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  1. I use Skydroid and it does everything I need (and more) Best of all it was free! The only down side is that I think you can only keep score for one player... I haven't looked that hard though....
  2. I was quite surprised when I counted them all up and got to 6! 5 if you don't count my home country... Australia, USA, England, France, Indonesia and Fiji Hoping to add at least couple more in the next 12 months too
  3. Without wanting to reinforce the the stereotype (I'm an aussie) have played many rounds with Kangaroos on the course.... even had a couple "being intimate" next to the tee box on a par 3.... Other than that, few snakes (both dead and alive).... I haven't seen it but I read that there is a course with Bull Sharks in the water hazards up north.....
  4. So I was in need of a new pair of golf shoes and I found a pair of Puma Harpias on sale, 40% off so I grabbed them. Cleaning the soles after the first round and I noticed that the left and right soles are different. Not massively so, but different enough. The salesman was raving on about some feature that was supposed to make you swing better but I honestly tuned out. So the question is are they meant only for right handed golfers? Or did I somehow end up with two different shoes (that look exactly alike).... From what i remeber the sales man saying as the feet have different stresses on them in a golf swing the shoes are designed to encourage grip where needed and slip where needed.... Thoughts?
  5. I would wager you hit the old 6 iron better because the lofts and lengths are prob the equivalent of the Burner 7 iron. Quote: and was hitting better and more consistently with it than my burner 6 iron, not to mention it was forged. Oh and forged or cast, makes no difference on the forgiveness of the club. All comes down to the design.
  6. Bullitt5339 has the right idea Pro Tee and just remember what letter to go down to! That said I also sometimes use the small red fixed height tees for my irons.
  7. I've got an old Mizuno F60 (16.5 degree).... One of my favourite clubs in the bag, Great off tee or turf !!
  8. J. Day -12 R. McIllroy -10 L. Westwood -9
  9. noefi13b

    Golf Adages

    Its not how, its how many....
  10. I must be in the minority but I hope they don't change the rules.... If using a long putter (belly or broomstick) is such an advantage then why isn't everyone on tour using it? I don't really get the arguement of not being able to anchor against the body either.... I use my 4 wood around the green a lot and I wedge the end of the shaft in my belly, would this too become illegal? The irony is I only tried it as I read about it in Tiger's book....
  11. I'd wager that what makes it illegal has less to do with the loft and more to do with the grooves. At the start of 2010 (or was it 09) box style grooves were banned on the pro tours. For amatuers the ban doesn't come into effect for quite a few years yet so I wouldn't worry about it...
  12. Internationals 18.5 USA 15.5 MVP Baddeley Go the internationals!!! esp the Aussies!
  13. I picked inconsistent because for any given handicap it would mean I'd win a few tournaments (and lose a few by a lot!) If I was consistent I'd always lose to someone having the round of their life.... Seriously though, I picked inconsistent as I see your best rounds as your true potential....... and the lower the better!
  14. newtogolf is on the money... done it a couple of time and it works a treat... Another tip would be to NOT put them near a heater or vent.... they will dry too quickly and may get crusty
  15. I'm pretty sure one of the reason I love golf so much is where I live!! Melbourne, Australia I would say conservatively there are about 100 golf course within 1 hours drive of my house.... Ranging in price from $20 - if you have to ask you can't afford it.... Weather is good enough to play year round and if your slightly strange (like me) you can play in shorts pretty much every round (coldest it gets during an average winter day is 12c or so (about 50 f) As for the people you meet on the course I can honestly say I have only wanted to punch two people I have met on the golf course and this is after playing many rounds as a single.... Almost all are at least bearable for 4 hours and most are actually are good company! Oh and the President's Cup is in town in a couple of months too
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