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  1. Indianapolis to South Bend couses

    I have actually played them both. Do you (or anyone else) have insight into their condition recently?
  2. I am looking for suggestions on courses to play between IND and SB. Unfortunately we already booked flights and cannot make it to Crooked Stick in time. Public or private, just looking for very well kept tracks.
  3. Parity on tour

    I think it is great. If you don't like parity you can watch just about any other sport our there. What is the fun in watching if you know what is going to happen?
  4. I play ping g25 irons 5-pw and recently ditched my Adams idea 22* for a titleist 816 h2 21*. My hope was to get a hybrid that plays more like an iron as I find that in dense or fluffy bermuda rough I often than hit a pop up. I am realizing as my ball striking improves I should probably get a 3 and 4 iron. With that said I carry my 5i close to 200 and unless I am playing a really long course (6900 yds or more) my hybrids only get used 1-2x other than on the tee box.
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played 9 on Sunday and again on Monday. Both on my home course front 9. The second 9 I played the blue/white combo tees which play to a hair over 3300 yds. Shot a 39 with 2 birdies (another 2 birdie putts lipped out), 5 gir, and 5 fir. My short game has drastically improved since reading the short game bible towards the tail end of the spring. The combined 9s were my first outing that I can remember where I posted a single digit differential. Hopefully I will be a single digit index by the 9/1 revision.
  6. Behind a Foursome of Slow-Playing Kids

    I used to live in the area where AJGA is headquartered and I would volunteer at their tournaments. They have timers every 3 holes and giving them red or green cards for pace of play. I believe two red and they start getting penalty strokes. These were their top events with kids from all around the world. Great organization.
  7. Breaking 80 Thread

    Had my best opportunity yet yesterday. Was playing a match play match; shot a 38 (+2) on the front. I fell apart for 2 holes carding a +6 between them starting on 12 which is a 206 yd par 3 . Picked up and took a seven, conceding the hole, when I could have made a 5. Birdied 14 and won the hole and match with a bogey on 15. Lost interest/concentration and finished out with an 86 :(
  8. What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    Football: Varsity Blues Baseball: Rookie of the Year Basketball: Space Jam Hockey: Miracle Soccer: Lady Bugs Auto Racing: Ricky Bobby Bowling: The Big Lebowski Surfing: n/a Golf: Caddyshack Boxing: The Cinderella Man
  9. Home golf room setup

    The small one is 5×3.5. Most of their products are meant to be used inside. On another note, I would dedicate a portion of the room to putting. Can build a small putting platform and alater the slope with wooden wedges.
  10. Home golf room setup

    That thing is sweet but "thenetreturn" is same price or maybe a little more and provides feedback.