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  1. How did you amass this collection?
  2. Once you get 20 it is the best 10/20 with some exceptions regarding tournament scores.
  3. I too rarely hit a full wedge shot but if I have to I know my numbers: 46* 140 50* 128 54* 118 58* 105 if I’m 105 out I’m hitting a half pitching wedge with mostly arms.
  4. A couple hours with a teaching pro will go a long way for a beginner. Trying to learn the game without one can be very frustrating. When you do play, just play one hole at a time. If you hit a couple consecutive bad shots on a hole pick up and cheer on the others successes while you mentally reset. 9 holes give you nine opportunities and all you need is one good hole to get golf itch.
  5. Robin Williams said it best “Mj is only a performance enhancing drug if you put Oreos at the end of the run”
  6. Find a new course or get some buddies. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  7. 2.4m for a 24 acre golf course it crazy unless..... 1. Course, structures, and income stream are crazy strong (how much is nine holes). 2. It is hella close to the nicer parts of philly. Make a business plan and ensure you can turn a healthy profit before wasting time finding financing.
  8. Sorry about the previous videos. It was my first day with the new tech, it was really windy (both days), and started firing at a pin rather than keep my intended line. Regardless, my driver I do set up a good 10-15 yards left of my target and never started pulling it until I started to get my hands more active in the swing.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 serious years; many more hacking My current handicap index or average score is: 9.7 My typical ball flight is: fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: tug to the left (driver), push (irons) Videos:
  10. All state in Hs basketball and dunked on Lebron James.... don’t ask about the next possession.
  11. 1. Put a club in my hands 2x per week. 2. Get down to a 5.xx index. 3. Win a tournament at my home club. My game has gotten exponentially better over the last 2 years (cutting my index from a 15.2 to an 8. I believe in 2 years I should have the ability to play in a mid-am qualifier. I need to reduce my shot dispersion for 5i and longer this year to reach my goals.
  12. I would not live near a golf course if I was worried about damage from stray balls.
  13. I have a black 50* vokey-- love it and I only notice the wear on the sweetspot. However the club is only 4 months old.
  14. I voted wait but if you want a challenge you should do it. Personally I would like to do the champ flight at my club if I can get down to a 4 or so... but we also have at least a dozen guys who can shoot a 66 and not go over 74. So it would be an experience more than a chance to win.
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