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  1. Yeah. I was on a half circle range and I shanked a lob wedge into the head of a teenaged girl out with her dad hitting balls. Probably scarred her from golf for life. I could not concentrate after that and gave them my bucket. Contemplated giving up the game after that one.
  2. Here is my experience. Started around April after a year and a half of playing some of my worst golf ever. Simply could not practice with new kids, a move etc during that time and played infrequently. I started applying band aids and my game got confused. Went from a 9 handicap with a reliable fade up to not being able to break 100 and a nasty hook. So I read the hype on the forum and then got the book. The book was straight forward, seemed simple and I went to the range. My first session was interesting. Not the quick results that alot have had, but I can tell you I hit the sweet spot several times. When you hit a shot like that, it registers. So I continued on the path, and really worked on getting more consistent. I hit more and more pure shots. My misses were strong over draws, but they landed in the same area, so consistency was taking shape. Took it out on my first round and shot over 100. Not great but some shots were just some of my most pure shots ever. That really got my attention. Then an interesting thing happened, I shot in the mid 80's. The difference was that I knew where the ball was going, where the misses would be and I was incredibly long with my irons (i was not short before all this either). The course became quite easy when you are hitting irons/hybrids off the tee and keeping it in the fairway and hitting wedges and short irons into greens. That was the honeymoon period. I regressed from there and could not get rid of the overdraw. Thinking about it, the swing makes sense to me. When you are pitching or chipping, your weight is forward so that you get crisp ball fist contact. Why not with the full swing? So i made a decision based on my limited practice schedule to focus on the weight forward and continuing that shift in the downswing. I was also going to incorporate some of the previous successful parts of my old swing. This is a bandaid, but it was going to be my focus this year since I was having significant trouble implementing the other aspects of the S&T.; Over the winter I will work on the other areas. Go back a couple weeks to my annual golf trip and I was not feeling confident about my swing at the time. I end up firing a 77 (5 over) on my first round, my best ever going a combined 5 over on the 16th and 18th. 3 of my other 4 rounds were 83 or less(with struggles down the stretch), with the last round being a blow up round of 92(was ready to get home and not too focused). This was after breaking 100 only 2 times in the previous 18 months. No question in my mind S&T; is the right path (or at least some of the parts). Here is my take on my scoring: better ball striking, which equates to longer shots and more accuracy (more fairways), which equals shorter irons into the greens giving me more GIR. Also, fewer penalty strokes. Pretty simple, fairways and greens. My stats from the trip were the best i have ever had as far as fairways and greens, by a mile. I kind of get annoyed about all the hype about the swing like others, but there is some pretty solid merit to it and some if not all the components. Just makes sense and if one aspect of it can bring my game back, I think that is pretty amazing. I am excited about golf again and will most likely get lessons over the winter. I feel i can get my handicap to its lowest level ever next year, quite easily.
  3. Me and my crew are heading to Memphis is July for a golf trip. Can you give me a recommendation for 4-5 courses that are must plays, good values, etc. Anything else we should know about going there to golf? I appreciate it!
  4. Dr. Fu, where are you moving to in KY? Dave, Iacas had mentioned the day clinic down here and I have been thinking about it. I am hesitant about a day clinic, I just don't know if it the most efficient manner to learn for me. I am new to the S&T; and for me its seems taking a few lessons building on each other may be best. What is your honest opinion on the best way to learn the swing, along with the pros and cons of doing a day clinic or coming up for a day clinic. For me, I would be utilizing a good portion of my budget for the year on one day, that kind of gives me some pause on the day clinic. Also there was a project you and Erik are working on, I would be curious on how that could be utilized. Just trying to figure the best way to move forward not having an unlimited budget.
  5. I asked Iacas about this a while back. Apparently the closest one would be the one he uses in PA. If you find out otherwise, let me know.
