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  1. The one shaft definitely looks bent...be cautious buying on eBay if it doesn't state "Returns Accepted".
  2. If you go to the range, try setting up the ball on the tee with the logo at the back, then rotate the logo clockwise towards you so it is almost directly facing you. Then swinging very slowly, try hitting the logo. You should see a straighter ball flight. As you get comfortable at hitting the logo, then increase your swing speed.
  3. @icias sorry, I will be more circumspect, offense was definitely not my aim.
  4. Racism is a very unfortunate sidelight in all human history. I was raised by very non-bigoted parents in a racially mixed community. The word 'Black' was descriptive, not definitive. It only was used to describe a person like saying "the guy in the blue shirt", it did not make them different nor define character or ethnicity. We were all humans, Americans, nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately the Liberal mind set using terms like African American, Asian American, Latino etc does define, highlight, and differentiate groups of humans, which does not help solve the issue. Ignoring those who espouse their ignorance and treating all people the same will make the biggest and longest lasting impact. The way I was raised I truly believed in the 'Melting Pot' and that Americans would be a somewhat tan race by now.
  5. Oh, poo....I hoped Rickie's name wouldn't come up. He's one of my favorites. That being said, I have problems with Justin Rose. Not that it would be the same if I met him in person, but he seems somewhat arrogant or entitled when watching him on tv.
  6. I've posted this before, but it might be relevant here. At the driving range, set up your teed ball so the logo is at the back and quartered in towards you. Then take a slow (VERY SLOW) swing trying to hit the logo. Be relaxed, don't worry about distance, but see if this doesn't help you hit without the big slice. Also a good point is keeping your upper left arm in contact with your body to prevent the head flying outside in or coming over the top. Once you've mastered that and the ball is going straighter, then add some speed incrementally.
  7. LOL....my thoughts exactly, I know someone in my group will pick up my wedge that way.
  8. I'm a 12.1 HC and my only preference is soft feel balls, but am not good enough to say one ball works better than another. More often one brand will be "the ball" for a few rounds, then another one will play better.....until next week. 🙂
  9. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, this is more than occasional hanging up. They seem to conflict most of the time during the round. I had a Nike bag previously that I can't remember ever having this issue.
  10. I purchased a Cleveland CG stand bag a few months ago. At first I was very pleased with the bag, it has great features and a 14-way top for club separation (which was my main reason for the purchase). I was a little confused by the zipper inside the clothes storage compartment that opens into the bag main club area. Now I have had the bag for a while, I think I know what it is for 😞 Often the clubs tend to conflict with other shafts so much that it is hard to seat the clubs fully in the individual sleeves. I've had the 3 wood affect seating the wedges. Just guessing, but maybe the zipper is to access your shafts to try and straighten them out. The separators need to extend farther down into the bag to alleviate the issue.
  11. metbid


  12. 5SK Key #1 Steady Head When you keep your head steady and have set up with your arm/hands/club grip hanging down from your left shoulder, the ball being back in your stance means the ball and club head will be 'higher' than the bottom of the arc. So when you swing you should naturally strike the ball first. Then the swing should end with the club head descending to the low point in your arc which is back at a vertical line from your left shoulder, potentially taking a divot. We're only talking a few degrees here. The driver set up is the same, but with the ball position at or in front of your left shoulder, so the though you are swinging 'down', the arc is actually flat or going up at contact.
  13. This video, though not about a flat wrist, helped me immensely in maintaining a flat wrist through impact. By 'flattening out' my swing ( I had trouble coming over the top), it caused my wrist to stay in-line as well. Having lag or delay at the top is essential. When I first tried it I felt like I was out of control, but the exact opposite happened when I relaxed and let it my arms 'lag', my ball striking became crisper and more consistent.
  14. Maybe two thoughts, think/act like you are hitting your 8 iron instead of the longer one you have in your hand. And if I am striking the ball poorly because I am trying to 'hit' the ball, I change my focus out and look at where I want my divot to start, then swing to that like a practice swing.
  15. LOL, at my church you wouldn't even stand out. Our pastor preaches in a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his tattoos showing. But as far as snobbery in golf goes, I have never seen more than any other sport, and probably a lot less than some. Ever play pick-up basketball or volleyball at the Y or local gym and see the treatment the newbie or novice gets; the groans, eye rolls, curt remarks..... I play at many different courses, and often as a single and really can't remember a time I felt snobbery from the staff or other players.
  16. Uhhh,,,,The earth IS flat you know.
  17. I bought a Sun Mountain Four 5 carry bag and when I adjust it up to carry on mid back, I barely have any of the cushion pad left on my shoulders. My home course is somewhat hilly (not too bad), so sometimes pushing a cart can be tiresome too.
  18. I do have a nice Clicgear push cart that I use a fair amount, always for 18 unless I use a rider on hot days. But when I just run out in the morning for 9 holes it is easier to just throw the bag in the car and go. I am pretty physically fit and have no trouble walking 9, just wanted to carry the bag right.
  19. I tried searching for any threads with "carry bag'' or '2 strap bag" and either my search query is bad, or the words don't show in any. Is there a proper or correct position the bag should be in on the lower back? Like on the lower back, on the pelvic bone, or just lower on the top of the gluteus? I am 68 and want to walk as many times as I can for the exercise.
  20. I was improving, my HC had dropped several points to 11.3 last year. I started this year pretty good, then had to have surgery to remove skin cancer on my arm and was laid up for over a month. Since re-starting, my HC has blossomed to a beautiful 12.3. Now that I am playing again I am still inconsistent, but believe I will improve my HC by a couple of points by season end............I hope
  21. I too played a lot of racquetball, and used the tackified glove, The only problem I see with them is that they are quite a bit thicker than a golf glove and don't give the 'feel' you get with the thinner golf glove leathers.
  22. One thing I also noticed in your swing video is that you fall away onto the heel of your left foot near the bottom of your swing. That can cause the cutting of the ball and result in a slice. It also probably robs you of some power at the bottom of your swing. I agree with @arturo28mx, I use one of the whip-type trainers and it has really helped me to stabilize my lower body and keep my weight going forward through impact.
  23. After watching the video and hearing him repeat over and over don't let the right hand move, then stating he missed putts because it moved, makes me think there are too many moving parts. Putting really isn't that complicated........
  24. I too like my 3 and 4 irons. I do normally hit them farther than my 5 by about 10 to 15 yards for the 4 and the same farther than my 4 with my 3. On average good hits my 5 iron is around 175 yards, my 4 iron around 190 and my 3iron 200+. which for my age and swing speed are adequate distances. @The Wrong FairwayCould it possibly be that you are placing the ball farther forward in your stance at set up, and potentially starting to break your inline left wrist? Even a little break will still give you good loft, can 'feel' crisp, but rob distance because you lose power quickly if that happens. Being sure you are hitting down on the ball and not breaking your left wrist might help.
  25. I agree with posting a swing video to give people a chance to look at your swing. One thought, I found that I was hitting the ball out toward the toe because I was lifting my head slightly, causing me to lean away from the ball and not getting good weight transfer, 5sk key #1 and #2 issue. Once I identified that, the toe hits have virtually stopped completely.
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