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  1. i'm sure this will get me flamed, but you don't tend to see many top notch players on public courses. As far as drive carry I hit a drive yesterday on a flat 385 yard par 4 to about 112 to the pin, pin was back. The drive had about 30 yards of roll. The kid who I was playing with almost hit my ball on the fly and got about 5 yards of roll. We have a lot of scratch and better players at my club, and I've played with a couple people who play on mini tours. Some are bomb and gouge, some are steady down the middle. The young guys tend to be bomb and gouge guys and they can really blast a drive when they want to 320+. I've never seen anyone on a public course hit much more than 280. just my .02
  2. You have a link on how this system works?
  3. Um, what handicap system are you using that you can only take a bogey? You need to take the score you had, then post based on the Equitable Stroke Control adjustment after the round. I have to say it is a big pet peeve of mine when people pick up saying they can only take X. If you are betting or playing in a tourney you need to play it down and your score is your score. ESC is only for posting in the handicap system, not for your final score. Equitable Stroke Control Chart Course Handicap Maximum Score 0-9 Double Bogey 10-19 7 20-29 8 30-39 9 40 or more 10
  4. Most people on here don't seem to know the difference between an index and a course handicap. My index has been a whole number like 5 times but if you look at the profiles you'll notice a lot of whole numbers.
  5. Hmmm, Americans on an American network commenting on mostly American golf tournaments. Ya that is pathetic. And people being patriotic, what idiots. I think we need some north Koreans on NBC, that would make for some great commentary. Borf there are not many who can generalize a 300++ million population down into such an insightful comment. " The American public does not understand Nick Faldo, too ignorant and one dimensional. " I think you could have gone further and added that Americans don't understand golf either.
  6. I put 139 or so rounds on a pair of adidas last year and they are still going strong.
  7. Just moved from CG4 tours to mp60/mx23 combo set and have to say that the mp60s feel fantastic though I still think the cg4 tour is a dandy club. I'm not real hot on the mx23 yet, feedback is very muted. The PX shafts also produce a nice ball flight.
  8. my course has 14 driveable OB holes. 280 is dangerous. I've seen plenty of high cappers pull a drive out of their ass then chunk it once or twice to get on the green in 4 or 5. I've seen a guy (19 HC) hit a drive 350 and end up with a 3 putt 5. Most high cappers who are long can't chip or putt. Most high cappers only have one part of their game in play at any one time.... Driver, Irons, Chipping, or Putting. They might put two shots together 3-4 times per round.
  9. Ours doesn't work quite the same way. I'm assuming you play a lot of match play.
  10. Windy day last month, but WTF it was a good stretch holes #9 395 had 66 yards to middle of green #10 419 had 100 yards to green, pushed it left a bit #11 par 3 #12 514 had 165 to middle
  11. I shot a 41/49 yesterday, and the 41 had 7-GIR 3-3putt GIRs, 2 < 5ft bird misses, and 2 other bird lipouts so it could have easily been a 36. the 49 was a disaster started out with a 3-putt 7 and the first putt was only 4'. Ended up with 3 tripples.
  12. I played badminton in college. It is not an easy sport. The shuttlecock can travel 206Mph.
  13. greenail


    Are you still using this glove?
  14. I am currently a 14 on both of my home courses, I regularly shoot 39's for 9 holes. That does not mean I have 39 on the back, but I think 9 holes is easier to score, than keeping a round going for 18. Today I shot an 88, but lost 7 strokes in the last 4 holes. Some of us are streaky, some people shoot the same front, back, almost every round. Does having the ability to shoot a 39 one every 4-5 rounds make me a sandbagger? There are two main types of sandbaggers, the cheating kind, and the cheating themselves kind. I tend to think there are more reverse-sandbaggers than the high posting type. I see people giving themselves 6-3 footers all round and then wondering why they didn't do so well in a tournament where they had to grind those putts out. There are also unconscious incompetent sandbaggers who just plain don't know the rules, and score wrong. You see this more on public tracks than private, however I have been shocked to see people break rules in total ignorance of them at my own club.
  15. It was the worst golf interview on TV I have ever seen, totally uncomfortable for Tiger. Tiger corrected Johnny and said he was wrong, that is probably why he was laughing during the analysis. Other than that, Tiger got cut off 100 times by our pal Johnny.
  16. Huh? I don't understand the question? What does the # of competitions have to do with my handicap? I post every round on the course I play, as is the rule. I was dropping around 2 strokes per month last year. And I did quite well in the tournaments winning my flight of the club championship. My index got up to about 12.8 this winter, and I think my instant index is ~11.9. Our fairways are still dormant and the turf has been hard, soggy, or thin. Not sure what any of this has to do with the OP though...
  17. Forward press is something that once you learn is hard to stop, I have been working for a year to rid myself of the forward press. Also I think you may not understand lag, the left wrist should be square at impact, but all these positions are very difficult to understand without a pro watching you and showing you. Note tiger below at address. and at impact Consistent contact starts from good fundamentals ( grip, ball position, aim) which if are wrong will make you imagine all sorts of fixes and bandaids, and personal discoveries. I went from a 26 index to an 11.0 last year. This took lessons, forgetting what I thought I knew about the swing, and working on one or two fundamentals at a time in 2-4 week lesson intervals. I'd like to think I understand the golf swing, but it is almost impossible to analyze yourself.
  18. I'm not the only one who noticed it, read the above article, though they don't reference the specific swing comment.
  19. Accenture Match Play Championship
  20. I don't have a tape, it was right after the event where Johnny and Jim were trying to see how far up Tiger's ass they could get.
  21. Who's with me, lets get johnny miller off the air. I'm sick of his babble, even tiger dissed him on his crap analysis. Johnny was saying the swing vision shot was better and he wasn't finishing around with his arms. Tiger said he was just hitting a cut and a draw would look very different. Dumb Johnny had nothing to say.
  22. Well after 3 rounds I am not having any distance issues, or swing weight issues, Love the MP60 but having some more room for error on the long irons is nice.
  23. Burner, I have one, but a guy at my club hit a demo burner 365 pin high but slightly left, and on the next hole hit it 350. Wind wasn't a factor.
  24. Ok, so I needed to make the jump to stiff shafts and instead of reshafting my cg4 tours I started looking on ebay for some MP-60 with project x 5.5's in 'em. I found and won a set but they are blended, 3-6i MX-23 and 7-PW MP-60. I hit them for the first time on the range last night and when going between the two types, the MX-23's seemed to be going right. The MX-23 has what seems to me to be a HUGE sole, and I'm not sure if that is what is throwing me off. Can anyone offer their experience playing with a blended set? Is there any adjustment you consciously need to make transitioning? P.S. Please don't speculate unless you are a club fitter, or have played a few rounds with a blended set. Guessing is fun, but your guess is as good as mine. P.P.S. Those MP-60 feel butter sweet, and my shot dispersion was way down.
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