  6. Cheeze its, i won't even accept the other in my house.
  7. I'm sure everybody out there can agree that Rachel's camel toe that she is sporting in the white bikini pic is outstanding, but I still cannot figure out Woods. One good camel toe is not worth losing your hot Swedish wife, and probably 300 million dollars. I really am surprised at his choices, he seems to have a thing for the common women, hostess' and nanny's? Not to mention he seems done with blonds. I could go to the local supermarket and see much hotter non skank girls, that i am sure tiger could pull. It seemed he started tapping Ms Grubb's after Elin stopped putting out in her first pregnancy. Great subject, keeps pics coming!
  8. I live in Lexington too, and I agree with these picks. Old Silo (Mt. Sterling, KY) Houston Oaks (Paris, KY) Kearney Hill (Lexington) The Bull at Boone's Trace (Lexington) Those are my favorites. I really feel Cherry Blossom and Marriott Griffin Gate are overrated. To me Old Silo, The Bull and Kearney are solid all the way around. The other courses seem to have some good stretches of mediocre holes. Just my opinion though. Another in Northern Kentucky, jsut south of Cincy is Lassing Pointe. I went there a couple years ago and thougth it was a great course. Welcome to the Commonwealth, get used to UK ruling everybody's thoughts, and enjoy the Bourbon!
  9. Yeah i am getting ready to drink the Kool aid, but it may be mixed with a little bourbon
  10. "Where are you located? I can ask Dave. He knows where they're all located." I am in Lexington, KY. I appreciate you asking!
  11. Does anybody know a good way to find instructors who teach stack and tilt? I have been looking on the web and it is really hit or miss. I think it would be a good fit for me, and I am ready to take lessons if there is a good instructor around my area. Thanks for any help. Good luck with your swing changes!
  12. Thanks to both of you for your replies. For the short game, i feel quite comfortable when I am practicing, and i enjoy it so that would be easy for me. One thing i struggle with is putting (even though I practice quite hard at this). I am not a bad putter, but I make what I should and little of what I don't, basically 32-36 putts per round. Any drills or things you work on to help your putting. I have Pelz tools like the clips and the trac, but what really strikes me is that I have always felt like i am hitting the ball, not stroking it. It just never feels pure.
  13. With young kids my game has regressed from high single digits to ridiculous (averaging 100 over 4 rounds). I still am not in a place where tons of time or money can be devoted, so I know that will limit me, but I need a plan to get back some of what I had. I typically have hit a slight fade, and now have a strong hook. I feel there are several flaws in my swing, not just a simple fix at this point. Bottom line is I am confused and lack confidence, and feel I need to almost start over with my swing. For anybody who cares to respond, I would love an opinion on what steps to take next, and why you feel i should. Start on a lesson plan that will be limited? If so, how to choose an instructor? I have access to the 1 and 2 top teachers in the state if I choose. The pros, I am learning from supposedly good teachers. The con to this is that money and time will be limited. The second option, find a "guru" or some program that is somewhat do it yourself. Cons are it is do it yourself. Pros, more economical perhaps. Or is there some amazing swing trainer that can help me get back to a good spot fundamentally (see how desperate I am . My plan is to start building a foundation for a couple years down the road where I can devote more time to it, and then improve to a point where I am better than ever. I just want progress in the right direction that I can build on. I appreciate any help for this frustrated golfer.
  14. Hands down for me Arcadia Bluffs on Lake Michigan. If I had one course to play the rest of my life this would be it. I try and play it every year. The first year I played it, it was about 49 degrees, 25 MPH winds, gust to 45, with sideways rain. Never a more enjoyable golfing experience in my life. Not to mention a pint of Guinness after the round overlooking the course and Lake Michigan is truly great. Worth every penny. http://www.arcadiabluffs.com/
  15. Ok this is not even close!!!!!!! Creamer is not that attractive, has some cuteness but not really enough to put her in the same league. How these two were the chosen ones for this poll is beyond me. I mean seriously, Creamer, she is a grower! Watchhing the LPGA this week, I think Jean Reynolds, was better to look at than Creamer by a mile. Somebody start a new poll with 5 options, I bet Creamer would finish last.
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