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  1. I never asked for help. I love golf because you get to play your own ball and make your own decisions. Keep creating your own storyline with my brief comments.
  2. Sorry I don’t keep tabs on my forum profile index. I never asked for help. I simply shared an anecdote that got me scoring better: be aggressive where it suits your game. I am not being defensive just pointing out how many conclusions were drawn about me by someone who clearly either has too much time on their hands or an axle to grind. Regardless, does not matter to me. Carry on.
  3. Wow your a plus 6, you have seen me play, and know my stats. If you read my first post instead of interpreted it your own way you could have saved yourself a ton of trouble. Carry on gotta go puff my ego back up. 😹
  4. upndown21

    Torn Bicep

    My playing partner had this happen 2 weeks before our M/M. He was no more than 4 months from surgery to playing 100%. Tell your ortho to give you the “rookie of the year” surgery and you will be blasting drives 450 yards.
  5. I never said I averaged 12ft from 105. I was illustrating a point that previously I played very conservative rather taking advantage of certain situations rather than always aiming to the center of the green. My personal scoring zones are 55-105 and 150-180; inside those numbers in the fairway is where my game is the best. Once I started playing aggressively inside those numbers I started scoring much better. I said all this because the OP was talking about getting the ball closer to the hole.
  6. Right, so a 1/2 swing pw from 105 that I can put inside 12 feet I should just aim to the center and leave a 40ft putt. That’s ludicrous. Know your own zones and play to your strengths.
  7. I am in a similar boat (granted a few more shots per round) but I got to my current level over the last few years by playing smart/conservative golf. What I have found is I don’t give myself the green light enough on approaches. I play for the miss and do my best to eliminate impossible up and downs. The consequence of these actions is making a load of pars and very few birdies. I had 4 rounds without a birdie shooting no worse than an 82 (9 diff) and that was the last straw. With all that said over the last few rounds I have been more aggressive— anything inside 165 I am flag huntin
  8. Second the Mevo with tripod for video. Should be easy to stay in budget.
  9. I am looking for a second hand set of Ping GI irons. Either version of rapture, g series (15 or newer), or 400/410. Red dot, senior flex or light-regular. If you have a lead please let me know.
  10. I’ve had my SS sticks for about a month now. Did the protocol for only 4 sessions right out of the box and put them aside until I finish a work project next month and have more time. Went from 106 avg driver swing speed to 114. Excited to see what consistent use will do.
  11. Is it a subscription service? Typically that is how they “get you”
  12. Sports psychologists make big bucks in situations like this. If your serious about taking your game to the next level maybe you try it out.
  13. “Full tilt boogie”. I am stealing this.
  14. Was it in your friends nature to mess with you on a regular basis? If so this is the perfect troll from beyond the grave.
  15. Maserati Ghibli— you can fit two bags and a dead body in there.
  16. I’m more of a visualize and attack type of guy
  17. Why are their no pictures in this thread?
  18. I have had a 54* k grind for about 9 months now and love it. Very forgiving around the greens. I do not use it in green side bunkers as I have a 58 for that.
  19. Don’t buy something you do not like. However if I realize someone is smarter than me on a specific topic and has built trust with me based on performance I would defer to their opinion. Make me swing lefty with some ladies clubs — if I hit it further and more accurate I will play them.
  20. FWIW, I despise any event where some folks get 2 shots on a hole.
  21. I got my Mevo a little over a month ago and it is by far the best investment in my golf game. Personally I feel it is better than lessons if you know what you are trying to accomplish.
  22. Once you get 20 it is the best 10/20 with some exceptions regarding tournament scores.
  23. I too rarely hit a full wedge shot but if I have to I know my numbers: 46* 140 50* 128 54* 118 58* 105 if I’m 105 out I’m hitting a half pitching wedge with mostly arms.
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