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  1. I played the Silver Dollar a few years ago ,it was pretty nice ,also it seems like it had 3 nine hole courses and you could combine your choice to make 18.
  2. Afternoons with Mr. Hogan by Jody Vasquez . A excellent book .
  3. I think everyone knows at least one of these guys and alot of us whether we admit it or not used to be that guy.When you first start playing its easy to take a mulligan or two, say that balls almost inbounds,move your ball around alittle to improve your lie. I did,but then I played more and now I understand that I'm only cheating myself.And when my son started playing I told him that no one would say anything if he fibbed on his score but if he did he would be cheating only himself,so no matter how bad it is he always writes down his correct score,but when he does get a good score he's proud that he did it without cheating.And that makes me proud.
  4. I say its a sport, but my wife says its an obsession.
  5. I work for Goodyear, best thing about my job (not counting money) we have our own golf course; cheap golf!
  6. The company i work has a golf course 50$ a month
  7. When my son was 7 i let him hit old balls i would find around the course in a pond just told him to try to make them splash. Now after 5 yrs of motocross he is back to playing golf