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  1. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Just wait for the Masters
  2. Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    8i to 9 o'clock, all rotation, no wrist action.
  3. Driver-Wedge at WGC Mexico

    Actually it is 9.08% difference due to altitude. Between altitude and elevation there were quite a few spots where they hit 85% of actual distance. QBAA
  4. Driver-Wedge at WGC Mexico

    Also, keep in mind a 400yd hole plays like 340 this last week due to elevation .
  5. Damn you people, this is golf! Go back to your shanties!!
  6. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Tale of 2 9's today. 48 on the front without a par or birdie. Then it started raining and shot a 38 on the back. Head scratching for sure.
  7. Best score seems not good enough for my handicap

    10.1 broke 80 one time (78).
  8. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    Moving a tv out of our bedroom was one of the best things I have ever done.
  9. Part of what I like about my private clubs are the fact that they are private. I can play anyday without a wait (and most days without tee times). If my clubs let anyone who called or wrote a letter play I would begin to wonder why I am payin dues/buy-ins.
  10. I think it is 38". Whatever the longest they make. However I grip down about 4-5".
  11. I play the Odyssey O works tank 7 and I am 6'6". Never felt so comfortable with a putter.
  12. I like how Woods started on the back and now watching the final group. May provide some drama if he can make a couple birdies.
  13. Hard sided golf bag

    Second this. Mine is a "hard top" soft case.
  14. This. Then 2 putt for par and call it course management.
  15. Not hit balls for 2 weeks

    Some of my best rounds come at a time when I haven't been to the range or played in 10+ days and have zero time to stretch or warm up.

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