they ask me for tips on the range wow... that must be some serious muni... torrey pines isnt even like that in the least... my brothers and i would "critique" each others swings everytime we hit the range there and one of the pros would even chime in with a tip every now and then... maybe they were cool cuz we were there almost daily... but as other ppl have said... there was absolutely no need to be rude
  8. i dont have a 200+ iron in my bag... but ill pull an iron if its the club i need for the shot
  9. im working on girs... my gir percentages are horrendous... if i can hit more greens i know i can drop a few strokes with ease... right now i have to scramble like a maniac most of the round
  10. i may not get many girs if i stray off the teebox too many times... but get me anywhere inside 120 and ill stick it close... my gw and putter work overtime and pay dividends... my sand game isnt too bad either( i tend to be on the beach alot)... its my long game thats been my nemesis forever... most guys i play with are hitting mid to short irons into greens with a decent teeshot... im hitting hybrids and woods on the longer par4's
  11. dont get me wrong... i "can" hit my pw to 120 if i swing outta my shoes or if i thin one really good... but its rare i intentionally do it... 55° sw - 70 - 75 52° gw - 85 - 95 pw - 100 - 105 9i - 110 - 115 8i - 120 - 125 7i - 130 - 125 6i - 140 - 145 5i - 150 - 155 4h - 160 3h - 170
  12. you guys wouldnt believe me if i told you my iron yardages... and im a high single digit hcp... i live and die by my short game
  13. almost aced a 178yrd par3... forced carry over water... with water left of the green and behind the green... traps on the right... pin was on the middle tier... picked the ball clean off the tee with my 4h thinking i thinned the crap out of it... ball landed in the valley on the front left of the green and chased up missing the hole by a few inches... everyone was yelling... tap in birdie... almost bought drinks today... lol
  14. shot 5 over... couldnt hit a fw to save my life but was putting within 6' all day... final hole kicked me in the teeth and finished with a double
  15. terrible score... but fun round... 88... 43 front 45 back... lipped out an eagle putt... chipped in for bogey... nutting driver all day... putting lights out... if only my approach shots were better the score woulda been better
  16. played today on a course that... lets just say it was more beneficial for you to hit your teeshot into the first cut of rough rather than the middle of the fw's... the first cut of rough had some what of a cushion/ the middle of the fw's were like cement... if you could keep your drive relatively straight it was easy to get a long one leaving you wedges to the greens... but actually hitting the ball with a wedge off of cement was pretty tricky... i hit 10 of 14 fw's... the 4 i missed were in the first cut and i made par or better on those holes... the condition of a course makes a huge dif
  17. reached a long par5 in 2 and lipped out my eagle putt :(
  18. my brother is a pretty good player but he hates muni greens... he's used to really fast greens and cant putt on slow ones
  19. yup i swap clubs all the time depending on the situation... i swap out my drivers depending on how theyre treating me... if the course is longer ill swap my 3w/4w... shorter course ill add a wedge remove a wood/hybrid...
  20. better golf on better courses? a good player can play on anything... with that being said... i think its absolutely true to a certain extent... its pretty tough to score low when over half of the areas your ball lands arent very good lies even if youre smack in the middle of the fw... but when youre so used to playing a crap course and then you go to a decent course... its like night and day... like going from surfing 3 foot mush on the east coast to 20 foot faces on the north shore... some guys cant handle it and others eat it up... i cant hit balls off of hardpan cuz the club just bo
  21. one of my brothers does this to me all the time... irritating
  22. deep trouble on a par3... pushed the teeshot into the woods... couldnt see the green... had a terrible lie... low tree branches... hill guarding that side of the green... opened up my sand wedge and hit it as hard as i could... no idea where it went after i hit it... but it landed smack dab in the middle of the green... 1 putted for par
  23. 2 shots today... one didnt go in... the other did... almost an eagle from 140 out... hit the flagstick but didnt go in... the other was a 40ft putt with a big break... dove right in
  24. flopdarock


    almost had one today... my approach shot from 140 out on a long par5 hit the flagstick and stopped inches past the hole
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