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  1. what course in maryland was it?
  2. the same thing happened to my r9 460. How long did it take for it to get repaired? i had mine shipped out to taylormade on monday so im hoping to get it by next week.
  3. I currently play the 08 burner 3 wood and have the stock 49g shaft in stiff flex. It feels to light for me and i think i would be better off with something heavier. I found a nice Aldila VS Proto 'By You" shaft but it is 85 grams. this is quite a bit heavier than what I'm used to and I think it will give me a much lower ball flight. I hit my 3 wood about 210-220 with a mid trajectory I'd say. I get a lot of spin but I'm also using a prov1 so i figure that contributes to it also. I would like to know anyone's opinion of this shaft, if they have used it in a fairway wood, and whether or not
  4. I think people do often make assumptions of how good a player is by handicap and many times it does hold to be true. However their scores don't necessarily indicate what type of player they really are. I recently played in a tournament with a guy who was listed as a 15 handicap but didn't hit the ball very far at all on a 6600 yard course. He was just out there having fun and said he would go nuts if he shot 85. He would hit his driver maybe 200-210, but would always have to hit a hybrid onto every green, very rarely hitting irons. He even had to hit driver on one par 3 and didn't make it ther
  5. I was interested in using one of the two balls (Taylormade Burner TP or Nike One Vapor) as my primary ball for this season. I wanted to hear reviews from players on the performance of the ball. Burner TP is marginally cheaper for me but it doesn't make a huge difference. Any thoughts guys?
  6. I have the Matrix Ozik Xcon 5.5 in my driver. It feels nice too. I haven't really compared it versus other shafts, the previous driver had the aldina nv 75 which was too heavy for me. Any of the new club heads with the Ozik would be nice. Give the R7 limited a try, you can easily find it for under $200 as well.
  7. If I was in your position, I would try to get a putter and a wedge. They have the Nike SV wedges on sale for $70 which is a great looking and performing wedge. As for putters I think the two best options would be a Cleveland classic putter, which are excellent because they are milled and provide great feel, not to mention they are only $70. Another option would be the Odyssey white hot xg. The insert on the club feels great and would be a putter I think you would really like. Thats around $100, so you would go a little over, but I think it would be a worthy investment. This way you can get goo
  8. They are great irons and look fantastic for any beginner clubs. They will definitely catch the attention of your eye and feel nice. I have played great rounds with them and loved them but it was time for me to move on to AP1s.
  9. I am purchasing AP1s soon and they need a new home, I was between two stand bags. My choices were either Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag or the Ping Hoofer Vantage. I know both will be great bags but would like some feedback. I'm aware of the great reputation of the Hoofer and would like to delve but would appreciate some opinions before I decide.
  10. get a Mizuno putter from budgetgolf for $100. Great milled putter. only a little more then the Ping Karsten everyone raves over but much better feel and look.
  11. Nitro Blaster golf balls. I got a free sleeve at a golf show. They hit long but had really bad feel and hurt when coming off wedges or putter.
  12. try to find Ben Hogan BH5. They are the callaway x14 pro irons. They have less offset and look fantastic. I'm sure you could find it for cheaper than the callaways.
  13. I think the first issue is cost. I know you can get R7s for around 350 or less which is a great deal for irons of that caliber. But if the TPs are not too much more then they would be a good value. I think R7s would help you improve faster and I don't think they are really completely different than the TPs. You can shoot very low with the R7s and I don't think they would limit your potential. The R7s are great looking clubs and I think you'll be happy with the results.
  14. I just today got an R7 Limited and got a chance to play with it. It feels and looks fantastic and I had good results. I am however very thorough about cleaning my clubs after I play, but read in the manual to try to avoid liquids from entering the areas where the removable weights are. Usually I clean my old drivers in the sink with soap and water. Would using this method damage the threads for the removable weights? If not would you have any suggestions to clean the club without damaging the weights and threads?
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