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  1. upndown21

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    I voted wait but if you want a challenge you should do it. Personally I would like to do the champ flight at my club if I can get down to a 4 or so... but we also have at least a dozen guys who can shoot a 66 and not go over 74. So it would be an experience more than a chance to win.
  2. After a fitting last week I purchased a 54* k grind with 16* of bounce. Granted I have yet to get my club in... it was awesome. Usually I am exclusively using my 58 around the green but this new wedge can do it all. I was easily hitting 10yd flop shots off tight lies (which I could never do). Fits in the bag well as my 50 is low bounce and 58 is 8*. As a fellow digger I highly recommend checking in out.
  3. upndown21

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Love Italian cars. I have a 91 testerossa. My friend has a relatively new 458 Italia and that is a beast. Not sure I would want to deal with all the electronics in the newer models.
  4. upndown21

    A wedge spending decision

    Up until last year I would buy used wedges from global golf. Never ordered a "value" rated club and each wedge (bought 4) was in good shape for at least 2 seasons. As I try to improve I went to getting fitted and buying new.
  5. upndown21

    Finding a home course

    I looked for condition of the course at different points of the year, practice facilities, other amenities, and distance. Obviously it has to be cost efficient.
  6. upndown21

    Breaking 80 Thread

    I love a boring round! Since breaking 80 in December I have been treated to three more boring rounds in the 70s.
  7. upndown21

    Golf Tournament Name Ideas

    Birdies for Burn Victims
  8. Granted the video does not show a full follow thru-- I do complete the follow thru from 1/4 and 1/2 swings and can hit very accurate shots from 50-105 (5 yd gaps) between my 4 wedges.
  9. Sounds like the Pelz method which I use a lot unless I need more spin.
  10. Currahe, Waterfall, Sky Valley, and Achasta are all in N. GA mountains. The first two are private but easy to get on and the other two are semi private with online booking.
  11. upndown21

    3 wood to 5 iron gap

    I carry 3w, 19* 3h, 21* 4h, 5i My gaps are 240, 225, 210, 195
  12. upndown21

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thank you, sir.
  13. One of my playing partners has one. Pretty cool considering we mostly walk except June-August.
  14. upndown21

    Phil/Insider trading

    Real world and the academic world are two different places. Let's play a game. The bet is $10,000. We guess how many jelly beans are in a container. Closest to the correct number wins the bet. I get to count the jelly beans before guessing. Want to play?
  15. upndown21

    Phil/Insider trading

    1. If a free market economist was in favor of insider rIles then they would not be a free market economist. 2. When you have material non-public information you are in fact screwing someone who does not have the same information. 3. The idiot comment is crazy. People have different risk tolerance and objectives. If I bought FB at $30 and sell it to you at $200 perhaps I wet my beak enough and rather book a gain than take more risk of holding a mature position. Plus there are market makers that provide liquidity in securities so when you buy your not necessarily buying from Joe Schmoe down the street.

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