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  1. I cannot believe this has gotten 11 pages deep. Y'all must be a blast to hang out with. If what he did offends you then maybe you should lighten up a bit. Personally the only WD I would like to see is the USGA from butchering golf courses and tournaments on an annual basis..... and maybe Joe Buck too (baseball okay, but his golf commentary is turrible).
  2. upndown21

    Anyone Going to the U.S. Open at Shinnecock?

    I still don't understand why the Open is always a logistical nightmare. Plenty of great courses that can handle the tournament elsewere. Then again it is the USGA so it does make some sense. Hope they redeem themselves there.
  3. upndown21

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Next revision 8.4. Won flight in m/m but lost first hole of shootout. Have m/g next week and my parter and I are both playing well. We won his clubs fall m/g last year and won our flight in my m/g last year. Fingers crossed and we pull out a W and I get below 8.2 on the 7/1 revision.
  4. upndown21

    How long should you take to hit your shot on the course?

    Yes, I know. My point was being quick about making a decision then pull the trigger. Address, one look at target, and swing.
  5. upndown21

    How long should you take to hit your shot on the course?

    Probably takes me 30-40 seconds once I get to my ball to shoot the distance, look at the pin sheet, pull a club, 1-2 practice swings, and make the shot.
  6. upndown21

    Chicken Wings?

    I love wings myself. In high school we went to all you can eat wings every Wednesday and I held the record for a period of time (126 wings)-- granted they were on the smaller side. And fwiw I would never order breaded wings but when I go to hooters (maybe 1x every year or two) that is all I order. So good with the fries drenched in hot sauce!
  7. upndown21

    Subscription boxes

    If you like adidas, puma, and Travis Mathew it's not that bad. Ocassionally they send their own brand which is not good (bad cuts and cheap material). Personally I rather hit the sale rack at a course and get a peter millar or fj shirt for the price of one box.
  8. upndown21

    Subscription boxes

    I did short par 4 for a little over a year. One out of 4-6 boxes were good. I stared before they offered the bigger box.
  9. upndown21

    How would you play this 495y par 5?

    22* hybrid, 7/8 iron, wedge, one putt= birdie
  10. Nice! Where do you play the most?
  11. upndown21

    Losing a Golf Ball on the PGA Tour

    This! In college we used to play a goat track in south GA. One of my friends had his high school buddy who played college golf come visit in the winter one weekend. The course was full of hard pan areas that ran off into overgrown areas no more than a couple yards off each fairway and blind shots to such locations. The greens were like putting on old asphalt. My friends buddy shot a 63, it was Bubba at age 20.
  12. upndown21

    Not Needed for Jury Duty

    I have never been summoned but my wife recently did a high profile trial. It was amazing to me the "peers" that are selected. One juror could not read or write., two expected evidence like it was CSI, and one could not name the defendant during deliberation after a week long trial. Luckily my wife is a type A and with the help of another juror they swung the jurors to put a child molestor (former cop) in prison for 38 years..... if he lasts that long. With that said, the fact that you only get $30/day is crazy and if not for this eye opening experience I would do everything in my power to get out of the process when summoned.
  13. upndown21

    Poor Lucas Glover

    $20 says she had a couple drinks prior to clawing her husband and mother in law. Wish my wife pushed me to be better at golf😆

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