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  1. What are you gguys opinions on scratch golf? the clubs look great but are they worth the price? Also golftown in canada doesn't sell there clubs so where would i get them?
  2. i wouldnt be surprised if it was a worm burner but it looked like it was his tee
  3. is it true that his mother said "he's just like his father" I heard that from my uncle haha
  4. I would have to think the niblick just because of the grooves but I have tried neither and tend to think they are a little bit of a gimmick
  5. shoot 10 rounds in the 70s get my handicap to 7 play well in tournaments more than 2 top 3 finishes in the 5 junior events at my course. (1 last year)
  6. yes and i think you dont lose distance with srixons forged irons like you do with mizunos
  7. Hey everyone just wondering what everyone thought what a better company. Since they are both Japanese companies with forged irons could you give your input on which is better in terms irons, woods,, etc..
  8. the best ball for the money has to be the srixon AD333 for 19.99 and performs almost as well as any ball more than $40
  9. wrong S.R.I sports who own srixon own the cleveland/never compromise brand
  10. I don't think so how could you leave out Texas! It should be Texas, Alabama, TCU, Boise State
  11. try srixon ad333 its only like 19.99 and its awsome! I think it's actually better than some premium balls
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