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  1. Myrtle Beach?

    If you live in FL and dont need a beach for a golf vacation I cannot recommend Reynolds Plantation enough. On Lake Oconnee in Greensboro GA. 126 holes of immaculate courses and a Ritz Carlton to boot.
  2. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Irons are shorter based on driver distance.
  3. Black Friday 2017 Deals

    Ipad pro from best buy is on my list. I will purchase online and pick up in store the following day. Honestly I would rather pay double than fight a crowd.
  4. Michelle Wie, blonde hair

    You’re right. We should turn this conversation into one about her putting posture. Picture with each post?
  5. How long is your golf commute?

    I am about 2 miles from my home club. Luckily we live on the outside of town and I have to pass it basically where ever I go so whenever the parking lot it a little light I pop in.
  6. PING's Color Code System

    Perhaps the rep that told you black dot is just looking at stock measurements ( like diagram 1). I always gamed ping irons and thought the dot is only lie angle. Not sure if that helps.
  7. iPhone Getting too Big

    I carry a Samsung note and if I could find a bigger phone I would buy it. Fits in any pocket of any pants I own fine.
  8. Trying to Hit the Ball Picking Cart?

    I try to hit my wedges into the picker part behind the cart.
  9. Hilton Head not only will have reasonably lodging prices but tons of great food and activities away from the course. Golf is not limited to on the island where you have courses ranging from $30-$300 per round. Quite a few of them are former private clubs so they have decent practice facilities. Lake Oconee lodging would more than likely have to be a house. There you will find Reynolds Plantation which has over 100 holes plus a Taylor made instruction facility. Each course there has their own range and short game facility (could be pricey but would think they would be willing to work with you). There also are a few other cousin on the lake, Cuscowilla and Harbor Club are both nice while Cuscowilla was a top 5 course a year or two ago. You are only 45 min from UGA and their course is solid with a good practice facility.
  10. Hilton Head or Lake Oconee area are worth a look. Plenty of golf in both of those places.
  11. Shipping clubs for a trip

    I am pretty sure the same people load up the UPS/FedEx flights.
  12. Music on the course - When did this become a thing?

    A couple guys in my weekend group play music. Most of us walk so it rarely is a problem. However I do not like sharing a cart with one who plays music. Rather spend time with nature.
  13. In How Many States Have You Played Golf?

    IN, OH, IL, GA, FL, SC, and NC (if you count an errant tee shots final resting place that I did not attempt to retrieve)
  14. How many holes a day to improve?

    Lessons are not that expensive as I have recently found. Get an assessment of your swing and a couple priority pieces and then you can work on them alone for a couple weeks before going back for a check up.

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