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  1. I dont get any roll on any of them;) Yes maybe due to the longer shafts i am not as accurate delivering the club. I hit the 3 iron 219 yards 8 iron 164 I think i should hit the 4 iron 219 yards :(
  2. Am i the only one who has bigger yardage gaps with short irons than with long irons? Why is this so? I hit a 164 yard 8 iron..
  3. well i seldom hit a lot of wedge shots on the driving range. Maybe i should. Our stupid range is on mats, not grass.
  4. Well, i have project x in my wedges i believe and x100 in my irons!! Could it be that??
  5. If all my clubs are D3 but my wedges d1 or D2, would it make sense that i tend to duff the wedges?? I noticed i am far more likely to duff my wedges than the other D3 clubs!!
  6. Actually i am angered by Martin Kaymer. HE was world number 1 and startet complaining about having to play golf every day.
  7. I am having my irons bent to a pretty flat lie (i am quite short)... Now i am wondering about buying Tom Wishon clubs so that my Driver and Hybrid are at a correct lie. Anyone any experience with Tom Wishon clubs?
  8. Hi, i think i lack hip flexibility to go into a good finish. What hip stretching exercises for golf???
  9. I would have recommended the "Museumsufer". Its too late now though.
  10. My pro says the connection between arms and body.
  11. The drill where you have the towel in your armpits and must swing without letting the towel drop. THX
  12. What App are you using on your phone?
  13. I need some advice which is a reliable bushnell distance measurer for me. I dont know if i have to spend 100 or 400 and on which one! thx
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